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League of Angels Guide for Beginners - Tips and Hints

Updated on March 4, 2014
League of Angels Guide
League of Angels Guide | Source

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Taking place in the land of Etheria, League of Angels is a new MMORPG game that has been creating a lot of fuss around among gamers from all over the world. Even though League of Angels might seem difficult at first, once you create an account, everything will be flowing naturally.

Understanding the purpose of the game is essential, though, particularly if you want to have an excellent performance throughout levels. Your character is not going to be an Angel, as you might expect, but a human – one of the humans who have promised to defend the darkness and restore the Seal of Life to the world of Angels.

League of Angels Selection Screen
League of Angels Selection Screen | Source

Account Creation

After you create your account, you will not be able to choose a name or class for your character unless you complete the first mission. Keep in mind that League of Angels is not a typical MMORPG game where you can strengthen your team with troops or heroes recruitments, as this is not going to last here.

The game will allow you to choose from two classes: the Warrior, which is a classic tank with high defense, and the Mage, a glass cannon with higher attacks, but lower defense compared to the Warrior. To increase your strength, you have to choose the right Angels and train them to increase their ability to support your party. When you have Angels with you, you have the element of surprise on your side, as these magical creatures can launch powerful attacks on enemies. You will be able to have a few Angels on your side, and choosing the right ones will enable you to defeat players that might be even more powerful than you are.

As you progress throughout levels, you will be successfully able to unlock features, such as Angels, Guilds and similar others. Thankfully, all features can be unlocked during the first levels of the game, and some of them will have a separate guide, such as Angels, Classes or Titles.

Rewards and Leveling

Several rewards will be offered as bonus if you are provided with the opportunity to spin a bonus wheel and get unique items. Keep in mind that you will not have the opportunity to spin the wheel unless you take part in a special event. Furthermore, you can receive substantial rewards if you add friends and bless them.

Since you are at the beginning, your level is going to be less than 40 for a long time from now on. This means that your weapons are not going to be as strong as if you were level 40+. Get the first recharge Gift Pack and you can receive a legendary-class weapon, which is the best for all characters under level 40.

To boost your stats every time you level up, do not forget to light an Astral. Every time you level up, you will gain more Astrals, which automatically means that you will be able to light them to boost your stats more and more. If you manage to win a battle, you will be able to successfully collect all gold that was lost from your enemy by pressing space bar. Keep in mind that, if you are the one who loses, the gold you have won during the battle in question is going to be lost as well.

League of Angels Battle
League of Angels Battle | Source


Remember that your goal is boosting your Angels’ strength to make them contribute to winning battles and help you out. You can find Angel Tear drops in dungeons, and you can use them to increase the strength of your Angels and their battle rating as well. To boost your own battle rating, you should be able to enchant equipment at the forge – that will help you increase your strength.

In League of Angels, you will be able to avoid player versus player battles (PvP) and directly see the reports if you wish, but only in case you have already gone through your first player versus environment battles (PvE) – in other words, player versus computer-controlled characters. This can prevent you from wasting time, particularly if your chances of defeating your opponent are very high.

To keep your character progressing, not changing the servers is of utmost importance. The progress is bounded to the server where you play League of Angels on, so changing it will only lead you to start from scratch.

League of Angels Guide Conclusion

Hopefully this mini guide and tips will help you kick start your game! Good luck in your journey.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      this "guide" is really weak. sorry, but anyone can figure this out by playing it more than 5 minutes. why not mention worshiping more than one angel, the importance of mounts/horses and placement of heroes for PDEF/PATAK strategy?

    • Hikapo profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from California

      It's okay. I am not aware that they stole stuff from other games, but I just played it because it keeps popping up everywhere on other gaming sites.

    • M. T. Dremer profile image

      M. T. Dremer 

      6 years ago from United States

      This game frustrates me because it's one of the biggest copyright infringement offenders. Their advertisements steal from mainstream 'sexy' games without even attempting to be subtle about it. Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 was the most commonly stolen, but there were others. Maybe if the game delivered on its promise of debauchery it might offer something new to its target demographic, but it comes off as yet another cheap mmo that uses stolen sexy artwork to trick people into playing it.

      Sorry, that's a harsh critique of the game, but it in no way reflects the content of your hub. I'm just sick of games like this.


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