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League of Legends: Runeglaive for the Win

Updated on July 10, 2015


League of Legends is one of the biggest and most popular Massive Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game out there and one good aspect about this game is it is continually evolving to provide better overall gameplay experience. On this particular article we will be discussing the newly released ability power jungler item, the Runeglaive, along with its; Item Information, Item Description (Stat Benefits and Unique Passive), Item Comparison (Lichbane vs Runeglaive) and lastly, Champion Compatibility.

Item Information

Runeglaive is the new enchantment for the basic Machete jungler item which has four possible upgrade paths namely; Poacher’s Knife, Skirmisher’s Sabre, Ranger’s Trailblazer and Stalker’s blade. The item was first officially released on the v5.12 League of Legends patch replacing the older versions enchantment which is the so called “Magus”. This item is only available on the Summoner’s Rift game mode.

Item Description

Here is the item description when it first came out on v5.12 patch


Tier: Enchantment

Stats: +40 Ability Power

+200 Mana

+10% Cooldown Reduction

Unique Passive: -SPELLBLADE- After using an ability, the next basic attack is converted into magic damage and deals 75% Base Attack Damage (+0.3 ability power) bonus damage on hit in an Area-of-Effect around the target and restores 8% of your missing Mana.

Total Item Cost: 2250g

Sell Value: 1575g

This is the recently updated runeglaive on v5.13 patch

- Ability power bonus increased from 40 to 50

- Spellblade damage increased from 75% base damage + (30% ability power) to 100% base attack damage + (30% ability power).

Item Comparison

Now that we know the awesome benefits this new ability power jungler item provides, let us dive deeper and talk about item comparison. It is essential that we know what would be the most beneficial item build on a specific game and how to utilize it strategically. This specific item build aims to empower ability power champions to play effectively and efficiently as a jungler, and auto attack plays a big part on having faster clear time, mobility and ganking. That is why we will be talking about runeglaive and lichbane, and which among the two has a higher edge in bringing victory from the fields of justice.

Item Description


Tier: Legendary

Stats: +80 Ability Power

+5% Movement Speed

+250 Mana

Unique Passive: -SPELLBLADE- After using an ability, your next basic attack deals 75% Base Attack Damage + (50% Ability Power) bonus magic damage. (1.5 second cooldown)

Total Item Costs: 3100g

Sell Value: 2100g


Runeglaive VS Lichbane

Lichbane has been one of the most recommended end game items for ability power champions as it provides them additional magic damage that scales very well and enables them to fend themselves from fighters and assassins during late games, and not to mention the added movement speed which really comes handy during messy team fights.

Runeglaive on the other hand is a newly added item in the list of growing collection of league of legend item which provides a decent stat bonuses and an auto attack damage proc that provides decent scaling in both attack damage and ability power, along with an added AOE (Area of Effect) damage.

But of course we cannot have these two items in our inventory since these two items does not stack, but given the role of the summoner and the utility it needs, runegliave easily wins this battle. Runeglaive is considerably cheaper than lichbane which can be easily acquired during early games. It also provides great sustain during jungling especially the mana regeneration during active combat with monsters, which allows ability power champions to spam their skills while jungling without worrying about mana management. It also packs a lot of punch on most ability power champions, as it makes you a formidable foe during ganks and not to mention the summoner spell, smite which can be upgraded to fit every junglers personal needs, be it more ganking power or fast jungle clear times.

Champion Compatibility

Every single item in the league of legend store has a purpose, and depending on how you use it and who uses it increases the chance of victory in the fields of justice. Here are the top three champions that truly unleash the potential of the runeglaive.

Evelyn Runeglaive

Evelyn, the Widowmaker

Evelyn is one of the sneakiest and most slippery champion on League of Legends, and she is currently dominating the v5.13 patch with the runeglaive. It provides her the mana sustain in spamming Q’s and fast clear time especially during the early game and provides her the power for heavy ganking and not to mention how powerful her E’s are especially on proc hits.

Gangplank Runeglaive OP

Gangplank, the Saltwater Scourge

Gangplank has been a dominant top laner with his high sustain for health and high damage output. But that doesn’t mean that he’s restricted in just being a top laner. A new meta is taking the League of Legends community with Gangplank starring as a jungler with runeglaive. This certainly is an interesting alternative the the usual Gangplank as it turns his Q’s into massive magic damage barrage.

Ezreal Smite Mid Laner

Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer

And finally the top one on the runeglaive synergistic list, it’s none other than the Prodigal Explorer, Ezreal. When runeglaive came out during the v5.12 patch, the League of Legends community got crazy with Ezreal taking smite, at first some tried to jungle with it, but to the surprise of most players, it works incredibly well on mid lane. And thus, started the “Ezreal Smite Mid Laner”, and it proved how powerful this combo is by blasting Q’s with immensely high damage


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