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League of Legends: Champions You Need To Own

Updated on November 4, 2015

Most of us who are steeped in the world of gaming have at least caught wind of the phenomenon that is League of Legends. The free-to-play MOBA has garnered unprescedented support and popularity. Just last week we saw the Worlds Championship come to an end with SKT T1 taking the trophy before a world-wide audience of millions.

In light of the end of the ranked season, I felt I would kick off my blog with a post regarding champions in this game. I am going to choose a champion from each role that I feel is the MOST FUN to play. These are all my personal opinion and I understand some of you will disagree.

Gentleman Gnar
Gentleman Gnar

Top: Gnar (throw people at walls and throw buildings at people)

What more could a person ask for in a character outside of being a cute, babbling, hyperactive little furry creature?

Probably throwing a tantrum, turning into a giant beast and flinging everything and everyone in your path against a wall.

Gnar is a champion that dynamically changes via his passive ability, Rage Gene. In short: Gnar hits things, he generates rage. Things hit Gnar, he generates rage. At maximum rage, Gnar undergoes a brutal transformation into a giant hulking beast capable of slamming entire enemy teams into walls for a heavily damaged stun, throwing boulders (or buildings if you've picked up one of the adorable skins).

Without going too heavily into detail, Gnar is a dynamically changing champion with no ability resource and fairly manageable cooldowns. He is fun, and he is brutal. That earns him the spot on my list for funnest top lane champion.

Bloodmoon Elise
Bloodmoon Elise

Jungle: Elise (Ew...Spiders)

One of the most common fears shared by people is the fear of spiders. Elise is no exception in terms of fear. Her early game power in the jungle is not to be trifled with. She is one of the few champions who have a secondary for with an entirely changed ability set (which if you haven't noticed, I find to be fun). She can toggle this from level one.

Now in a discussion about fun we have to try not to focus too hard on the fact that..well...Elise is insanely powerful in the early game. Arguably, she is the most powerful champion for early game rumbles in the jungle.

Elise has this kit which includes a snare, a gap closer, an attack speed steroid, percentage health damage, and a homing ap AoE. To make it better, all of these are different abilities on different cooldowns. It gets crazy and you are a complete menace to the lanes, literally preying upon the enemy laners who dare overextend into your web of terror.

Mistletoe LeBlanc
Mistletoe LeBlanc

Mid: LeBlanc (Health Bar = Vanished)

Oh sultry sorceress you.

Most of you have probably,at one point or another, been on the receiving end of this absolute AP glass cannon. LeBlanc is a magician, and I often joke that not only can she literally disappear from an engagement within fractions of seconds, she can make YOU disappear from engagements. Back to your spawn. With a timer.

Playing this sleek and bursty champion isn't hard. Playing her well is a different story. She has all sorts of tricks up her sleeves that are just outright fun. She has a teleport move which deals massive damage where it lands and can be retoggled to return to the origin position. She has a stun. She has a mark that causes her abilities to do increased burst. And her ult allows her to recast the last used ability once again. Her mobility is insane and so is her damage. When I think of a fun mid lane, LeBlanc definitely holds a spot in my heart.

Bloodmoon Kalista
Bloodmoon Kalista

AD Carry: Kalista (The Pull-out game is strong)

That joke was bad. I apologize. This was not actually an easy decision for me because frankly I try not to AD carry if it can be avoided because I am not the best at it. However...Kalista is undeniably fun to play, and for many reasons.

First of all her passive allows her to just endlessly kite. Her small hops start to make a huge difference when you have slow tanks trying to close the gap and she continuously hops away and in circles like an excited bunny. Aside from that, her unique concept and lore involving murdering your support at the beginning of the match and binding them to your soul so that at level six you may fling them at the enemy team like a sack of potatoes...that's fun.

My bad joke is justified here. Her E pulls out all of the spears which have hit the enemy in the last few seconds, dealing a large amount of damage per spear, and slowing the enemy. This damage stacks too, so it works as a smite when dealing with jungle camps. This gives her a nice little edge.

Riot Blitzcrank
Riot Blitzcrank

Fill...I mean Support: Blitzcrank (snatching up your girl)

I hate supporting myself. I'm not even going to sugarcoat that. I am one of those guys who despises supporting. I would rather not play at all than support (not saying I quit or dodge.) It just isn't for me. I do have fun with a few different support champions, even when hating the position. It was actually harder to choose a favorite here, but let's be honest...landing a full blitz combo and feeling the surge of adrenaline as your opponent realizes that those robotof fingers have clasped around their precious buttocks from over a wall... That is glorious.

With the ability to snatch enemies from a large distance away, knock them skyhigh and then EMP silence them midair for what is almost an instant kill on most squishy targets... I don't even need to finish this. You all know what it is. Fucking Blitz.

This champion seems almost like a cruel joke to have been placed in the support role. AD Carries tremble in fear at the thought of that long reaching hand.

How did I do?

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      3 years ago

      You should get into SMITE!


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