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League of Legends: Lux Mid Guide

Updated on February 27, 2016

Overall Strategy

Unlike many mids, this guide focuses on playing mid by focusing on the team rather than simply your own lane. By playing for saves, rotations, and the occasional snipe Lux can dominate the battlefield in a very unique way on League of Legends.

Lux is often preyed upon by the many assassin mids, particularly those with dashes like Talon or Zed. Any mid with a dash can be a threat; if Lux misses her snare she's helpless.

So why focus on such a risky fight? Lux thrives on her amazing range and utility focused skills which makes her excel at ganking, generally supporing the team, and of course farming while at a safe distance.

Combining mana regeneration and cooldown reduction with this strategy will allow you to dominate.


Quints: Flat 4.95 Ability Power x 3
Seals: Mana regen and/or Mana (I use a combination of flat/scaling for early/late game)
Glyphs: Scaling Ability Power x 9
Marks: Magic penetration x 9

You are squishy. But the point is to play to Lux' range and not get engaged on regardless.


I run flash and heal, this is because Lux isn't quite as often within range of igniting, but often times is jumped on by enemies. Heal bait is great when you're Lux and have a snare :)


The focus is damage and a little bit of sustain. It can be a struggle to sustain for a long time with Lux but mana regeneration runes and a few elements of healing will help.

I personally prefer the first option below, but the second is also viable as 45% CDR is amazing on Lux.


Here you'll find a pretty standard build, but you can make adjustments:

  • For a final item, I recommend Void Staff
  • You can also swap Athene's Unholy Grail with Morellonomicon, though I would do so only in circumstances where you're facing healers
  • For boots, you could use the Distortion upgrade rather than Homeguard
  • Liandry's Torment is an option for tankier teams.

For items I don't recommend:

  • Rylai's Crystal Scepter: The slow won't benefit you a lot, it will be up by the time the snare is up, the shield won't slow obviously, and your E already slows. It will help your ult in slowing, but really you should be ulting for finishing and typically ulting people who are already CCd so they can't dodge.
    You also don't need the health as much due to Lux keeping her distance to leverage her range. If you're regularly in range of getting attacked to the point you feel you need health, you're playing her incorrectly.
  • Abyssal Scepter: You won't often enough be in range to reduce the enemy's magic resistance, and you can use Athene's Unholy Grail to get some magic resistance for yourself anyway. It is less, but you really only need it early on during the laning phase to survive mid.

Why Ionian Boots of Lucidity?

Lux does have a devastating combo with Q, E, R, but she's not Annie. Unlike Annie, Lux shines with her utility as well as damage. For a minor sacrificing in damage (Magic pen boots) you can gain the cooldown reduction to more continuously shield allies, slow/snare escaping enemies, and even ult twice per fight as your ult will reach a 30 second cooldown. It also synergizes well with Zhonya's if you're getting jumped on.

In light of her range, this allows Lux to have incredible control over the battlefield with a frequent and potent support range anywhere near the fight. Play to her strengths! Not your desire to devastate just 1 person.

General Tips

  1. Watch how the lane is pushing bottom, and rotate whenever you possibly can.
    Pay attention to warding, check out the map.
  2. You can use E and Q to steal the small enemy birds. Not major, but a nice sneak.
  3. Even if you can't rotate, you should make it a habit to disappear regularly to throw them off.
  4. Position is everything! If you lose your range advantage, you lose your life. Put yourself near escapes and furthest from harm and don't feel obligated to basic attack during a team when all your spells are on cooldown. Particularly be mindful of dragon, people often position themselves poorly there. You should be inside of it to be ready to flash over and away, or off to the side you know is safe.
  5. While doing dragon, your focus is on buying time. Lux is not the greatest at doing dragon. You can spell shield your allies and do some weak attacks, but really your best bet is to use your spells to slow enemies, give vision, and discourage an interruption.
  6. Remember, your E gives you vision. Great for circumstances like mentioned above, people will know you know and will often not want to walk through it.
  7. Ward the enemy jungle. For those of you with big balls, this will allow you to snag the occasional minion with your ult.
  8. Don't save your ult, use it when you can hit multiple priority targets. Her cooldown is short, you can use it at the beginning of a fight if 2 or 3 enemies line up. If it's a long fight, you'll get to use it again. Don't save it for when 1 person is running away. Win the fight first.

Targeting & Peel

Let's be honest, you can't always depend on your team to peel for carries. With Lux' range, she's in the unique position to be able to peel for ADCs and herself, while also having the range to deal damage to high priority targets. Don't go crazy running in because you want to combo their ADC, snare the tank that's got their eyes on you first and ult the ADC. It should be enough to get them running.

In other words, do your own peeling (for you and your ADC or other squishies) if you have to.

Do this and all of the above, you'll have minimal deaths, maximum assists, and hopefully a bunch of kills to go with it.


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