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Learn How to Build Toy Train Tracks and Site View

Updated on June 12, 2011

Build your own Mini Railway

Photo Courtesy of yewenyi @
Photo Courtesy of yewenyi @

Introduction to Building your own Model Train Railway

When I was a little young, I used to envy people having model trains in their houses so it became a challenge for me that someday I’m gonna have one of those cute miniature trains. Being a hobbyist and collector of model trains, I know how pleasurable it is to have these little model trains in your backyard.  It is really fun how you see them going around just like real ones.  I’m telling you, building a model train railway is more challenging than that of ploughing your farm in Farmville. 

Initially, what you gonna need is a benchwork.  You can either purchase an already made benchwork or you can also buy plywood and make your own benchwork. But there are a lot of advantages when you purchase your own benchwork kit.

Benchwork Layout

Photo Courtesy of Olorinpc @ Flickr.Com
Photo Courtesy of Olorinpc @ Flickr.Com

Model train railway

Pros and Cons of Buying a Benchwork Kit

· The kits are pre-cut and predrilled

· Sturdier than plywood on two sawhorses

· Portable or it will be easy for you to relocate your display whether you like it inside the house or at the backyard or wherever you like to transfer it

· Thus, this will save you time and effort

However, these benchwork kits aren’t always perfect, so if you think you are skilled and you want it well-rounded, it could be better if you make your own model, or you can also create your own design and let someone make the benchwork for you.

Model Trains

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Start from Draft

·         Imagine how large you like your benchwork to be.

·         Consider your various plans for your benchwork if you want it to be fixed at one place or you want it to be somewhere else.

·         What shape would you like? Oval, square, rectangle, circle?

·         Consider the space where you want your benchwork to be placed

Outdoor Model Railroad

Miniatur Wunderland

Huge HO Scale Model Railroad Railway Layout - WFRV TV

Outdoor Model Railway


· Make sure that your benchwork is sturdy enough to hold certain amount of weight

· Normally table legs are 28 inches, but you can modify it to your gusto

· Platform can be ½” or 3/8” thick (plywood).

· If you intend to make it portable, cut the woods into smaller pieces before you assemble it

· Research for different scenery to improve your creativity

Creative Ideas for your Model Train Railway

However, bringing your own perspective in life would be much better. What I gave are just ideas on how you start building your own railway train model. If this is your first time to build your model rail site, well it is never too late and you’ll definitely enjoy your collection. And if you are already a train model collector, I am glad you read my blog, so if you need help or you enjoy reading this, please fill up the form below for comments and/or suggestions.


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    • profile image

      Trains O Scale 

      8 years ago

      I found a cheap used ping pong table for my layout. Just covered it with plywood and foam and braced the legs and it works great. Good choice for us non-carpenters.

    • dpfitzell profile image


      8 years ago from North Dakota

      Interesting story. I used to have a train set when I was a kid. Thanks


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