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Learn How To Beat Azazel in Tekken 6

Updated on November 3, 2009
Tekken 6
Tekken 6

Struggling with Azazel?

The final boss Azazel has baffled many gamers. Many have spent countless hours and multiple tries attempting to defeat a boss that just doesn't seem be affected by any attacks.

Well, I have been where you and I know exactly how you feel. But I have found a solution that has worked pretty well for me and has allowed me to save time and a lot of frustation.

The First Step To Defeating Azazel In Tekken 6

 The first thing to rememeber is that your losses aren't a total lost.  Instead of trying to hammer your way through with countless combos and strong attacks,  keep your eye open as to how Azazel is attacking you.  Basically, study your opponent and notice the patterns.

I can't stress how important it is for you to know every move Azazel throws at you.  It is important to know for the next step I'm going to show you in Tekken 6.

Tekken 6
Tekken 6

The Second Step to Defeating Azazel In Tekken 6

 After studying Azazel and learning his moves, this next technique is probably one of the most overlooked tools in one's arsenal.  What I'm referring to is DEFENSE.  You must mix your offensive attacks with strategic defensive moves.

The first defensive move to learn is to block.  After studying Azazel, anticipate his moves and block first, then attack.  The only attack that I've found that you can't block is where Azazel implants his claws into the ground and a series of claws spring up hitting you from underneath.  Other than this you should be able stand strong against Azazel's attacks.

The second defensive move is to counter.  After Azazel attacks and you have successfully blocked, immediately seek to counter.  Azazel is more vulnerable after he as attacked.  But you must be quick since he quickly recovers and has an amazing blocking ability.

The Final Step to Defeating Azazel In Tekken 6

The last step that has helped me defeat Azazel is using strong attacks and chaining my attacks to keep Azazel on the ground. Honestly, since Azazel is a cheap boss then you may have to revert to cheap attacks (the same attack over again).

A strong attack is either a kick or punch that knocks your opponent to the ground and also brings substantial damage.  You want to keep Azazel on the ground and use combos to keep him there while he is getting up or before he flies in the air.  Rememer, once he flies in the air after being knock he is going to attack.  So be on your guard.

Once major thing to look out for is staying on the ground.  You do not want to be caught on the ground.  As soon as you're knocked down, get back up immediately.  A majority of Azazel attacks are low/mid attacks.  He has the ability to chain combos that will cut your health by 75% if you are caught on the ground. 

Don't Give Up

All in all the key to your success in Tekken 6 is not to give up. Use your head, learn what Azazel is doing, and use strategic defensive moves. I hope this helps all who read. Please feel free to leave your comments.


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    • profile image

      anonimous 7 years ago

      how do we block

    • profile image

      anon 7 years ago

      don't press anything to block!

    • profile image

      Tyrell3771[on xbox360] 7 years ago

      Yeah this is really helpful. Defense and timing is the key. And to block you just retreat[keep backing up]. But don't back up too much or getting in close will be impossible.

    • profile image

      anonomis 7 years ago

      i still cant beat the !#%$^ on easy

    • profile image

      anoni 7 years ago

      Goddamn he is so @#$#Q%#@#$% strong, but i want to keep trying.

    • profile image

      stick 7 years ago

      I've foung that using a cheap jump kick and then a strong punch a few times and then backing up till time runs out to be an effective way of getting by.....

    • profile image

      junjun 7 years ago

      halimaw ka wahahahahahahaha Merry Christmas!!

    • profile image

      p45 7 years ago

      I tried these same things and I got his health to below 20% quite a few times on many fighters but cant get him after that.Coz by that time my health is low too and he just kicks my &*# in one shot

    • profile image

      johstin 7 years ago

      i beat azazel 32 times [not continous] by following these steps u rock Johstin!!!!!

    • profile image

      Syphous 7 years ago

      I F***ING HATE AZAZEL! He is by far the lamest boss fight in any fighting game. I swear, the next time he blocks WHILE attacking I'm just going to return the f***ing game.

    • profile image

      DarkFox 7 years ago

      lol @ Syphous. Kids these days.

      As for the guide, well done. :) Helped me a lot.

    • profile image

      fuckazazel 7 years ago

      wtf. I THINK THIS BOSS CHOOSES WHEN HE WANTS TO LOSE. sometimes I am able to hit him sometimes i'm not. how do you beeat a boss that doesn't give hints on when he's vulnerable or not. DAMMIT. even if he's attackin he can't get damaged? WTF? so while i attack he can just attack me without timing or anythng. just his goddamn ultimate armor. FUCK NAMCO. FUCK tekken 6. atleast jinpachi was vulnerable all the time.

    • profile image

      Bucky 7 years ago

      Use Steve and Just keep Blocking and Jabbing

    • profile image

      asuka 7 years ago

      you can beat him by counter attacks and running attacks

    • profile image

      kate 7 years ago

      i only did the not giving up part....cause i did it with teamwork , with my cousin, friend and sister.but i guess i need to block

    • profile image

      constanta 7 years ago

      yeah block and counter, if he is pretty much orange you can easily beat him.

    • profile image

      Lars 7 years ago

      w0w...this is very helpful. Thank you so much!

    • profile image

      Johnnie 7 years ago

      Once I Knocked out him with perfect only because defended him while he attacted and imidiately kicked his a$$.

      Thanks for your advice man!

    • profile image

      gf 7 years ago

      I already knew this could be a way to beat him, the point of this game is to button mash and have fun , not study every little detail, 5 was better.

    • profile image

      c4cool929 7 years ago

      Man iv been using the defensive strategie and its actually getting me nowhere. Im trying to get all the ending clips and im using Paul now and before i was using the block i was actually winning with an all out offence (go figure). Now the computer is seeing that im winning and deciding to use the infinity combo attacks on me. (seriously) I was hit once and was never even able to quick recover. So just keep trying is the key. eventually he'll mess up and you'll get him.

    • profile image

      Rhanta 7 years ago

      "The only attack that I've found that you can't block is where Azazel implants his claws into the ground and a series of claws spring up hitting you from underneath."

      I've been playing with Zafina a while ago and I CAN block this. Well, not really block, but I can dodge this. I really don't know, sometimes, whenever he does this, it's the time where I do the one where she jumps to the air and rushes to Azazel with a kick.

      "Rememer, once he flies in the air after being knock he is going to attack. So be on your guard."

      With this one, whenever he flies in the air, I always run to his last position (before he flew away) since it's obvious that he will attack on my last position (before I ran)

      And usually, jumping and high attacks usually help me defeat him. Basically, if you're facing any boss in any game, it's always the head that's the weakest (Basis: Megaman. XD)

    • profile image

      colax24 7 years ago

      He's a piece of cake . I can kick his ass with no losses on ultra hard mode . Just remember his attack patterns . The best defense is a good offense .

    • profile image

      lonewolf2996 7 years ago

      I give up. I tried everything to beat that &#*(@&^ Azazel and he still kicked my @55. I quit.

    • profile image

      Vince 7 years ago

      I saw a video where someone used Devil Jin and just spammed the high eye laser, which kept juggling him until he beat him.

    • profile image

      Nemesis dude 7 years ago

      Hey if you really want to just beat that fucking bastard Azazel devil without caring who you pick I suggest you pick jin. After you pick him just change the controls so that the RB button should be (LP+RP) and the RT (right trigger button) should be (LK+RK) then when you face azazel you just press the RT button first and the RB button second which will unleash a flying laser attack which I like to call the "Amakakeru Ryu no Hirameki" (ultimate move) that Jin possesses. Just keep repeating that move and Azazel will fall for it nearly every time. Granted, he might catch on and you may have to time your laser move a little carefully depending on what he does and how much distance is between you and him. When I first tried it out, it was ridiculous how easy I killed him. Also if you want to try to defeat him with other characters just be sure that you pick a character that put him in the air and juggle him because fighting head on is a GUARANTEE that he will kick you ass. Also be patient, because fighting him takes time to study his technique and you may also not want to block for too long because he will grab you and get around your defense. Just keep blocking and wait for the second he attacks and then hit him and do juggle combos to him in the air. Granted, my technique I am telling you now for other characters may not work the for 1st and 2nd time. It may take X amount of times but this is the best way to fight him. The technique I told you for Jin however is GOLD. (Just a note for those trying to blocking that disgustingly annoying crystal attack that comes up from the ground the way to block that is to duck down and block rather than your normal stand up block)

    • profile image

      sabreen 7 years ago

      i hate azazel i tries using alisa and i use that kick that she does which flies them into the air and sometimes it works but its that $%&**** crystal thing. drognuv is the best to defeat him

    • profile image

      Starfighter 6 years ago

      I've only tried with Bryan, Hwoarang and JACK-6 so far (I just got the game) but I really hate Azazel as well. It just seems so utterly stupid to put in an extremely hard foe in the end, it should be more of a natural progression in difficulty. My problem with Azazel is that he's kind of easy the first round, but if I take him down he's hard beyond reason the next round. It almost always starts with me winning one and then ends with me losing two in a row. It got to a point where I ejected the disc and threw it in the wall - screaming. And I'm 25 years old for crying out loud. Thumbs down for Azazel/Jinpachi.

    • profile image

      Lars 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Tessai 6 years ago

      just use Xiaou and her forward forward + LK+RK

    • profile image

      MagicMan 6 years ago

      Seriously hate this guy, it's ridiculous that he just blocks attacks when he wants to.

      I owned him with Hwoarang thanks to the sheer number of kicks that kid can get in but with others it's much tougher, characters like Bryan who rely on powerful hits are at a ridiculous disadvantage because at any point Azazel becomes invincible (without warning or even a single hint)and creams you, not to mention he likes to spam unbreakable chains at you if you're doing well.

      Bosses should be tough but not invincible, his little blocking trick is uncool namco, way uncool.

    • profile image

      happyman 6 years ago

      really what it comes down too, is that this boss fight is complete bs. It feels like a complete waste of time for how difficult it can be for some people. People have enough problems dealing with getting beat up by life in general. We don't need a video game to do that for us. Screw this game.

    • profile image

      Welshy 6 years ago

      I found that by blocking each attack and managing a few powerful kicks using eddy you will do more damage than he will, and all you do is wait for time up makin sure you have inflicted more damage than you have recived

    • profile image



      Honestly, there is no full-proof way to beat Azazel, but I figured out a way to cheat the game (in a way). A lot of people have trouble defeating Azazel twice in a row, so don't. Go to Tekkens' options setting (the last one), and go to Game options. Set the rounds to win to one, this way you just have to get lucky. While you're there, set the difficulty to easy, set the round time to 30 seconds (so if you're winning, just neutral block - standing still - until you default win), and MOST IMPORTANTLY, set guard damage to on so that Azazel can't hide behind his !@$% auto-block.

    • profile image

      woozle wuzzle 6 years ago

      first ur wrong moron: ive blocked those ground claws numerous times.

      ive also plenty of times BLOCKED and next thing i know im gettin cheap shotted. i also hit him and do NO DAMAGE and hes not even blocking. this is just a cheap boss in another sh*tty tekken game. hes just pure cheating in an already cheap game.

      this game is garbage

    • profile image

      muccu 6 years ago

      hi i managed to beat azazel with LAW only by keeping him on the ground with punches the only thing i need to know is the best config for tekken for the controler pls

    • profile image

      Gazldini 6 years ago

      pretty annoying boss i have beaten him with several different chars i must say it is the one char that i really do not enjoy playing against i tried the laser with devil jin but he seem to automatically teleport when you try it same teleport he uses when he gets up if anyone has noticed that i would be interested to know

    • profile image

      that guy 6 years ago

      The claws are blockable but they have to start in front of you, howerver you will get knocked far enough away for himj to own you (getting close to him after being knocked away is a pain)

      The only two un-blockable non-grabs that I've noticed in my sixty thousand fights against him are the spinning tail whip (he starts to slowly rotate and swings his tail which i guess you're supposed to be able to jump over each time but I hever succeeded) and of course his laser.

      My theory is that the ONLY thing which can hurt Azazel at all (at least in Arcade mode) are Counter Hits. It would help if you could turn on diagnostics during regular battles.

      Also his hit box is only about half the size of his body.

    • profile image

      tekken adick 6 years ago

      i have been fighting azazel for 126 fights in the arcade plus in the story mode

      while i was fighting azazel using miguel, i discovered that his weak point (most of the time) are high (his head) and low (below his torso)......i already defeated azazel using hwoarang,eddy,miguel,ganryu and christie in story mode...

      i didn't defeated azazel by using defensive moves beceause i have been studying azazel's move but i only got is few of his moves only when he implants his claws on the ground when is going to spin his tail and when shoots laser he only shoots at the mid so u can duck it

      But my problem is i only need is to study azazel's moves but he is to big for me to see

      D@mn why does namco made that f*Ck*ng boss there are so many features for a boss to made than azazel

      i even like jinpachi more than azazel

      welleven if he don't block he still doesn't gonna have a damage

      Tip:if you think that ur use the special move or attacks to he'll be damage by 20% or 29%

    • profile image

      Jaycee 6 years ago

      i use left+triangle+square

    • profile image

      andy 6 years ago

      just kick azazel until down then backup..then do until azazel dead

    • profile image

      heloosmiley 6 years ago

      ive gave up, i CAN NOT defeat him. i put his health to like 20% on very hard difficulty level. i realised that so i put it on easy, i still couldn't beat him =/

      i decided i wouldn't waste all my time on some monster in a game! i defeated him before, with Jack-6 just by kicking him, but i try with loads of players now and... its impossible to me!!! :@

    • profile image

      Nahlim 6 years ago

      Hm. Actually, he is not always that hard... Depends on who you are fighting him with... I've beaten him on normal in story mode with more than a half characters so far (and I've started with the ones I hate using). The best ones are the characters that can knock him on the ground with their fist (arm) attacks. You pretty much have to mash RP and LP. That's how I beat him with Miguel, BRUCE (who I have used for the first time in Tekken 6 in story mode arena), even ROGER who I hate using without losing once. So far, the only character I was better off with using legs was Hwoarang. Some characters I like using, like Asuka, had a hard time beating him. I guess it depends on the strength of their arm attacks...

      I'm not very good at blocking, though I'm getting a hang of it. You CAN block the spikes that come from the ground by not touching the controller, or just by sidestepping. And when you hear that he is going to use the laser, you just have to duck (I fail most of the time, but that's because I focus too much on the offense... Yet, it's not that hard. You have enough time if you are not caught up in an attack).

      So yeah... It can get frustrating (it took me over half an hour to beat him with Armorking -.-), especially if you want to get all endings this way, but it's not always like that (most of the time it isn't) and it's definitely not impossible. ;)

    • profile image

      Nahlim 6 years ago

      Oh, I'm also not very good at juggling. :/ So if you are good at that it might be even easier for you. xD

    • profile image

      blah blah 6 years ago

      i smashed the buttons insanly hard and he never blocked and im using the gowstick xbox controller thingy lol and ive never managed to beat him when he turns red :/ like wtf man?

    • profile image

      Li 6 years ago

      I know how to beat azazel in superhard mode is so damn easy I just study it moves

    • profile image

      curtanater 6 years ago

      I have beaten him on normal with armour king and king but if any 1 can help me with Marduk cause I am just gettin smashed

    • profile image

      Eirixoto 6 years ago

      Wow, thank you very much! This helped me alot!!

      Standing guard blocks the attack where Azazel implants his claws into the ground and a series of claws spring up hitting you from underneath :)

    • profile image

      StormHawk 6 years ago

      I defeated Azazel wif probably more than half the characters but my cuz finished all chars(I think some were done by his sister though). Basically, I jus played him lotsa times and studied his moves and also find the most easy move to be cheap wif. (As in stringing the same attack over and over and over....) I noe, its cheap, but Azazel is basically cheap himself.

      How to Dodge certain moves

      - The spawn claws frm ground move can be blocked but does tiny amounts of dmg each time. Sometimes you can also sidestep, walk in between the claws, and run to azazel(do this only if yr close to him)

      - The laser is easy, just crouch

      -The spinning tail thing, I HAVE NO IDEA, but once i used Ganryu against him and used a movewhere ganryu kicks and falls flat on the ground, Azazel blocked it and used the spinning tail, and becos i was flat on the ground, i think i went under it O.o

    • profile image

      EP1CWAFF1E 6 years ago

      I've only beaten Azazel with Jin and Kuma. Maybe I can beat him with Armor King now.

    • profile image

      hugis90 6 years ago

      if you want to make it easier go to options and change match time to 30 sec, then you only need to hit once and use defence until time is up

    • profile image

      uhm yeah  6 years ago

      i was just playing and noticed the tail swinging thing-a-magig move was blockable you just need a crouching block.

    • profile image

      Dale, trying to help :-) 6 years ago

      you can block the claws coming out of the ground, you just push back to block like normal at just the right time and you will not take any damage, you don't need a fast player, just one you know very well and know the moves of, learn to combo, and you do need to block and know azazel moves so you can block, trust me, ive beat him with almost ever person in tekken.

    • profile image

      Dale, trying to help :-) 6 years ago

      oh n with the tail, you can just jump and hit him or how i do it is just hit him before the tail makes it around to you by running to him and hitting him, it will stop him mid-attack and if your attack is strong enough it will knock him down

    • profile image

      iwaschosen 6 years ago

      its not hard to beat him i got a perfect with devil jin all u have to do is use his super punch then as soon as hes down (because he cant block it) use the lazer as soon as he is down (he always teleports up and the lazer fires straight then up thus hitting him) then repeat (he usually dosent hit you while you're charging if you do the right one)

    • profile image

      I Beaten AZAZEL 6 years ago

      I thank the person who posted this!! :P

    • profile image

      chinken slayer 6 years ago

      bull crap beat him with bruce using punch but first let the chinchen hit then attack frinkin noooooooobbbbbbbbbbbbs

    • profile image

      Use Leo 6 years ago

      Use Leo and spam forward + A. It worked for me first time

    • profile image

      leonidas 6 years ago

      i want to learn tekken 6 juggles like devil jin

    • profile image

      Using Hwoarang 6 years ago

      *sigh* got this game earlier today, the only thing more annoying than this boss is the fact that it keeps count of how many times you've lost, I'm a bit of a perfectionist and really wanted to keep that 100% win rate, which was easy, until I faced off against Aza... 27 losses later, I finally beat him, would still be at it if it weren't for this guide though, knowing his moves and block/countering is the only way I ever got close...

    • profile image

      Using Hwoarang Again 6 years ago

      Ha, was playing arcade mode before, just fought him in Story mode now, first go! Either he's muuuuch easier in Story or practice really does make perfect.

    • profile image

      Takeo 6 years ago

      Very gay boss fight indeed, Azael is the lamest thing seen to this day. Cheating crappy boss enemy, he can spawn his filthy claws right beneath your feet without you having a chance on getting away and also he can use some kind of laser gun, how embarassing is this? In campaign mode you can punch the crap out of this motherfucking basterd and now in the Arena you can't. Who knows cheats so I can break his head and punch his brain??!

    • profile image

      Kqz 6 years ago

      Good guide, ill try this tonight


    • profile image

      hyperionbas55 5 years ago

      my younger brother finished him in story mode with every character, so he unlocked all ending movies...he just kept pressing square and triangle rapidly using miguel!!

    • profile image

      Hui Xiang 5 years ago

      I go a way to defeat that freak Just u know choose an agile char then when that freak attacks u (he is actually slow) so immediately hit him with a left punch cuz it is effective of its speed I hope this help ALL THE BEST! :)

    • profile image

      belle2 5 years ago

      I've beaten Azazel using all characters on story mode with no cheats I just did it myself now I have all the ending stories!

    • profile image

      Tupu 5 years ago

      That's the way to win in anything in this life.

      Very nice man, so smart.

    • profile image

      ealy 5 years ago

      thank you sooo much i was wondering about the claws...motherfker is hard to kill...thank you sooo much

    • profile image

      PrinceAries 5 years ago

      His teleporting skills is the thing that's pissing me off

    • profile image

      Storm 5 years ago

      My friend (MK) just defeated Azazel with a perfect! Using King and a lot off flying knees (up/right diagonal + 0)

    • profile image

      Dvo 5 years ago

      easy way.....

      jack 6 xo fly move. he cant block it and 3 times = win

    • profile image

      Nick 5 years ago

      I noticed that Azazel block EVERYTHING... except launchers to start a juggle. It's funny but it's true, just defeated it with two juggles using Bruce.

    • profile image

      Jutt 5 years ago

      Ohh com guyes , he is easiest cpu player.... I play wid devil jin n i am kinda average player.. devil jins Upward laser n laser while flying is enough to beat him wid a PERFACT

    • profile image

      ManjiNinja 5 years ago

      Well he is difficult at times but I'm able to beat him with Yoshimitsu :D

    • profile image

      legacy45123 5 years ago

      Just beat him with lili. changed the game setting to 1 round for 30 seconds and all i had to do was get some hits in and survive.

    • profile image

      0K YOU L1TTle BUG 5 years ago

      i just hit him kick him and pump my helth unlock all charters and pick ur fav then use it agenst him and that's how i did takes to long to learn his moves

    • profile image

      Spirit6 5 years ago

      About the 15th time I've tried to defeat him. He barely falls down! He jumps then crushes you, then claws you from the ground. :( STUFF YOU AZAZEL!

    • profile image

      Tekkenexpert 5 years ago

      if you want to defeat azazel easily i recommend you train with feng wei . because he is one of the strongest and is easier to learn !!

    • profile image

      khalil 5 years ago

      My strategy is to use a player that is fast martial law paul miguel brian switch between standing and crouching blocks but the main thing is to try and juggle Azazel for as long as possible and when she falls use your power attacks and u have to mix it up go high low high low med its all about timing

    • profile image

      Raul 5 years ago

      "The only attack that I've found that you can't block is where Azazel implants his claws into the ground and a series of claws spring up hitting you from underneath."

      Probably, you'll say that I'm lying, but it's actually possible to block it!

      I have the PSP version and all I do is using the mid-attack block, while retreating with CORRECT TIMING (retreating too soon or too early will cause you to drop down your guard and be hit)! Getting the pattern of this attack is easy and once you do it, remember: mid-attack block while retreating at the moment those "claws" are about to appear...

    • profile image

      hussaindeedar 5 years ago

      awesome tips i defeated azazel i love it i won


    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      when the hell was any boss able to use laser eye beams when you're down :/

    • profile image

      Tekken6man 5 years ago

      I can't defeat him. Jinpachi was 200% easier to beat. We hate Azazel!

    • profile image

      Apa yang ada di dalam Kue Mujurmu? 5 years ago

      i did it i'm lose

    • profile image

      The king 4 years ago

      I did it! Using lee's right and x kicks i did two perfects!

    • profile image

      ArmorKing 4 years ago

      Armor King has several run jump attacks and air attack and multiple strong attacks. I've beat Azazel multiple times using Armor King. It was surper hard the first times I tried but I found this article and helped a whole bunch!

    • profile image

      jin kazama kun 4 years ago

      This guy is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cheap .i got 12 perfects with devil jin!!!

    • profile image

      shashank 4 years ago

      i try and it be i wish that other could learn step and won...

    • profile image

      energykop 3 years ago

      double side step scissor kick on paul.

    • profile image

      yopjop 3 years ago

      Azazel is right cheap.kick butt with KING,STEVE,MIGUEL,LAW & HWORANG.duckin is the trick

    • profile image

      zamora 3 years ago

      Madaya c azazel kya katapat nyan ay daya rin

    • profile image

      frustrating pile of shit 3 years ago

      Yeah, he sucks balls. Just as someone before me mentioned, he "chooses" when to lose, sometimes his armor can be penetrated, and sometimes the same move at the same exact timing and identical situation fails utterly short, and azazel pummels you to oblivion. The armor I actually don't mind, it's the combos he does that are frustrating. 80% of my hp gone because he simply doesn't let you get up. And the really annoying thing about that is that he does this with such on screen ease and programmed precision that it perplexes my mind how someone could think this was not going to piss off the general amount of players (the alternative is worse). I'd rather start with 20% hp than have to watch my character get squashed over and over simply cause I couldn't block on time. Immediately a death sentence, even on easy. I guess Namco needs to take a reality check and a couple of dictionary courses because EASY should mean EASY. Someone just likes to button mash and enjoy unlocking story endings, not have to study the game. Die in a pool of fire with the heat of a thousand sons; both you and your lame ass boss.

    • profile image

      bollock 2 years ago

      This really does not help, you can hardly block any of it's attacks and hardly do any damage back.

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