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League of Legends Guide to Warding

Updated on December 12, 2012

If you are new are inexperienced at League of Legends you might not be familiar with using wards and just how important they are in winning games. If you are a new player just starting to use wards, or a seasoned player there are tips and tricks here to help you know where to put wards and how to use them effectively.

Why use wards?

In every competitive match of League of Legends everyone buys wards no matter what role or champion you are playing. Therefor if you want to be an expect and win games it is vital that you understand why wards are so important.

  • Wards save your life. When someone is coming to your lane to kill you a wards just might save your life. Not only does that prevent the enemy from getting gold. It also prevents you from dying and missing out of experience and gold.
  • Wards give you map control. Map control is what really swings games in one teams favor. If you know where the enemy is you can make plays and catch people off guard. This is how you make plays, and this is how you win games.

Where to ward?

You always want to ward key points that enemies are know to pass through. This really helps you spot them coming and counters their attempts at killing you. Also, once you gain map control you can move further into enemy territory in order to gain more vision and map control.

  • River and Tri bush. These are known paths that people use to set up ganks. If these paths are warded then it makes them waste time and takes pressure off other places on the map. You always want to know where common routes to ganking your lane are and you want to makes sure they are warded when you are pushed out.
  • Blue and Red buff. Warding buffs is a junglers worst nightmare and doing this can really allow your team to set up kills and deny the enemy buffs. Setting a jungler behind takes so much pressure off your team and can really lead to a huge advantage.
  • Baron and Dragon. Global gold objectives are really big in League of Legends. Not only does it get your team gold, but it can also set up favorable team fights. Having these warded is vital, and you can take it a step further by pink warding them or clearing them out with an oracles.

Pro Tip: Don't ward if you see their jungler

If you see their jungler top and you are bottom do not waste a ward if you don't have to. Always account for where the enemy is before you ward. Wards only last so long and if you use them when you don't have them you are leaving yourself vulnerable later. League of Legends is all about being efficient and getting the most out of your items and gold.


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