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League of Legends Guide to Jungle

Updated on October 9, 2012

The jungle is one of the most important roles in League of Legends and a good jungler can make the difference between a win and a loss. The jungle you must have phenomenal map awareness and have a great understanding of ganking. Good junglers are instill fear in the hearts of their enemies and set up their lanes for success.

Picking a Champion

Lets start off in champion select because that's where every game starts. Picking a champion is complicated and you want to pick a champion that is going to be good with the team composition that you are trying to set up. For instance if your team needs a tank jungler you are wise to pick something like Mao Kai or Amumu, but if your comp focuses on early game pressure then you might want to pick Shaco or Lee Sin. Here is a list of common junglers and the sitiuations they are best in.

  • Alistar: Great for early game pressure and crowd control. You basically pick Alistar in the jungle to be a jerk and provide constant early game pressure to all the lanes. He is more of a support type jungler that just sets up kills and provides protection for carries late game.
  • Dr. Mundo: Great for poke comps and has great disengages with his clever. Mundo is also very good late game. He is a great tank and very hard to keep down or kill. Be careful for ignites and healing reduction when playing mundo.
  • Jarvan: Has great early game ganks and very useful ultimate in team fights. Jarvan works well with a physical damage heavy team because his lance increases attack speed.
  • Lee Sin: Jungler ideal for early game ganks and mid game pressure. Scales worse than other junglers late game so you have to make sure your early game is good. Lee works well vs junglers like Alistar who have a lot of early game pressure because he can counter gank really well.
  • Malphite: More of a late game jungler. Farms early to be a monster in the later stages of the game Malphite is good vs teams with a lot of attack speed dependent champions and champions with a lot of physical damage.
  • Mao Kai: Great for ganks and one of the best late game junglers. One of the most useful ultimates and really good crowd control. Mao is best vs magic and area of effect heavy teams.
  • Nautalus: Naut is great for nearly every team comp because he provides so much crowd control and is just naturally tanky. His ult is strong and so is his tankiness.
  • Nunu: Nunu is great at counter jungling and supporting his team with crowd control and his blood boil late game. He is great a stealing buffs and being a pest to the enemy jungler late game.
  • Rammus: Rammus has a slow clearing speed so in order to be effective you must gank early to make up for the slow farming. Besides this, Rammus is very strong at initiating fights and his taunt is one of the best crowd control abilities in the game.
  • Regnar: Regnar is a very assassin type champion that is good at closing distances and dueling. This makes him a good counter jungle and have a very strong early game, but it makes his scaling worse late game.
  • Shyvanna: The best thing that Shyvanna can do is to counter jungle and clear the jungle really quickly This makes her late game very good but hurts the early game pressure. Shyvanna is so good in competitive play because in those games teams don't need constant ganks and farming is more important. She is definitely better in the later stages of the game and in higher elo.
  • Skarner: Skarner's ult is really the best tool in his kit and it allows you to pick people off and catch people off guard He does struggle against crowd control heavy teams that can just lock him down when he ults someone. Also, try to avoid ulting right away or ulting tanks.
  • Udyr: Udyr is a lot like Shyvanna in the sense that he has great clearing speed. He is very good at farming the jungle and his ganks are really quite good if you know what you are doing. He is really tanky, but has less damage then some junglers late game. HIs main objective is to protect carries and use his stun in team fights.


One of the most important functions of a jungler is to set up kills for his lanes and make sure that his carries are suffeciently fed for later stages of the game. It is vital to set up kills for your team and help your lanes when they are behind. It might seem pointless at times, but this can make a difference and really help them get on their feet. Although there are points where you probably want to abandon a lane and stop ganking it, you should do everything in your power to make your lanes successful.

  • Gank pushed lanes or lanes that or overextended
  • Try to gank often and effectively to give your team an advantage
  • Pass buffs to your carries to make sure your lanes do better

Counter Ganking

The best way to catch your enemy off guard and make good plays is to counter gank. This is when the enemy is most vulnerable and is the best chance to change a bad situation into a good one. This is why it is important to have good map awareness, because seeing a gank and reacting to is can be difficult if you are not attentive.

  • Always attempt to counter gank
  • Try and track the enemy jungler and predict where he is going to be
  • Know jungler routes and attempt to take buffs if the enemy jungler is dead or on a different part of the map
  • Ward so you have warning before the ganks come and can react swiftly


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