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League of Legends Stop Blaming Your Jungler

Updated on December 3, 2012

I wanted to make this article because I have played League of Legends a lot and feel like people are too hard on their junglers in so many different situations. That would be fine if they were at fault, but in most cases it involves a player getting outplayed and then someone raging at their jungler for not ganking. The point of this guide is to know when it is your fault so you can learn from your mistakes and become a better player.

When it is your fault..

You might be confused on what is and isn't actually your jungler's fault. These are some common offenses that people tend to blame their jungler for that are actually not their fault.

  • If you die in a one verse one exchange. If you die 1v1 you got outplayed. It's simple. You should not die straight up to your lane opponent. When you watch players in high elo and competitive play, they almost never die in lane unless they are ganked by a jungler or another lane. Moral of the story is don't blame your jungler when you get outplayed.

  • If you are overextended without a ward. Getting camped sucks and is never fun, but it is your responsibility to get a ward and keep vision. Also, if you do not see where their jungler is do not go aggressive because chances are he is really close are ganking you. All in all, not your junglers fault so do not blame them.

When it is their fault

You might be really confused but I am serious. Do not blame your jungler even if they make a stupid mistake. Everyone makes mistakes and blaming does nothing to help. Remember that no one is perfect and can make ideal plays all the time. Sure you can blame your jungle but what is that going to solve? Nothing. Most people do not realize that the final fate of the game is decided in late game team fights. One fight can make the difference between winning and losing so complaining about small mistakes in lane does nothing. Simply put, blaming, in an situation is not a good thing. Try to avoid it at all cost if you want to win.

It's hard to accept blame but do it.

Taking blame for something you have done can be a very tough thing to do but it has an exponential amount of benefits. When you take responsibly for your misplays you accept that you made a mistake which makes it easier to learn from it and not do it again. If you are constantly blaming your jungler then the chances are that you will never get better. Taking blame allows you to reach your full potential. Everyone can become great but only with the aspiration to get better.

If you ever want any more ganks

If you jungler is feeding your lane and sucking it up. This might not be a bad thing. However, complaining and calling your jungler a noob because he never ganks will probably make him not want to gank at all. Surprising? People tend to be very sensitive when it comes to their gaming egos and they will definitely hold things you say against you. My suggestion is be polite to you jungler and ask for help if you need it. They can be pretty reasonable at times.

The Jungle can be a stressful place

Sometimes junglers tend to get all the blame and none of the credit. They are really a humble bread that gets blamed a lot for no apparent reason. Junglers can make or break a game but please do not put the game entirely on their shoulders. Take responsibly for you own mistakes. Blaming the jungler is an easy thing to do but he does not deserve it. No one does. Let us all respect our junglers and take responsibility for our faults and realize that everyone is prone to making a few of their own. Let us live and let live on the fields of justice and have fun.


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