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League of Legends How to Get to Platinum Elo

Updated on November 22, 2012

After playing in nearly every single different elo bracket I have experience all types of players and have really gotten an insight on what makes players good players and what makes players bad players. Good players are really defined by their mechanical skill and decision making. If you perfect these skills then you will be on your way to plat in no time.


If you do not know what mechanics are it basically refers to your skills as far as last hitting, positioning, clicking, ect. If you want to be a platinum player you have to be able to beat your lane counterpart in creep score and most players in high elo can get around (usually less) 10 cs per minute. If you are really far away from this than you really should focus most your efforts on practicing and getting better at this skill before you move on and try to learn anything else. Mechanics are such a vital part of the game because without good mechanics you will always be in low elo. Also, trading in lane effects your ability to farm a lot. So if you are having trouble winning lane most times then you should work on trading better so you can farm. As far as tips to get better mechanics, practice and actually be consciously aware that you need to get better at it. No one can ever have flawless mechanics therefore there is always room for improvement.

Decision Making

This refers to basically you choices in game and a lot of good decision making comes from knowing the game and knowing champions. You need to know champions so you can know what there abilities do and if it is a good idea to chase after them or engage on them. My best advice for improving this skill is to play safe and try not to make too many mistakes. Try your best not to die... ever. Some people think that it is good to trade kills 1 for 1 but it really is almost never worth it. League is about taking advantages and capitalizing on them and even trades just stagnate the game and they do not put you any further ahead. Just be smart about what you do and learn from your mistakes. In order to do this you must admit to your mistakes which is easier said than done. Just look at it this way, if you are 1400 elo, you obviously are flawed in some way of playing the game so just accept it. There are no pro players stuck in elo hell because they can always carry out. If you want to be platinum you have to be a really good player and have a really good attitude.


I decided to put this in because I think it is just as important as the others. Attitude is a lot more important than you think and if you are giving up and having a negative attitude and raging chances are you elo is going to be a lot lower than your actual skill level. It is not easy to not blame people for their mistakes and get mad when people do dumb things. People are going to do dumb things every game because there is no possible way that all your games can go smoothly without your team doing anything wrong. Games are even because team makes plays and mistakes. Anyway, don't rage and don't give up.


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