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League of Legends How to Deal With Toxic Players

Updated on November 22, 2012

League of Legends has many toxic players that can really make it hard to have fun and make games unbearable. With ranked games of League of Legends comes toxic players. There is no avoiding it, so the best thing do to is know how to handle these players and create synergy in your team so you can win.

Ignore Button

The ignore button is there for a reason. It is a great tool for avoiding toxic players and having a more enjoyable League experience. It may seem like it is pretty self explanatory and easy to ignore someone but a lot of players do not do it. Do not and I repeat do not argue with toxic players. Their opinions mean nothing and you have nothing to prove or explain to them. Although you should ignore toxic players, try to avoid it at first because you need communication with your team and you do not want to just flat out ignore everyone unless they truly deserve it.

Queue Dodge

If there is a toxic player in your lobby. Dodge. It is not worth getting in a game with someone raging at minute one. The game is supposed to be fun and not only will you not have fun you will also probably lose the game. If you do not have dodges however, try to calm down your teammate and make the game more enjoyable.

Do Not Be Toxic

Some people are toxic and they do not even realize it and they also do not realize the effect it has on there team and the overall impact of the game. Even if your teammate makes a mistake you do not have to point it out. Sometimes when I am trying to be helpful and give players advice is just causes them to rage. Focus on winning the game and not one what your teammates are doing wrong.

Fill Roles

Do not be afraid to support if someone says "mid or afk." A lot of trolling can be negated by filling a role instead of trying to fight someone else for it. However, if you are not that good at at role it is probably wise not to go that role even if it you are trying to fill it. You have to be good and competent at a role if you want to take it.

Be Friendly

When you are friendly your team responds to it and becomes more like a team and less like enemies. You want to say things like "Gj" after a successful kill or escape. This creates a premise for the game that is not based on rage and toxicity.


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