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League of Legends Guide to Soraka

Updated on February 15, 2013

Soraka is one of the most powerful support champions in League of Legends. She can heal allied champions both in her vicinity and from across the map, restore the mana of allied champions, do damage to multiple enemies, and even silence enemy spell casters. Because of this wide range of different abilities, many different item builds can be used with Soraka. However, I find the best build to be one that focuses around items that emit auras that buff allied champions and hinder enemy champions.

Things to Keep in Mind When Playing Soraka

Before playing Soraka

First, never be alone. When I say never, I mean never, aside from purchasing some new items. Soraka is a support champion. To use her to her full ability, she needs to have allies around her to support! With the aura support build that I use, she becomes even more useful in group fights or with a partner. So stay with your team!

Second, boots aren't necessary. If you are an experienced League of Legends player, you might think I'm crazy, but there is a reason for my madness. Soraka is almost useless alone and needs another player to support. This means that Soraka will never have a need to gank or run away as other players on her team will either be absorbing or dishing out most of the damage. Soraka will almost never be on the front lines of battle either, giving her ample time to pull out of a heated battle that your team is loosing before you die. Boots are useful for escaping enemy players or moving around the map, but I have won many games with skipping the purchase of boots and moving on to more useful items.

Summoner Spells!

The summoner spells that I use are teleport and heal (Learn more about summoner spells here). Even though Soraka already has two healing skills, heal can be used through stuns of silence and will save you many times. Teleport allows you to move around the map as fast as possible as well as join team fights, saving your allies from harm.


0 / 21 / 9 Using a defensive heavy mastery tree helps reduce the squishy-ness of an already squishy champion. By getting points in both Mender's Faith and Spatial Accuracy, the cool downs of your summoner spells is decreased, allowing you to use them more often.


0 / 9 / 21 You can also do a support heavy mastery to increase the cooldown of your summoner spells even more as well as increasing mana regeneration, speed, and cooldowns. This mastery tree is only reccommended for people who are experienced playing Soraka as she is the most squishy with this tree.


There is no definite item build for Soraka. In order to use her and the items to their fullest, you have to think on the fly and buy items that will support your allies as well as hinder enemy champions. However, there are a pool of items to choose from which are the best for Soraka.

Aegis of the Legion - This items offers health, defense, and magic resist to the holder and a boost to defense, magic resist, and damage to surrounding champions. This items increases the survivability of Soraka as well as surrounding champions making it a great choice. It is also relatively cheap compared to other aura items.

Innervating Locket - This item provides an aura that heals both mana and health after each spellcast. Paired with items that reduce cooldowns, this item can make a difference in the battle. With the health and mana bonus, it increases the survivability of Soraka as well.

Will of the Ancients - This relatively new item has an aura that increases the ability power of nearby allied champions. If there are many spellcaster champions as your allies, this item is a great choice. Increasing both your healing output and the damage output of allied champions is a potent and deadly combination.

Abyssal Scepter - Again, if you have a team with many spellcasters this is another item that is worth buying. Decreasing the magic resistance of enemy champions is almost as useful as increasing the ability power of allied champions.

Frozen Heart - A very expensive item, but very worth it. The mana increase and cooldown reduction are great for any spellcaster. But the worth of this item is the fact that it decreases the attack speed of nearby enemies. As a squishy spellcaster, your main threat are fast, hard hitting champions. Reducing their attack speed can help you from unnecessary death.

Soul Shroud - More health on a squishy champion as well as a cooldown reduction and mana regen aura is a great combo. You can't go wrong with buying this item.

These are the pool of items that I choose from when playing Soraka, but depending on the situation there are other items that will do better than items with auras. Rod of Ages, Archangel's Staff, and Rylai's Crystal Scepter are some that come to mind. Each provide benefits that will increase the support abilities of Soraka greatly.

Remember not to get comfortable with a certain item build but instead survey your allies and enemies and create an item build based on that information.

Soraka Owning in LoL

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    • profile image

      Sam 7 years ago

      Nice to see another league of legends player taking the time to write some guides. Good item choices. Soraka is definetly viable again after the mass Sona nerfings of late.

    • profile image

      Ezekiel 7 years ago

      Even though I find the ability to refresh your mana AND heal yourself awesome, I somehow think her heal is a bit weak compared to Taric's heal, who has much higher armor, a heal cd that is being reduced by melee hits, a stun to run away.. somehow i find she is really squishy and less effectiv as a support then taric is.