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League of Legends How to Win Lane

Updated on July 5, 2013

Winning lane is one of the key fundamentals in order to be successful and carry games in League of Legends. It may seem like it is difficult at time but with a few basic concepts you can greatly increase your chances of winning lane.

First off. What is winning lane? Winning lane is where you are setting yourself up better for the later stages of the game opposed to your laning counterpart. This usually pertains to acquiring more gold


One of the best ways to win lane is to farm gold by last hitting. People do not realize the importance of every cs. When you hit more you buy better items and can in turn out damage and class your laming opponent. What this does is it allows you to win trades, get kills, or even deny the enemy out of lane.

Farming experience. Experience is often overlooked but it is so important. They say that 1 level amounts to about 1000 gold. You get so many stats each time your level increases which makes it important to farm jungle camps as well as stay in range of the cs when they die. Do you best not to get denied.


This is basically what makes the laning phase and simply put it is how you deal damage to the enemy and how you take damage. You do not ever want to take more damage than you are dishing out. Pretty simple right?

Combo auto attacks with your abilities. Never underestimate the power of an auto attack and make sure that you are maximize your damage to the fullest potential. If one player is using an auto every time he trades and the other isn't, the one who does will always come out on top.

Don't miss tons of cs in order to trade. This is a really important concept because when you try to trade aggressively while you have minions to farm it is likely that you will miss a lot. That being said, wait for the minions to die before you go into to trade. This is vital.

Use abilities and ultimate wisely. When you use them recklessly you leave yourself wide open to aggression You have to capitalize on enemy ultimate being down as well. This is really what makes good players.


Wards are really important because a few aggressive ganks can send you really behind. Always try and ward key choke points and don't go overly aggressive. A lot of people believe that you need to be aggressive and get kills in order to win, but it is more about capitalizing on the enemy mistakes and less about going HAM into the enemy.

Ward the enemy jungle. This is very advanced tactic that I see even some Diamond players fail to do. When you ward the enemy jungle you can set up plays and get people off guard.

Item optimization

You want to make sure that you are buying correct items for you champion and that suit your play-style. You also want to make sure that you are countering the enemy items and play style. Buy armor vs attack champions and magic resist vs magic champions.

Stick to Champs you now

Champions that you are familiar with and know are much more likely to success and win lane with. Why? Well you know these champions and their abilities really well so when you trade your mechanics and decision making are much more fluid.


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