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Learning Starcraft 2: 2v2 Games

Updated on February 1, 2012

Tips for 2v2 Games

When playing Starcraft 2 with a friend or random teammate, these tips will help you win more games.

Attack Together

It's really best if you combine your armies as soon as possible. No matter what one of your opponents has or how good he is, if you can fight only one of the armies, you're going to be ahead. Chances are, even with some losses, by the time the other opponent brings up his forces, you'll have killed the first opponent's entire army, and still have enough to finish off the latecomer.

Enable shared unit control

Nothing is more annoying than one person retreating and the other continuing the attack. Decide who's going to control major battles, and bring up any lagging units, or retreat together.

Set a common rally point

Similar to why you want to combine your armies early, having a common rally point helps to combine your armies so they aren't caught separately by a combined enemy force. A common rally point also helps establish map control.

Be Aggressive

If the enemy feels that they are going to be attacked (again), they are much less likely to move out. Because you won't often have a common base area with your teammate, it is critical to keep your opponents contained to their base such that they won't get around to attacking yours, leaving you free to expand.

Chat it up

It's best if you and your teammate share as much information as possible. If you can't both get on voice chat, Ventrilo or in-game,type as much as possible about what you may have seen the opponent do, or what you are doing. Critical information to share includes enemy movement, locations of expansions, or any tech you see them developing.

Learn Some Basic Builds

You need to learn a few basic builds before you're going to do well with early aggression or defense in 2v2, because your opponent can similarly execute a basic build, and if you can't match it, even with reinforcements, you will lose.

Some good 2v2 combinations allow you to put on some early aggression IF the map is smaller. On larger maps, you're better off doing some basic harassment to keep the enemy occupied, while you expand or tech. Note that if both you and your opponent go for tech or expand at the same time, you're not likely to have enough units to defend against a big push unless your harassment is extremely successful.

Starcraft 2 - The Game

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty
StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty, is the first of a 3-part series. While you can play multiplayer for free online with a registered account by Blizzard, the manufacturer, you can also play through a very excellent single-player game, whose events follow after the story in Starcraft 1.


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