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League of Legends How to Get to Platinum Ranked

Updated on April 23, 2014

Platinum constitutes a lot of the top players that aren't quite the best. These are the players that are extremely good at the game and know how to play it well. In this guide I will go over tips and tricks to get you there if this is your goal. There are some things that could be setting you back and I want to point out what platinum players do so you can know what it takes to get there.

Last Hitting

If you want to rank up in League of Legends one of the best places to start is with your last hitting. It can be pretty harmful to your play if you are constantly missing last hits. You could have a lot of skill and game knowledge but it is not going to get your very far if you are not last hitting well. Platinum players are really good at last hitting and do not commonly have low creep scores.

  • When you are in a game look at your creep score. Is it lower or higher than most people in the game at the end of the game. If you find yourself being lower than everyone consistently then you need to work on your creeping.
  • Don't stop farming. You have to constantly be getting gold or you will fall behind. If you are not moving forward you are moving backwards. When you stop farming in the middle of the game you are allowing people to come back which is bad. Don't lose your lead.

Go for Objectives

You need to constantly be going for objectives and accumulating gold for you team. When you do this you are extending the gold advantage in your favor. The more gold you have the more items you can buy and the better you will perform in team fights. Provided one simple mistake can quickly put you at a disadvantage but you have to take every advantage you can get.

  • What I tell people is that you have to do everything you can to make yourself more effective. League of Legends is just like anything you do. The more effective, innovative, and committed you are, the higher your rank is going to be. The people at the top of the latter do not make as many mistakes are are always trying to pick up advantages.
  • Time the objectives. You want to know when they are spawning so that you can pick them up before the enemy even knows what is going on. This is really important and not very many people do this. Do it and you will be on your way to being one of the top players.

Don't Rage

Raging does nothing but make people upset and want to quit the game. League of Legends has more rage than just about any other game on the internet. The reason for this is that people become so obsessed with having a high rank and winning games that when things do not go their way they get really upset about it and troll. It is not good for anyone and will not help you win any games.

  • Platinum players still rage occasionally but it is a lot less than lower elo brackets. The thing is, if you don't rage you will win more games. All it takes is a few wins to take you from an average player to a good one.
  • Every win counts in League of Legends and the more games you win the higher your rank will be. Do not gimp yourself by having a negative attitude and complaining. Winners don't complain.
  • Never surrender. If you play 100 games and have 10 comebacks that you would have surrendered on. Guess what? You are platinum or Diamond. You just took yourself from a 50% win rate to a 60% win rate. That is a lot of rank.

Use Wards

If you are not using them you need to start doing it if you want to start winning games. Wards are vital for catching people and maintaining control of objectives.

Know when to end games

So many player do not know how to finish games. They will have a chance to push to win the game and instead they will go for a Baron of a dragon. This will hurt you a lot and you have to have a good amount of game knowledge if you want to win games. There is not a whole lot of advice I can give on the subject but it really comes with practice and watching professionals.

Watch Professionals

Not too often and not all the time but it is a good idea to watch how the professional players play so you have a better idea on what you should be doing. You have to watch with the intention of getting better or all you will be doing is being entertained. That is fine and good but watch how the last hit, when they go back, and how they position themselves in team fights. You will also get a better understanding of what to do to end games.

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