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League of Legends: How to be a better player

Updated on November 29, 2012


Hello! If you want to know how to become a better LoL player, this is the place for you! Let's go ahead and start!

Last Hitting

Last hitting is the greatest thing you can do you become a better player. Try and focus on last hitting when you are in lane, too many people try to go for kills instead of last hits, but if you do the math, one champion kill is generally around 150-250 gold assuming that the victim has died a couple times, which is around 10-15 minions. That's a pretty good deal, considering that minions are much easier and more common to get then champion kills. Also, try and keep up your farm through the whole game, not just in the laning phase, it will help your gold and exp immensely to farm throughout the whole game, don't go crazy and ignore teamfights to farm though.

Don't get greedy

A big mistake that a lot of newer players make is getting greedy and paying for it, often because they think they can tower dive for a kill, and then get stunned or slowed under the tower and die. Unless you are completely sure that you can kill them and they cannot, in any way, kill you, do not tower dive, ever. If enemy champions are MIA and you do not have vision in all entry points, assume that they are nearby. Too many players assume that they are perfectly safe, until they get ganked and killed, which brings us to my next point.

Buy and use Wards

Wards are the most under-used and under-rated items in LoL. They are fairly cheap and are well worth the small amount of gold they cost, I mean come on, they give a lot of vision for such a small price. True, they do only last for three minutes, but you should at least buy a ward for your lane so you can see incoming ganks. Each team should have an assigned warder, or multiple assigned warders, who buy wards and ward places such as dragon, baron and the enemy jungle. If you do not have vision, many things are unsafe to do, wards allow you to do those things.

Build reactive

You should never have a set in stone, you always build the same items build because each game is so different, you will want to adapt your build to what you and your team needs. If the enemy AD carry is fed, you should buy some armor, not some MR. Don't look at what the worst player is building and doing, focus on what the enemy players that are doing the best are building and what they are playing. Carries have to build less reactive since they want to go for maximum damage, while bruisers and tanks have to build reactive to do well at all.

Be aware of the map

Always be aware of the map, chat, and what is going on in the game. It will help you a huge amount if you notice before mid lane even calls mia that the enemy mid lane is missing. This kind of early warning, combined with wards, can be a game-changing event. Always try to pay attention to the map and locations of the enemy champions, even if you are joking around on Skype with your friends, try to play well. Being aware of the map also means you should call MIA's. Calling MIA's can help people pay more attention to the map, and if they already are it will make sure the rest of the team knows.

Be nice

If somebody on your team is doing badly and is not feeding intentionally, they may just be a newer player that needs some help. Try and give tips and be nice, people react better to niceness and positivity then rage and nastiness. It may be tempting to rage and blame sombody for their bad performance, but everybody has bad games, Even the pros. In pro games, one team has to win and the other has to lose, and often one team just steamrolls over the other. The losing team doesn't rage and blame each other for the loss, they know that champion picks, playstyle, and skill all play into a win or loss. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this article!


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