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League of Legends Key Reasons to Stop Raging

Updated on March 22, 2013

Anyone who has battle through the hell we all know as solo queue knows the experience of a rager. Whether it is personal frustration with a bad or unskilled player, or the intense inferno of rage that plagues a team into meaningless bickering. A lot of the players who play League of Legends really do not understand the ways in which raging and negative attitude truly effective their chances on winning games among many other things. Simply put raging is not good but my objective here is to explain why it is bad, and how exactly it influences the game.

Raging Loses Games

Trying to explain this can be difficult because people like to justify their rage and here's why. Justifying rage just allows people to continue on a blissful path of deniable bad play. It is far more easy to blame use excuses like "they were feeding anyway" or "my attitude isn't going to magically stop me from getting bad players."

Circle of Influence: When playing League of Legends or with anything in your life for that matter, you only have so much influence that you can use to effect the outcomes of various situations. This simply refers to the things you can control. By raging, you lower your "circle of influence" causing yourself to be less effective. Raging takes a lot of though time and energy; energy that could be put to better use figuring out solutions to increase your chances of winning. When you watch a professional player, the good ones anyway, tend not to worry about what other people are doing they are only focusing on things they can control. Doing this will not only make your gaming experience more pleasurable, it will also increase your chances of winning significantly.

How people respond to rage: I remember growing up being one of the shortest children in my elementary school. I was much younger then most of my classmates and I experience ridicule and isolation because of my size. The emotional wounds ran deep for most of my life. This is not a pity story and my intention is not to get sympathy. I merely want to point out that. like me, I am sure you have probably experienced something similar and I want you to think about how it affected you. Humans are very sensitive creatures by nature. It may sound cliché, but humans have feelings and this seems to get lost in translation when we log on to the internet. It is extremely easy to hide behind a computer screen and personally attack people we don't know and probably will never meet.

  • Rage in defense. When people attack us on a personal level, we tend to get extremely defensive. This causes us to get angry and try to defend ourselves at all costs. Filled with all of this raw emotion it is impossible to think logically and this is what most people fail to understand. People justify rage because "it points out someones mistakes so they will get better." You may think you are logically telling them they need to get better but is does not get through.
  • Vindictive tendencies. This is what causes people to leave or afk. They are so upset with the hostility aimed at them that they completely shut down. They refuse to play the game because it is more important that the person who raged at them lose the game, than playing the game and attempting to win.

Raging Make the Game Less Fun

No matter your reasons for playing League of Legends, raging makes the game less fun. It is not healthy to be filled with so much hate and anger. The intention when developing this game was not to cause unhappiness, but rather happiness and entertainment. Just think about it as merely a game and not only will you perform a lot better, but you will also enjoy yourself a lot more.

Raging Reflects a Reactive Personality

There are two kinds of people active, and reactive people. Reactive people feel as if they are victims and have no control over what happens to them. They believe that they always get bad teams and they cannot do anything to fix that. This feeling of helplessness causes people to get angry at other people and the entire fabric of the system.

I want to tell you that you have control of your own destiny. You can make whatever you want possible if you are willing to take action and responsibility for your own fate. This is a leadership quality that will not only help your League of Legends play, but your life in general. You will be happier and you will attract success like a magnet.

Be an active person!


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    • UnsungRhapsody profile image

      UnsungRhapsody 4 years ago from Houston, TX

      I agree wholeheartedly. I haven't played ranked yet, so I haven't really had a chance to encounter intense players, but there are still some angry people in bot games. :P It's kinda sad that raging ruins their own game experience. Oh well, hopefully they'll learn.

    • profile image

      athurion 5 years ago

      Whenever I play LOL, I always make sure that I use kind words for my teammate.

      Using kind words makes you win more games.

      I like this article. Good Job.