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League of Legends Guide to Top Lane

Updated on June 20, 2014

Top lane is one of the most volatile lanes in the game and mastering this lane is one of the hardest to do because of the sheer complexity as well as being on the easiest to gank. When playing top lane, you must be able to play the vast champion pool. While top lane is one of the hardest lanes to play, it is one of the most rewarding because of its ability to snowball. With this tips, you will literally have the tools needed to win top lane and be a carrying force in any game.

Picking a Champion

When choosing a champion in top lane personal skill and ability is one of the important factors. Basic tip here is if you are just starting out play champions that you know and are good with until you get a real feel for the lane. This way you not starting fresh with a champion you know nothing about without the proper fundamentals of the game.

If you are inexperienced or newer to top lane stick with a few champions that you are good with and like to play.

This is such an important tip and many people fall prey to the mistake of believing that they have to know every single top lane right away. When you focus on learning too many champions you spread yourself really thin and in turn become mediocre at many champions instead of an absolute beast at a few. The professionals get there start at a few core champions that they have learned to perfection Maining a good top lane champion is the first step to becoming a beast at top lane.

Good Top Lane Champions

  • Kha Zix
  • Elise
  • Xin Zhao
  • Olaf
  • Darius
  • Kayle
  • Jax
  • Jayce
  • Malphite
  • Regnar
  • Rumble
  • Shen
  • Vi
  • Wukong
  • Yorick
  • Zed

Counter Picking

Once you get better and start getting more advanced in the game it is better to learn counters and know the all the champions in your lane. This way you will understand their weaknesses and be able to exploit them in order to be more successful in lane. Winning the games starts with winning lane.


This refers to how you take and deal damage in lane and you want to make sure that you are doing more damage to the enemy and taking as little as possible. Pretty simple stuff right?

  • Know your champion and know your limits. Practice and make sure that you are competent with all the abilities and damage that you are able to do.
  • Do not take free damage. Do not let the enemy do damage to you and not do anything in return. This is a slippery slope and will cause you to get further and further behind.
  • Watch up for minions. Minions are a powerful tool and you do not want to disregard the damage they do. Early on, minions can make the difference between winning a fight and losing.

Farming and Last Hitting

Farming as a top lane can be challenging and rough but doing it well is key if you want to be the best. Last hits are important which is why it needs to be among your top concerns when you are playing. Be careful as to not lose to many. Avoid:

  • Trading at bad times and missing last hits.
  • Flat out missing last hits.
  • Getting harassed and pushed out of lane and in turn losing cs.

Going for Objectives and TP

Dragon: If you are winning your lane and are pushed use this to make a play middle or bottom and then take an objective. Getting dragon might lose you a tower, but if you are ahead it will force your weaker opponent to stay top lane overextend leaving them venerable to ganks and aggression.

Teleport: This is a great summoner spell for top lane champions because it allows them to show up in skirmishes quickly. Top lane is what a lot of people like to call and "island." Use it only if you feel comfortable with it. Having teleport will leave you with one less aggressive summoner spell which might make it harder to lane.

Top lane is all about making plays and giving your team advantages. Spreading your influence across the map will make you a great top lane player.


Each top lane champion is different and plays to different strengths. There are some champions that are tanks and there are some that are more like assassins. As a top laner for your team you are the front line and a solo lane. This means you have to bring a lot to the table.

Bruisers and Tanks: It is your job to put pressure on the enemy carries and soak up as much damage as possible. This allows your carries to do their damage effectively. How long you survive is clutch. If you can kill their carry do it.

Assassins: These champions are great at taking out key targets and moving in and out of team fights. The job for these champs is to take out key targets and kill carries.


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