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League of Legends Avoiding Solo Queue Quick Sand

Updated on March 26, 2013

Solo queue is a complex beast to conquer and we find ourselves constantly striving to win games and achieve the highest rating. You want to gain lots of rating? Good. My intention with this guide is to help you avoid the pitfalls or what I like to call "quick sand" of solo queue.

What is Solo Queue Quick Sand?

This basically refers to anything that will inhibit you from winning games and can be a number of various things that I will go into detail in. Many players fall victim to this and it is important that you identify it, and choose the proper solution to stop it.

Types of Solo Queue Quick Sand

  • Negative Attitude Quick Sand. This is extremely common and I see this a lot in the lower elo brackets. Players essentially give up the game before it has even started. The main cause of this is pure frustration and discontent with the game. Players feel helpless and as if they can do nothing to help win the game.

Solution: Stop playing immediately. Playing more will only dig you deeper in to more discontent and more losses. Cutting off playing with not only help you recuperate, but also stop you from losing many games digging yourself into a hole in the process.

  1. Avoid saying things like "gg" or "we can't win"
  2. Always put your best effort forward even if you are getting destroyed.
  3. Never surrender
  4. Stay postive

  • Physical Performance Quick Sand. Many players fail to see League of Legends for the sport that it truly is. Although there is not the use of the body as much as say a sport like football, it still requires bodily functions and more importantly mental function. It is important that you are at the top of your game when you are trying to win games. This means that you are not exhausted or tired when you play.

Solution: If you are tired, play normal games. They may be less fun, but there is a lot less on the line making them far less stressful. Take time to re-hydrate and get the most out of your body physically.

  1. Get a proper amount of sleep.
  2. Stop playing if you are exhausted or tired.
  3. Avoid extremely long gaming sessions.
  4. Take breaks.

  • Basic Game Knowledge Quick Sand. It takes a lot of knowledge about the game to know what to do and win games. You must know not to get caught and when to farm and when to group. Doing this takes time, research, and effort. I am sure you know a lot of players who play a tremendous amount of games but there skill level stays the same. This is because they are not taking the proper steps to become a better player and learn from their mistakes.

Solution: Analyze your personal play and decide what you need to improve on. If you get caught late game, work on it. When you work on your play and correct your mistakes you will find yourself winning a lot more games and becoming a lot more effective.

  1. Practice, practice, and practice.
  2. Learn from your mistakes.

  • Mechanical Skill Quick Sand. There are a lot of mechanical aspects to League of Legends and the mastery of these skill is one on the main difference between good players, and great players. Professionals live and breathe flawless mechanics. I am not saying that you have to become perfect, but improvements can always be made. The quick sand in this regard comes from players who never improve their last hitting and positioning because they do not find it important. Doing this will leaving you in an solo queue quick sand that will cause you to stay in lower ranking brackets.

Solution: Improve on your last hitting plain and simple. Last hitting will only serve to better your play as you improve. Remember to always keep farming and strive to get the highest scores you can possibly get.

  1. Focus on getting as many last hits as possible.
  2. Try and aim for 10 cs per minute.

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