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Leaked Info for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 ( MW4 )

Updated on February 11, 2013

Intro to MW4 Hub

In this guide I will talk about some of the leaks that have been coming out about the future Call of Duty game most likely to be called Modern Warfare 4. This will be the next installment to the Call of Duty franchise we have gotten so used to. I will also talk about what I hope to see from this game, and what I hope to see, and not see in the game.

If you liked what you read, and want to stay up to date on my writings follow me on Twitter @Johnrr631992 . I also am attaching one of my videos where I talk about MW4, and the leaks that I have found, and also post a LOT of other videos out there for all the other games and guides, leaks, and all kinds of good stuff. So my link to my Youtube channel is

Also my clan is still recruiting for Xbox 360.. For info on that head on over to or message me directly on Xbox @ MKS JohnR

Some of the Leaks

Okay guys so for the main leaks check out my video below which talks about the leaks that have been shed light on so far, BUT I will also talk about the leaks down below my video for the leaks.

My video for the Leaks

The MW4 Leaks

Okay guys so as you saw in my video (If you watched) I talked about some things which i'll talk about now.

First off was the recent talk voice actor Bill Murray had in which he talked about him getting ready, or going to do the voice over for the new Call of Duty game referring to Modern Warfare 4.

The next clue that was given was when supposedly Infinity Ward had done a poll asking users about the new Modern Warfare game, asking about details that they would like to see, possibly a new title to the game as well.

Lastly it was announced in a conference call with Infinity Ward recently that they would in fact be giving a new Modern Warfare 4 game with release by the end of 2013. They said that they would in fact have a new game out for the next installment to the Call of Duty franchise.

NEXT I have also read recently that there are some major retailers that have already listed Modern Warfare 4 to their stock inventory as in that it is now in the computers. Whether the title sticks, it is already being added to computers for a future release.

Some questionable things

Okay, so with it being known there will be another game.. We knew that all along anyways. I mean, they want to keep making money so they will keep milking us with a new game each year.

It is almost guaranteed there will be an Elite option as there has been with the last few games. So with that being said, there are not details on that, but hopefully that will include all the DLC, PLUS discounts that were provided for Black Ops 2 giving incentive to actually buy the Elite.

Next It is still unquestionable whether or not this will be made for the Xbox 720/PS4... Personally I don't see that happening considering I don't see the xbox 720 and ps4 coming out for a while, not to mention I believe that the game is already being made for the current consoles, and production for a new system would cost too much money at this point. I also believe that the game will still come out on current consoles considering I am not sure if both the ps4, and xbox 720 would be out in time to support a late 2013 release.

The reveal trailer.. The reveal trailer will probably be released some time in May/June as they do with every new game to get people pumped up about the new game. So you should expect to see that coming about soon. No major details have emerged about that yet, BUT I would expect to see that soon or in the near future.


So overall you should expect to see a new game coming out next year. It is pretty much confirmed, and we should be seeing some more information leaked as time goes on which i will continue to talk about. Also expect a reveal trailer to come out soon. Thanks everyone for reading, and feel free to comment below and let me know what you think and what you'd like to see on the next game.

What we will hopefully see.

So there are a BUNCH of things we will hopefully see.. First off.. I think it was great what Black Ops 2 did with the tubes, and essentially eliminating them, and keeping some, but making them hard to use..

Hopefully we will see something new as well.. It's getting tiring of the same old game each time. With that being said I hope they don't change too much because we still want the traditional Call of Duty game, but we want some sort of change.

Hopefully the game will include similar create a class setup like Black Ops 2, because that was an interesting new feature, that really made the game interesting and more fun.

As I said hopefully Call of Duty will take a new stance similar to Black Ops 2, and either move a little more futuristic, or give us a reason to wait in line at midnight to get the new game.


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