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League of Legends 10 Key Fundamentals

Updated on September 16, 2014

This is a great beginner guide to League of Legends and will give you everything you need to know to start understanding the game and really excelling. I will go over all the tips and tricks that will help you start winning games and having an impact on the game. The best players are the best players because they are able to have the most impact on the game and aid their team the most in winning. Getting better at League of Legends is a lot easier when you have the right tips and guides that are going to help you win games.

1) Last Hitting

Last hitting is how you get most of the gold in League and is going to be one of the key factors in getting gold. Your items are going to be determined by the amount of gold that you have. More last hits equals more gold which equals more items. If you can reach a major item before the other person on the enemy team you are going to have a huge advantage.

I am going to be honest with you, last hitting is a pain in the ass and can be frustrating at times. It is the mechanical element of the game and some of the best players in the world have gotten to where they are largely due to the skill of their mechanics. Mechanics is a great place to start and is the key factor in getting better at League.

2) Trading in Lane

The lane is where you are able to last hit and you wont be able to get much gold if you are getting bullied and harassed in lane. It is extremely vital that you trade in lane and don't take any shit from your laning opponent. If you are constantly getting bullied in lane and getting forced to recall, there is a lot of room for improvement in your game.

  • Land your skill shots. If you miss your abilities, you are wasting resources and getting no advantages in the lane. This also gives the other person a chance to hit their abilities without the risk of being hit by yours. Don't be careless and calculate your attacks. The people who think more, win more.
  • Dodge other abilities and know the champions you are going against. If you have no idea of the abilities that the other champion you are facing has, how do you expect to avoid them? Champion knowledge is a key element in being a successful League of Legends player. You do not necessarily have to master every single champion in the game, but you do need to know what they do and their weaknesses. Go for the jugular and master your enemies.

3) Have Jungle Awareness

Avoiding dying is a key point that will make you a great League player. The less you die the more money you will have and the less money the enemy team will have. Pretty simple. It is all about denying resources to the enemy and acquiring as many resources that you can. Knowing where the enemy jungler is is going to be and adjusting your play accordingly.

Every jungle champion ganks differently. They have different abilities and tools that aid them in killing laners like you and it is important to know what they are and how to avoid them. Skill shots are much easier to dodge when you know how they are going to be coming at you.

4) Know All the Roles

There are a 5 main roles in League of Legends and it is important that you know every one of them and can play all of them. There are going to be times when you are going to have to provide your team with that role. This is called "filling" and it is important especially the higher you get in the ranked ladders. This helps prevent trolling and keeps your team together. The more you prevent rage the more likely you will be to winning the game. Which brings me to my fifth point.

5) Don't Rage and Stay Postitive

It amazes me how many douche bags get their jollies off raging in League of Legends. It's like they think that yelling at someone when they die is some how going to help them win the game. It doesn't, but it is a great way to get your team to start raging at each other and making more and more mistakes. I have come back from many many games and all it takes is one little mistake for your team to be back in the game and win. Nothing is final until the nexus dies and play accordingly. If it gets to the point where you are not having any fun with the game and just getting pissed off all the time it might be time for you to take a break from the game or ever quit it all together.

6) Go for Objectives

Objectives refer to global gold and buffs that can help your team get a lead and win the game. The most common objectives are Baron, Dragon, and towers. These are going to be key in getting map control and winning the game. The more gold your team has the more likely you are going to be to win the game.

Always look for chances to get objective and gain a lead in the game. If you win a skirmish, don't sit around doing nothing while the enemy team is dead, push a turret or get an objective. These decisions are what separates good players from bad ones. They will tell you all the time that League of Legends is an objective game. Kills are important but they are not everything.

Baron is a great way to get extra gold and help your team win!
Baron is a great way to get extra gold and help your team win!

7) Don't Chase Kills

Players will do some stupid things just to pick up a kill. They will dive turrets, give up baron, and die all to try to get a kill on someone. Kills are important, but you should never be dying in order to get a kill. Kills are important only because they allow you to gain an advantage and get a lead. This means you should never chase someone to get a kill, while giving the enemy team a chance to get Baron for free. You have to look at the decisions you make and decide which one is going to be more beneficial in terms of helping your team win the game.

8) Know How to Gank and Set up Kills

It amazes me how some players gank from the most obvious and know paths in the game and wonder why they never get any kills. League is a battle of wits and the smarter players win the games. That's just a fact. If you want to have more success and get more kills you have to be innovated and outsmart the enemy player. The more you do this the more kills you will get and the better player you will be. Take uncommon routes and take opportunities to surprise the enemy and come from behind. Know where the enemy has wards and common places they place wards and go around them. Help your team out by roaming and snowball other lanes.

9) Use Wards

Don't be that guy who pushes the lane all game and never wards anywhere around him. This will cause a lot of unnecessary deaths and give the enemy team a lot of gold. Every time you die you are hurting your team and your teams chances of winning the game by giving up resources to the enemy, and putting yourself further behind. Even pro players die and get ganked. The difference is they do not go on tilt and avoid dying any more by playing cautiously. Using wards will prevent your from dying and give your team an idea on where the enemy jungler is.

10) Time Objectives

Not many people do this and wonder why they are stuck in low elo. Good players in high ranks always time their buffs. They know exactly when they are going to spawn and can get their team together to get it before the enemy team even knows what is happening. Know when Baron is going to spawn and avoid doing anything stupid right before it spawns. You have to fight for every inch, and chances are the players on the enemy team are trying just as hard as you to win the game. Don't underestimate them or give them and free advantages.


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