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Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time- Innuendos Be Thy Challenge!

Updated on March 23, 2013

Welcome Hubbers and whatnot! I should first apologize. For some reason, I've not been able to post hubs on time. But, I have been managing to get my stuff up, and this one might be a little late for a couple more reasons. I had to replay this game in order to get the appropriate pictures. That's not too big a deal, but I had to play through the entire story to get the shots I needed for this one. I was planning to just throw a top 5 or something here until I could manage to finish this post, but then I thought “No! I refuse to put cheap material on here!” With that, I began typing! Actually, I was running errands when I thought that, so I finished that, then began typing!

Now, It's no secret that I like The Legend of Zelda series. In particular, Ocarina of Time It was one of the games that defined the N64, and still carries some interesting controversies and curiosities. And whenever I play it from the start, It feels fresh and somehow new each time. However, there are still a few things that don't change. I still hate Phantom Ganon with a burning passion capable of turning the Lost Woods into a pile of ashes, I still think it's weird that the Gerudo girls automatically assume the first baby boy to come out of their “Pedestal of Time” should instantly become their king. And I still want to slap that little jerk Mido clear across Hyrule field (seriously, what did I ever do to that guy?) another thing that doesn't tend to change throughout my experiences is the fact that there are plenty of people who think Link is a hot guy. Don't believe me? Let's take a look.

First is Ruto, princess of the zoras, and the first actual damsel in distress, WAY before Ganon kidnaps Zelda. Admittedly, she doesn't display much emotion toward Link at all when you first meet her, but as I used her body to progress in the dungeon (I'm not backspacing that. In fact, that's exactly how I want it to be interpreted), I noticed that she didn't want Link leaving her. If you left her in a room and returned, she would scold you for it. Really? Didn't you want me gone when you met me? Which, in turn, was moments before I began saving your fishy butt from wherever we are inside this guy! Which, also in turn, was just a few minutes ago! Girl, you're nuts!

Further evidence of Ruto's attraction to Link can be seen after defeating Barinade, The dungeon's boss. She gets mad at you for leaving her again, but this time, she's blushing, and tries to consider her loneliness a simple problem that simply didn't have a simple solution. Simple, right? After you leave the place, Ruto is right in your face! Probably not gearing for a kiss, either. Link is surprised, and falls into the water behind him. Ruto dives in and swims toward him in a VERY seductive manner, with a look in her eyes that just begs to be observed by a third party (That's right me, we're playing creeper for a while). And when she asks you what you want from her, if you choose “nothing, really...” she'll say “Heeheehee...don't be shy.” and still has that look in her eyes. Either way, she gives you the spiritual stone, but considers you her fiancée, and goes back to her dad. She'll also say “Don't tell my father...” Why, Ruto? It's not like we had sex or anything, though I'm pretty sure you would have wanted that just as much.

The next reference to Link being a sexy deviant is in the Ghost Shop. When you talk to him he'll point out how “energetic and handsome” you are and say “If I looked as good as you, I could run a different kind of business...heh heh.” This actually reminds me of an interesting theory behind the Ghost Hunter. According to the theory, the Ghost Hunter is actually the guard that stands in his exact spot seven years prior to Ganon's attack. This guard displays a desire for trouble, something not too far along the lines of “Prostitution” right? It's not related to the theory at all, except for the fact that, assuming this theory were proven true, the Ghost Hunter would want to be a woman hunter at some point, but didn't look good enough for the job. Of course, even if they weren't, I bet he'd still try woman hunting had he looked hot enough.

Next is the Spirit Temple, and the story surrounding that. You come across a band of theives who all happen to be women. According to a girl you meet inside the temple, named Nabooru, they have one male child every hundred years, who grows up to be their king. (remember? I was finding this weird like five paragraphs ago). Nabooru, however, doesn't like Ganon, and refuses to follow him. She wants to take out his minions in the Spirit Temple, but isn't properly equipped for it. The equipment she needs, she can't get, so she entrusts it to some random kid who crossed a desert, and came out somehow untouched! In return for getting the gauntlets, she promises to “Give you something great!” now, this alone doesn't really mean much as far as sexual references go. You do, however wind up having to get them for her, but she gets captured by the bosses of the Spirit Temple, Koume and Kotake. Fast forward seven years, beat the Spirit Temple up to the boss, and the real sexual innuendos begin!

After beating those two and leaving, the whole scene where you get the Spirit Medallion occurs, and Nabooru says to you, “If only I knew you would become such a handsome man...I should have kept the promise I made back then.” I'm not so sure I need to explain this one. It brings out the question "What was that great thing she wanted to get our ten year old friend?" In fact, the more I think about these things, the more I think this game should have been called “Legend of Zelda: the pleasure quest.” Thankfully, though. There are tons of things that keep me from thinking that.

You know, at this point, I wish you'd have kept that promise, too...
You know, at this point, I wish you'd have kept that promise, too...

This game is one of the crown jewels of the Nintendo 64 era, and I enjoy it no matter how much I play. There's always something new for me to look at and find. But, for now, we have other games on the list. Also, I may have written more than I expected to, but that's not too bad. In the meantime, next week...well, i'm not entirely sure what I want to write about. If you have a suggestion, let me know in the comments. Even if I don't do it next week, I will keep it written down for suggestion! This is the TNT Husky, see you guys soon! ^^


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      There's another one!

      When you meet that gerudo girl near a cow down next to the waterfall at the beginning of the Gerudo Valley, she'll tell you that, now you are down there (presumably for being a discreet place), you can now do... "the best of things". To a stranger who has no idea what her hobbies are, the very standard interpretation is clearly sex!

    • TNT Husky profile imageAUTHOR

      Devlin Kendall 

      5 years ago from Indianapolis

      thanks for the feedback! Nintendo has always been good at sneaking interesting things into their games, which makes secret diggers feel right at home. I bet if you looked you could find things like this in several other Zelda titles.

    • profile image

      Michelle Widmann 

      5 years ago

      This is so wonderful. I never caught any of these innuendos when I was a kid playing this game. Even replaying it, I recognized most obviously the Ruto attraction and the innuendo in the way she swims up to him when they're in the water together after finishing Jabu Jabu, but I missed a few of the other ones purely out of mashing the A button and not reading.

      This is a really interesting hub!

    • Grab a Controller profile image


      5 years ago from Largo, FL

      What exactly was the promise Nabooru was talking about?


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