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League of Legends How to Improve Mechanics

Updated on October 22, 2013

After playing in low elo and high elo I have notice that the main difference between high elo players and low elo players is mechanics. The best way to tell a high elo player playing on a smurf account is creep score. Last hits are the most important skill to learn if you want to increase your elo. It might be difficult to improve this skills. Although the number 1 way is practice there are a few tips that can help speed it along.


Many of you probably know this, but attack damage quints and marks are the best set up for ad carries. Also, attack damage marks can be used on top lane champions to increase your cs or creep score. If you are running armor penetration I would suggest you move to attack damage it will greatly improve you cs and in turn your effectiveness in the game.

  1. Use attack damage instead of armor penetration runes
  2. Run attack damage on bruiser top as well as ad carries


Mentality plays a great role in last hitting, you must have the imprint in your brain to farm all the time whenever it is possible. Of course when it is time to group you should group but always farm lanes that are pushed. It may not seem like a big deal missing 1 cs per wave but this can really add up over the game. 20 waves and missing 1 cs per wave is 20 cs which is a decent amount of gold. Try your best to never miss any cs. In order to be the best you have to think like the best. Never undermine the importance of last hitting and always make it a goal to have as many cs as possible.

  1. Your goal should be 10 cs per minute if you are not at this goal always strive to get there
  2. Do your best to never miss a cs
  3. Perfection is the key to success

Watch Streams

The best way to learn mechanics is to watch players who have the best mechanics. You must be very attentive and have the desire to improve. Watching brainlessly will not prove of much use. When you watch the pros they use techniques to help them maximize the cs they get and how they manage to hit most of the cs. It also gives you incite on when you should be farming and when you should be going for objectives.

  1. Streams help grasp the ideas of mechanics.
  2. Players like "Doublelift" have the best mechanics and watching them can give you insight on what to do and what do try to improve.

Push Before You Go For Objectives

When some people lose their tower they go mid for some reason. This is not a good play and I will tell you why. Going mid after you lose your tower just cripples your mid lane and brings stagnation to the game. By stagnation I mean that no one is farming and no one is getting any advantage. The wise play in this situation is to push your lane and either split push or push quickly and group with your team. What this does is puts pressure on your lane so someone either has to come to farm it or lose out on the gold and experience. Also, while someone is going to cover the lane you pushed, this gives you a chance to make plays of your own for objectives. This will not only improve your creep score and effectiveness it will also give your team opportunities to press or gain and advantage.

  1. Always farm pushed lanes
  2. Pressure enemy towers and force objectives
  3. Never zombie camp mid after your tower falls

Don't Recall To Often

A big problem I see with inexperienced players is that they recall too often causing them to miss out on a lot of cs. You should only recall when you are extremely low and in danger or have a key item and your lane is pushed. Recalling will always lead to a loss of cs so you must be logical and cautious in the times you choose to port.

  1. Only recall when you have a key item to buy
  2. Only recall when you are low and in danger of dying


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    • SimilarSam profile image

      Sam 3 years ago from Australia

      I think streams were key for me, it helps you stay on top of the latest trends/strategies and lets you see how other players handle certain situations.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Coming from a plat 4 player( I'm not that great/really high elo) the biggest difference that I have noticed past gold 3 is decision making, not mechanics. This is more of what you are talking about in terms of pressuring and securing objectives. In my opinion, my mechanics in terms of dodging and actually last hitting(what people mean when they say mechanics) haven't gotten significantly better since gold.

      That's just my two cents on this issue.

    • passthejelly profile image

      Mark Passarelli 4 years ago from Lakewood Colorado

      Recalling too often and at the wrong times can really hurt your cs. It is more about your mechanics are effected by recalling too often.

    • profile image

      Kurado 4 years ago

      WTH has when to push lane or recall to do with mechanics. Nothing.. That's called tactics.

      Mechanics is about timing, hitting and dodging abilities and autos. It's about reflexes and practice.

    • passthejelly profile image

      Mark Passarelli 4 years ago from Lakewood Colorado

      You're welcome man!

    • DubstepMaker profile image

      Paul Jenkins 4 years ago from Earth

      thanks passthejelly! sick hub!

    • LoganLemery profile image

      LoganLemery 4 years ago

      It could be a good idea for a hub, a lot of tournaments use that format.

    • passthejelly profile image

      Mark Passarelli 4 years ago from Lakewood Colorado

      No I usually don't play 1v1s

    • LoganLemery profile image

      LoganLemery 4 years ago

      I did a few hubs about making money from LOL, but none could have affected a person's game play in my opinion. n a site note, do you have any hubs you or a friend has written for 1 versus 1 on the proving grounds?

    • passthejelly profile image

      Mark Passarelli 4 years ago from Lakewood Colorado

      Thank you!!

    • LoganLemery profile image

      LoganLemery 4 years ago

      VERY well written, as an average player I felt as if I learned a lot from reading your hub. Keep it up :D