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League of Legends Best Roaming Mid Champions

Updated on June 20, 2014

In League of Legends a roaming mid can be one of the most terrifying threats to the enemy lanes if they are not prepared. Roaming mids are especially good verse less experience players and players who fail to ward. Not even warding can be a defense against the best roamers. They can easily pass through wards and clean up overextended lanes. Let's begin.

What Makes a Good Roamer?

  • High crowd control. Crowd control is very important in locking down enemies and making sure your ganks are successful. You want to make sure that your ganks see results and that you are not just wasting your time.
  • High burst. Burst is also important because it allows you to finish off targets before the enemy team is able to counter gank or react.
  • Pushing power. The golden rule for roaming is to always push your lane before you gank other lanes. Not only does it stop the enemy mid from following, it also make sure that your lane doesn't get too pushed and allows you to keep up in gold and experience.

The Teleport Option

Mid champions can have a lot of map presence with the addition of teleport as a summoner spell. Although this does put you at a slight disadvantage in lane, it is worth it if you can make plays around the map with it. Here are some champions that work well with TP.

  • Galio
  • Morgana
  • Ryze


  • Ahri has very high mobility which allows her to gank lanes relatively easily. She can either come through the river or the lane and easily finish off targets if she is able to land her taunt. Ahri is also able to clear waves quite fast allowing her to keep the lane pushed before she roams.


  • Diana is very good at assassinating targets which is one of the best tools in a roamers arsenal. You are able to dive in and pull the enemies toward you which allows for quick easy kills. One of the best roamers in the game.


  • Not only does Gragas have an ability that allows him to roam around the map easily, but he also has great burst and crowd control. People really underestimate the power of being able to move through walls when you are roaming. This opens up so many routes and allows you to move around wards.


  • Some consider Kassadin to be the best roaming mid champion in the game, and they would not be wrong for assuming that. The only thing that holds back Kassadin's roam is his struggle with being able to push the lane. Other than that he is extremely mobile and his silence makes for easily clean up on ganks. Kassadin is one of those champions that will suddenly being missing for a few seconds and in your lane in the next.


  • What Kat lacks in crowd control she makes up for extremely high burst. She is able to chain people and clean up small skirmishes around the map. If a fed Katarina ganks your lane, expect to die. She can also, if used properly, dive turrets and use her reset to get out of ranged after the dive.


  • Leblanc is probably the best champion when it comes to single target nuking. No other champion is able to burst people from 100 to 0 like she is which makes her ganks really good. She is able to dive in, finish someone off, then leave like nothing happened.


  • Although she is not the most mobile of champions, she has an insane amount of crowd control. She can easily keep enemies in place while your team cleans up the rest. However, if you do gank, it is important that you land your snare in order to set up the perfect combo.

Mids That Benefit More From Farming

Some mids are meant for just farming due to their very high scaling and great late game. These champions are better off not roaming and meant more for staying in lane last hitting.

  • Anivia
  • Cassiopiea
  • Galio
  • Karthus
  • Morgana
  • Orianna
  • Ryze

What is the most important quality in a roamer?

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    • profile image

      iERRETH 3 years ago

      How is TF not on the list with his ulti lol

    • profile image

      Andy Kuhl (MCMasterFreshh) 3 years ago

      I would just like to say that I main Zed, and I'm kind of upset that he isn't on this list. He is actually more mobile than Katarina and has similar burst. Also, he has some of the best early to mid pushing power in the game if used properly. His diving under turret is also great because when using his ultimate you can dodge turret damage while teleporting to your target. Follow up with a shadow teleport and you're out of range of more damage, one kill up, and still have both summoners.