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Learning Toys And Activities For Infants

Updated on October 22, 2011

A child starts learning the day he opens his eyes to the world. From the very first day of his life he starts learn things from his surroundings. As the child grows up further he moulds according to his environment adapts the things that he sees and quickly memorizes the things that are taught to him.

An infant stage of a child’s life is the time when he learns the basics of life. It is during this stage when a child starts to learn about different sounds and colors. A child also learns the meaning and use of some objects at this stage and it is during this stage when a child learns to walk, talk and learns to respond to certain conditions.

In short during the infant stage a child’s learning ability is at the peak. If a child is taught and trained well at this stage, he can be a better and a smarter student in the future.

Obviously an infant can not be made to read and write but his learning skill can be sharpened by making him a keen observer.

As said at this stage a child learns about the basics of life and understands the difference between various colors, sounds and their sources. They learn about different objects and their function.

You can buy stimulating and educational toys for you child at this stage which will make your child sharp and observant and a keen learner. 

Toys And Activities For Infants Under The Age Of 1

The infants under the age of 1 are very small and are in the process of learning the very basics of life.

It is the time when they start to feel the objects, understand the difference between different colors and sounds.

You can buy stuffed cotton balls of different colors and sizes for the child. These balls can make them understand the difference between different sizes and colors.

To make them understand further about shapes you can but bricks of different shapes and sizes.

This is the time when learn about sounds as well. You can be buy a toy xylophone for your child.

You can also buy a cluster of wooden or plastic spoons and keys that will produce sound on shaking.

Remember, at this stage the child only learns about colors, sounds, and feel of different objects.

At this stage he also starts to speak the words that are taught to him, but does not understand their meanings.

Toys And Activities For Infants At The Age Of 1-2

At this stage the child starts to recognize various objects and their function.

They start relating different sounds and colors to objects and start recognizing the difference between the functions of various objects.

This is a very crucial stage as this is the age child learns to properly speak and walk.

He understands the meaning of some words and can relate words to objects. There is a large variety of toys and activities that can be given to infants at this stage.

Following are few suggestions:

You can buy cards with different illustrations on it. It can have illustrations of various body parts or some commonly used objects. You can make the child learn about these things and make him memorize their names.

Rings of different sizes for stacking are also a good option. You can also buy toys that contain pieces that fit into each other.

Plasticine and play-dough can be very useful. They can teach the child properties of solids that can be pulled into different shapes. They can learn to create shapes of different sizes with their own hands.

For making you child more creative and artistic, you can buy crayons. You can make them use crayons so that they can create lines of different colors.

The above are a just few suggestions given for infants. There are various other related activities that you can give your child.

Just remember that this is the stage when a child gets molded by his surroundings.

It is very important to give a healthy environment to your child at this stage.

If you start teaching your child from an infant stage, your child is sure to shine bright in the future.


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    • H P Roychoudhury profile image

      H P Roychoudhury 7 years ago from Guwahati, India

      Yes, you are right learning starts from the day of born.