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League of Legends 10 Tips to Improve Your Support Play

Updated on December 18, 2012

Support is a somewhat unpopular role and many people do not play it because they do not feel it has the potential to carry games and this is completely false. A good support player can have a great impact on the game and can carry you to higher elo if you are good enough. This 10 tips will help you become a better support. If that means maining the role, or getting better so you can win when you have to play it.

1) Maintain Bush Control

This is a vital thing to do and most people fail to do it and it ends up setting them back in lane. Getting control of the brush can mean the difference between winning and losing a game which is why it is important to make sure this bush is either warded or occupied by you.

2) Don't Take Free Damage

This goes mostly for supports that have to get close to do damage or be effective. Leona and Taric are tanky, but this doesn't mean that you should take poke when its not necessary. The bottom lane is all about trading and you have to trade effectively if you want to win.

3) Always Come to Lane With Wards

If you do not come to lane with wards it makes it extremely easy for good junglers to capitalize on it and gank you nonstop. Wards are great and they make the difference between surviving a gank and feeding kills.

4) Account for the Enemy Jungle at All Times

As a support, it is you job to know where the enemy jungler is before you attempt to get aggressive in lane. Use wards and watch the map to know where the jungler is and always make sure he is accounted for.

5) Use Pink Wards

Pink wards are great and they should not be used in all situations. Pink wards are great for getting dragon control and opening up your lanes for ganks from your jungler. Don't however buy a pink ward if you know you jungler isn't going to pay attention to bot. You can also use them to counter the other supports pink wards if they are denying you vision.

6) Auto Attack When Trading

When you are fighting a 2v2 engagement, people tend to underestimate the power of auto attacks on the support. Autos can make the difference between winning and losing a trade and most people fail to use them as much as they should.

7) Learn How to Play Ranged Carry

If you are a good ranged carry, your support play goes up so much as a result. It gives you more insight on how to play support and you can learn from what good and bad supports do in lane. Support and AD carry are like the yin and yang of League of Legends.

8) Stick to Supports You Know

If you are good with a certain support then play that support when you have to and try to perfect your play of that champion. Do not try to learn new supports in ranked and always know what your champion does and is capable of.

9) Always Focus The Ranged Carry

Although there are some instances where you can easily burst a support down that is out of position, in most 2v2 trades you must and I repeat MUST focus the carry. If you don't then you will end up trading 1 kill for 2 and end up setting yourself back in lane. The carries do way more damage then the supports and if you leave them alone to focus the support they get a huge advantage in trades.

10) Do not Criticize or Complain About Your Carry

Yes your carry might not be as good as Chaox but telling him he sucks and raging at him for missing last hits is not going to help him play better. League of Legends is a team game and if you want to be successful at it you have to cooperate with you team and have a positive attitude. Support players cannot just sit back and carry like some other roles so you have to rely on your team which means "supporting" them.


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