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League of legends|Best Assassin Champions

Updated on December 1, 2013


Yes Quinn is a strong assassin, not drunk.

Compulsory items:

Blade of the Ruined King

Statikk Shiv

  • Quinn's ultimate 'Tag team' gives her the capability of being an assassin, normally only to burst low health or squishy champions with health around 1500.
  • After using R the movement speed gradually increases by 80/90/100%.
  • The attack speed also increase therefore if Ruined King,Statikk and Q combination burst does do enough damage to kill then few fast hits would be enough to kill. (Recommend to use Blade of the Ruined King for the last hit as it gains speed for the marathon)

Bonus video


Many wouldn't consider him as one but if you play him right then yeah,an assassin Teemo right here. For Teemo you got to manage the time and need to split up the crowd opponent by asking your team mates to do so, then go in for the kill and off you go.

"Captain Teemo on duty"

Compulsory build:

Attack&movement Speed

AP damage

  • Passive just too much for the enemy if Teemo finds a right place to cover up then it's fatal for the target, the target would react way slower to a surprise attack,
  • High movement speed.
  • High damage Q.
  • Fast attack speed allows Teemo to auto-attack rapidly with E added on.
  • Teemo hit and run equals 2gs.



Kassadin great assassin. Top assassins LOL because he is able to silence for heck load of seconds. In that time he is able to burst and take down the squishy and low health enemies and even high health champions in late game when his AP increases to a reasonable amount to do so.

  • Q silence, if you are an ADC like Tristina and get caught out tries to jump away just laid your hands off the keyboard.
  • E allows Kassadin to have few extra hits with W in a short time.
  • R, this is what make his such a good assassin. Void drive-by LOL.

Ultra assasination?

Master Yi

His fast his critic damage how can he not be an assassin.

Recommendation on build:

High critic

High Movement speed

Life steal

Some AD

  • Run in alpha strike the target, while striking Yi is untouchable.
  • With high critics few shots on the targeted enemy either high health or armor they will go down in short seconds.
  • E gives Yi extra AD this makes him even stronger.
  • Running for the kill with R, increase in attack speed, movement speed, makes Yi immune to slows and if he gets the kill R's duration is extended by 4 seconds which makes him able to run out.

Typical YI

Riot approved assassins

Other assassins (I don't play them)

Which one do you prefer more as an assassin?

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© 2013 Supernova


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