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League of Legends Best Champion

Updated on March 29, 2012

There is a lot of debate over which champion is best in League of Legends. Kennen is the best champion in league of Legends due to his versatility, crowd control, escape, and damage. Kennen is the most powerful champion in the game and provides a massive advantage to any team he is on.


Many champions are bonded to one role or one position. Kennen, however, is able to do nearly every single role rather effectively.

  • Mid lane Kennen is able to play mid lane very effectively. His ability to stay back and farm as well as gank other lanes make him one of the best mid lanes in the game. His shuriken allows him to farm from range making it extremely hard to trade with him in lane
  • Top Lane Kennen, unlike traditional mages, is able to play top lane very well. The reason he is able to to this is because of this escape ability. Lightning rush allows Kennen to close distances quickly as well as escape ganks.
  • Bottom Lane Being able to play mid and top lane is one thing, but Kennen is also a viable ranged carry. Although this is rather uncommon, it has been used by Moscow 5 in tournament play.

Kennen has more versatility than any other champion in the game making him the best champion in the game by far. No other champion can fill every role in the game effectively.

Crowd Control

CC is extremely important in League of Legends and most champions are lucky to have at least 1 hard CC ability. Kennen has an area of effect crowd control ult that can stun multiple enemies as well as a basic stun worked into his passive. Crowd control wins games and a champion that has many can be considered the best champion in the game.


As I mentioned before, Kennen an escape move that makes him extremely hard if not impossible to gank. This is one of the reasons he is a viable top lane. Escapes are awesome definitely for high leveled games. Combined with his long ranged ability makes him a menus in the laning phase.


Not only can Kennen stun nearly every champion on the enemy team in a team fight, he also has the capability of doing loads and loads of damage. Because 3 out of his 4 abilities are area of effect, he is able to chunk an entire team in a team fight. Kennen is a champion that can do enough damage in a team fight to practically guarantee victory.


Kennen is a great champion that brings an astronomical amount of utility to any team. He is able to fill 3 roles effectively and his escape makes him virtually impossible to kill. If you are looking for a champion to buy or just wonder what champions can carry games and are fun to play, Kennen is a one stop shop.


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      morten grishnack 4 years ago

      Ryze pls

    • profile image

      Alecsander 4 years ago

      I completely agree. Great article.