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Leapster Explorer on Sale and Reviewed

Updated on December 3, 2010

Leapfrog Leapster Explorer System

Leapster Explorer is the new educational video gaming system for kids of all ages. This toy is portable so it's perfect for those long car rides with the kids. It beats a portable DVD player. The Leapster Explorer keeps kids busy and learning with their favorite characters from their favorite shows and movies. The Leapster includes e-books, videos, game apps, and flash cards covering topics such as reading, math and science, this is perfect for school aged kids because it makes learning fun and it's a "video game" so they will keep asking for more.. There's also a Pet Pad App that lets kids create and customize a pet and earn tokens to feed, bathe, and entertain the pet.

Leapster Free Downloads

The Explorer comes with a free Leaplet download that you'll chose from a collection of games and activities on the LeapFrog site which is a cool idea so your kids can have a chose. You can download free things from the site after you set up a account. Also their are other features like previews for other games that are coming out, a digital pet that kids can design, play with, and care for. Kids love the Pet pad because then they get a puppy. My kids almost crave this system because it's so fun it's almost like a gameboy but alot better graphics and it's educational.

Parents Role in Leapster Explorer

What I love about the Leapster Explorer is that parents can track how well your kids are doing in their learning.  It's easy you set up a parent account and you can view your child's progress in different learning games.  You can also see how much time they spend on each game so that you can see their weaknesses and strengths.  Whats also nice is the parent account can hold up to three accounts so that means you can track everyone's progress.


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