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Legend of Dragoon: A masterpiece that didn't get the recognition it deserved for it to continue

Updated on February 1, 2013
Legend of Dragoon
Legend of Dragoon | Source

Legend of Dragoon Intro

LoD (Legend of Dragoon) was an amazing PlayStation's RPG exclusive. It had a very interesting story, and the combat system was not your ordinary "take turns" fight. Instead, it was an interactive combat that required you to perform a series of timed actions to further increase your combo. Even though some players didn't like the combat system, I (and most of other players based on some internet research), found it to be quite entertaining so you don't simply have to see your characters attack, you actually control them even while they're hitting the opponent. Now combine this, with a 4 CD's story-long adventure and you get the recipe for an extraordinary game.

Sadly, the second title of this franchise was cancelled for some unknown reason. This is what the SCE Worldwide Studios President Shu Yoshida said on PlayStation's blog:

"I still occasionally hear from fans of The Legend of Dragoon, and many want to know if there is a sequel. LoD2 was put into preproduction after I left the Japan Studio, but was eventually cancelled for some unknown reason, and the team members moved on to different projects. Some people still work in the Japan Studio, so we talk about the memories of developing LoD when we see each other at company functions."

It's good to know that at least they had plans for a next game, but sadly it got cancelled, despite probably having a still increasing fan-base. I say still increasing because even after all these years, new players are still finding it to be an amazing game and with its launch on PSN (PlayStation Network) back in May, hopefully it's getting even more attention.

LoD2 should be reconsidered by Sony

Legend of Dragoon already has a decent fan-base, and I can only think its launch on PSN will gain some more. PlayStation 2 WAS the RPG king in the previous console generation, and that console did win the console war. In my opinion, Sony could use more exclusive titles, and even more, succesful titles that can bring their console back to the undergoing console war. Actually, a group of fans started working on a sequel to this brilliant game because it IS one of the best RPG's ever made. Bringing back this franchise would only benefit Sony, since it's a given fact there is A LOT of people that want it.

It's clear than me and many others would like to see this game to become a franchise (or at least a remake of the original game), there are plenty of sites with LoD2 petitions (I'll include just some of these sites below), so if any other gamer that loved this game as much as I did, please join with the rest of us and let's see if our voice is heard by Sony!

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