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Leapfrog Scout - A Sleeping And Learning Toy For Toddlers

Updated on May 27, 2013
leapfrog scout or the leapfrog little scout
leapfrog scout or the leapfrog little scout

The leapfrog scout or the Leapfrog Twinkle Twinkle Little Scout is a toy that helps toddlers from learning the alphabet or numbers as well as a toy that helps them sleep by way of lullabies and a warm blinking light.

The Leapfrog Little Scout is a toy that looks like a sleeping dog which uses a moon-shaped pillow to lean his head on. The dog is green which is a little bit boyish looking. The size is small enough for toddlers to grasp, but the added weight of the electronics inside will make it harder for toddlers to carry it around. It also includes a blanket that is both washable and big enough to be used by people. The appearance of this toy is a bit cute and timid which is appropriate for kids that will be using it. While it maybe called a sleeping plush toy by some, it has a hard plastic casing with a thin soft layer of fabric on top. That hard casing would be too hard for a toddler to use as a pillow but still soft enough to be hugged. It has electronics so it will need batteries. The batteries are used for the songs as well as the blinking light located in the pillow.

There is also a a leapfrog twinkle twinkle little violet with the same features, but violet in color.

Pros and Cons


  1. Songs as well as lullabies will automatically stop to conserve battery
  2. Multi-function learning toy that includes learning songs and sleeping songs(lullabies)


  1. Too hard to be used as a pillow
  2. Uses batteries

Sleeping Part Review

Here is a review of the sleeping part of the toy.

This toy has several sleeping songs you can play for your toddler or baby. The soft soothing music included are lullabies and environmental sounds like soft ocean waves. Accompanying those music is a faint blinking light that is located inside the moon-shaped pillow. Music can be played for 10 minutes or 20 minutes depending on what you have chosen and will automatically stop after the 10 or 20 minute mark. This is a great companion toy for a crib as it will help your kids sleep without having to worry about the battery dying quickly because of its automated stop feature.

Learning Part Review

The learning toys for toddler part of this leapfrog little scout is the other added sounds and music beside included with the toy. It includes songs that will help your kids count their fingers as well as a song that is about sheep counting. There is also one particular song that ask your kids to point where the dog ears are which I find adorable.

Even though I am glad they have added some form of learning with this toy, it is lacking and feels like a gimmick than a true feature of the toy.


It is still a great toy if you are looking for something that will help your kids sleep, but if you are looking for something that will help your kids learn, Then this toy is a pass.


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