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League of Legends Top 10 Things Noobs Do

Updated on April 23, 2014

There are a lot of amateur mistakes that people do in League that just prove they are inexperienced or noobs. This is a list I made of the top mistakes I see in order to help you see what mistakes are common and how to avoid them.

1) Miss last hits

Missing last hits just proves that you are not a great player. Great players rarely miss last hits and usually have about 10 cs per minute. This might seem like a lot and that is because it is. You should aim to have the highest CS in the game and never miss last hits. Improving just takes practice.

2) Back Too Often

Some players port to base way more often then they need to. Backing is important and it allows you to heal and buy items but backing too often can make you lose experience and gold and put you behind in lane. Only back when you have an item to buy or are in fear of dying in lane.

3) Die

Dying to a gank is terrible but dying one verse one is extremely noob. Dying doesn't only put you behind buy giving the enemy team gold, but it makes you lose out on gold and experience and maybe even a tower. Good players rarely die even at the chance of getting a kill. Kills are never worth you life.

4) Rage

Raging is very bad and most people who play League of Legends are guilty of it. Sometimes teams and bad players can make someone lose their cool and rage at their team but this is bad and is most common by bad players. Good players take responsibility for their deaths and miss plays and never point out the mistakes of their team. They don't do this because it serves no purpose.

5) Can't Support

Supporting is a vital role to League of Legends and the people who don't see it this way are generally those who don't know how to play it properly. Support can be very powerful when played effectively and learning it can be very important if you are in a situation where you need to.

6) Can't Jungle

Jungling is very important and most lower leveled players don't even know what jungling is or how to do it. There is more to jungling than just running around clearing camps. You must gank and put pressure on lanes to be a good jungler.

7) Don't Ward

Warding is clutch to any League of Legends role. Because there is always fear of ganks from the enemy jungler, it is important to always have your lane warded and only go aggressive when you know where the enemies are on the map. Some people think warding is only for the support. This is a myth always ward.

8) Get Caught

When the game is late and everyone is grouped this is a signal to be careful when farming lanes. Getting caught and dying can give the enemy team an advantage to either take baron or push towers.

9) Group Mid After They Lose Tower

I see this a lot when inexperienced players. When they lose their tower they are afraid to go back to the lane and farm. This is bad and only causes for you and your mid to lose out on experience and gold. They key is to push smart and keep wards up and group when your lane is pushed. League of Legends is all about farming and you should never stop in any stage of the game unless your team is taking an objective.

10) Only Play One Champion

A lot of players are only good with one or a few champions and this can really limit you when playing. League of Legends has a meta and 5 roles to fill to maximize a teams effectiveness. If you only know one there is a chance this champion is banned, taken, or doesn't fit into the team comp you need. Learn many champions if you want to be good at League of Legends.


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    • profile image

      Average dota player 3 years ago

      At number 10, you left out master 2 of each role. Do this, and you will be ready for any team

    • SimilarSam profile image

      Sam 3 years ago from Australia

      Right on the money in terms of the top 10 things. I remember starting a separate account just recently to play with a friend as he levelled up and the ones I noted in particular was the warding and last hitting.

    • profile image

      최예지 3 years ago

      Many Koreans are good at LoL, but many of Korean gamers (Bronze & Silver) do this

    • profile image

      BPRO 4 years ago

      I think OP made up #9 to make it ''10things'' and #9 is incorrect, basically when bot lane is lost they move to Mid, take a tower and push them back, then you can go back bot to clear waves for farming.

    • passthejelly profile image

      Mark Passarelli 4 years ago from Lakewood Colorado

      tribunal op

    • profile image

      ilikegames 4 years ago

      fuckkk off, pro players only play one champion, you are rpoerted

    • ilikegames profile image

      Sarah Forester 4 years ago from Australia

      Another handy LoL related Hub, definitely what I would consider the top 10 and these aren't really that hard to fix with some practice.

    • profile image

      league eats a dick 4 years ago

      i dissagree most lvl 1 players run into towers thinking thay can dive

    • profile image

      Anonymous 4 years ago

      I disagree with some of the things you say here.


      Top players play vs other top player, so getting all the CS is actually quite rare even in top ranks. It is ultimately up to your knowledge of the match ups of your champions that will greatly effect your chances of getting CS.


      I would just call it "Proper Lane Sustain". Sometimes it's better to break down your gold to add items that gives you lane sustain(Like: DB, potions, vamp. scepter, etc...), so you can stay in lane longer.


      Besides, "Kills are never worth you life." part, the rest of this is garbage. (This can also leads back to knowing your

      match ups) How hard to is to stay alive depends on the skill of the players (jungles too) and your team coordination/communication, also, if you got a good match up or not.

      Just saying: "getting killed by ganks is bad" or "dying one verse one is extremely noob." doesn't really mean anything. The enemy team can pull off and amazing dive gank, were you end up dying, or you can have a bad match up, and it's not a result of you "being noob" but the enemy team being good.


      Can be summed up into #2 if you called it "Lane Sustain".


      You say "only playing one champion" is bad, but for a player starting out I recommend trying just to learn one champion each lane, then once you get a feel for the game branch out. This also lets you learn all the match ups of that champion, so you know how to play against it.

      Take HotshotGG for example, he pretty much only plays LeBlanc and was one of the best imo. As i recall, there was another top ranked that only played Anivia when climbing the ladder (can't remember who though).

    • profile image

      Rammusisaboss2525 4 years ago

      Many times dieing is very profitable for your team. For example, its endgame and everyone has just died except you and your teammate and 1 enemy. Your teammate and your enemy are on very low HP so you decide to tower dive the enemy resulting in both your deaths. Then unopposed, your teammate can kill the nexus. And to respond to justalolplayer, wards are worth WAAAY more than items. If your whole team buys no items but instead everyone buys wards, you will have vision of basically the entire map and your whole team can pick off people 1 by 1 to sidestep the item disadvantage. What I can agree with though, is the jungler shouldn't take minions. I know im not the only one who gets pissed when your jungler comes down, fails a gank, and then decides to kill all your minions to make up for it.

    • profile image

      dkraos 4 years ago

      @Just a lol player

      Really? I think the only one who doesn't need to ward is the adc since the sup is with them. If you're top or mid, you need to constantly ward to prevent ganks, the jungler use wards to protect his jungle and to counter jungle. There's no way you can play well if you buy only 1 ward the whole game. Also, the support can't ward the whole map, their money is really limited and they can't move alone to ward from top to bottom. Be a nice guy and buy a ward when you have those 75 gold left.

    • profile image

      Just a lol player 4 years ago

      I don't really agree with you at some things.

      Let's start from number 6 , or else the "jungle"...

      You know , I was like "he is so right about some players that just became 30 level and etc" until I saw this..

      Well , its true that a jungler doesn't only goes to creeps , and kill them .. but ganking as much as he/she cans to any lane .. ok , I can agree with this, But as we all know , a jungler is usually lower level from the others of the team , so he will need some creeps to get even more and have a good farm, Also.. yeah.. you can surely ask yourself "then , why he is not going to a lane to get minions and experience how he can level up?" Firstly , its not good to get the minions for the guy of the top lane , for the adc or from the mid!! Someone other will need them , because.. HELLO? its his/her lane.. + even if you don't take minions , you can't stay to someone other's lane for a century! you are surely going to scary the enemy , so he wont attack , probably he will go back , get items , hp and etc.. this is going to be bad for all of your team.. :/

      But I am just going to pass this .. anyway .. lets continue ..

      With the number 7 , meaning the wards.

      Ok , are you serious? sup needs to put wards , and I mean A LOT WARDS. I can say that mid and top lane needs to buy 1 ward (it depends if you need to buy 2 if the enemy jungler comes often) and only once , 1 ward , 1 time as I can say with a few words. Why?? because you need to buy items.. but especially , the adc needs to buy items. You don't have to spend your money , to buy some wards , that they will last for just a bit. This is what sup does. IT SUPPORTS YOU , NOT TELLING YOU TO BUY WARDS :)

      Something else wrong , is about the last number , 10 , or else , when some ppl pick only a champion and plays with him/her..

      Okay.. this is easy to think about.. what if he can play better just this champion? I know that if you ban him , you will have to pick something else that you wont play sooo good with.. but yeah , if you ONLY have to , I can agree, but if you can play with this player , and ONLY him THAT GOOD , its alright .. of course I am not talking about some trollers that wants to get any champ to any lane , like they just became 30 level ..

      And.. lets continue .. with the number 3.. or else , when the players die..

      I can agree , that there are ppl who are crazy for kills , and would do everything for JUST a kill.. but.. if you know.. sometimes there is no plan to escape , and with just some simple words "No way to escape". Just to explain you , even some "pro" players , can't escape .. I am going to give you an example :

      You are in the mid lane and you are farming .. it all seems ok .. until the enemy jungler is coming , same the guy from the top lane (enemy) and the enemy midder .. what are you doing? escaping? how? just to make It more clear , the enemy midder is ahri , you have annie , the enemy jungler is nautilus and the enemy from the top is Katarina or Yi (you choose that) , no way to escape , even if you are pro (lets don't forget that you have no flash or ghost too as u used flash , and you didn't get ghost from the spells)

      I hope you understood that..

      Finally , I will end this with the number 1 , or lets just say the last hits..

      Okay well.. I usually do last hits , when I am adc , but when the other is attacking me , I can't let him losing my hp just to tak about 5 with 6 minions! that's silly! and also , when there is a team fight , I can't just leave my team to fight 4v5 to go and farm , and don't even get all the last hits.. ://

      Alright .. that was all.. it's a big comment , but I am telling my opinion.. I hope you will understand these :) because I don't want to argue ..

    • William Zhang profile image

      William Zhang 4 years ago from Brooklyn, New York

      @lou that is why low elos do not have a comeback or have proper farm .You need to farm constantly.Toyz does it so should you.You need to ward properly to prevent yourself from getting ganked and you need good map awareness

    • profile image

      Random LoL player 4 years ago

      @ Anony He was saying what noobs tend to do and no.10 was that they would only play one champion exclusively. He's saying noobs do that and we should have a bigger champion pool. I believe you misinterpreted what he was trying to say.

    • profile image

      Anony 4 years ago

      I agree with half of these. For exp #10, learning one champ, and mastering him can take you far into league. A few players in Challenger or diamond climbed by only playing one champ.

    • profile image

      louluo 4 years ago

      #9 is not correct. If you have played enough you will understand what I mean. You lose a lane for a reason. usually because you are suppressed and you can't beat the other side. If you continue to farm on your lane and beyond the mid turret range you will get gank. Plus since you can't win the fight you will have to retreat if you ever engaged again. This makes your trip back to mid turret extremely far, and will likely die before you get to the safe ground. The idea strategy is to forgive the sink cost. You lose the lane, that is it, forget it, move on. I mainly play one champ, this is not a bad idea. Once you become good enough with one champ you will know how to play against any opponent with it. I beat my counters because I am better not because my champ is better.

    • passthejelly profile image

      Mark Passarelli 4 years ago from Lakewood Colorado

      As a recommendation for new players it is best to try avoiding death at all costs. While dying in some rare cases is worth it, a lot of inexperienced players don't know the difference and end up justifying bad trades.

    • profile image

      Dan 4 years ago

      The only one I wouldn't agree with 100% of the time is dying sometimes a trade is worth it and sometimes it's best to get a kill when you know there is no escape, not dying is just too general a rule, but I suppose cs and other things are too. League is centered around in the moment decisions on top of mechanics. A player with plat level mechanics will still be in bronze or silver if he just makes poor decisions; Ex: knowing when to follow your laner when they head to gank another lane vs. when to push and take your tower

    • MountainManJake profile image

      MountainManJake 4 years ago from Seattle

      Good hub! Voted up. The only thing that frustrates me is when noobs play ranked. I stopped playing 5v5 because I would rage so often when someone would AFK on a ranked game or feed because someone called him a name. Dominion and 3v3 now that it is ranked is more fun.

    • Erik J Ebinger profile image

      Erik J Ebinger 4 years ago

      I was so overwhelmed play League of Legends. That is why I stopped playing for a little while. It just really frustrated me....

    • passthejelly profile image

      Mark Passarelli 4 years ago from Lakewood Colorado

      Try it man. It's easy to learn :D

    • profile image

      hoi 4 years ago

      Haha it is true though and gawdd I am level 30 But I still cannot jungle at all