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LeapFrog Cook and Play Potsy

Updated on December 12, 2010

Potsy From Leap Frog

LeapFrog's Cook and Play Potsy will spark your child's imagination with a talking and singing pot, an over-sized spoon, and five plastic food pieces. This is perfect for any kid that loves to help you cook in the kitchen. Whenever the broccoli, peas, tomato, cheese, or carrots are dropped into Potsy he starts singing or the spoon is stirred in his pot, he'll react with sounds, songs, or phrases to. What's nice is when it's time for pick up everything fits right back in Potsy and you close the lid and your all set.

The Learning mode on Leapfrog's Potsy is great because it teaches your kids how to count. The other cooking mode allows your children to add things to Potsy and sing along with him. You can also register Potsy online, and sign up for updates and product news.

This is one of the years top toys for children you can read amazons many 5 star rankings here at LeapFrog's Potsy Reviews.

People are going crazy for this toy and love it because their kids will play for hours with it from 8 months and up people are buying this toy for. Potsy also helps to teach healthy eating to your kids. It's educational as well as fun and cute and quite durable so it's perfect for kids of all ages.


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