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Legendary Pokemon Review (Generation 3)

Updated on March 15, 2017
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In between Pokémon journeys, Jeremy enjoys working as a pharmaceutical chemist and campus manager.

Kyogre, Rayquaza, and Groudon
Kyogre, Rayquaza, and Groudon

Legendary Pokemon

As any Trainer worth their Moon Stones knows, legendary Pokemon are the rarest, strongest, and often most interesting of all Pokemon. When playing a Pokemon video game, you usually only have one chance to capture each of them. Sometimes, you even have to attend special real-life events to legally obtain them. No matter how they're encountered, legendaries vary greatly in abilities, strengths, and weaknesses - today we'll examine the strongest creatures from Generation 3, the Hoenn region!

Have you already seen the Gen 2 legendary review? Good, then we'll begin our review with a trio of mysterious, ancient monsters..



Type: Rock. Gee, never would have guessed.
Pokedex Number: 377
Ability: Clear Body (Clear Body prevents stat reduction caused by another Pokémon's move or Ability).

Legend: The first of three legendary golems, Regirock was sealed away by mankind long ago. The question is.. why?

Strengths: The most physical of the bunch, Regirock possesses good Attack and amazing Defense.

Weaknesses: Like all the golems, Regirock is slow (in fact, they're the slowest legendaries from any generation). Its Special Attack is equally poor; stick to physical strikes. Also, Rock-types are weak to many elements (Fighting, Ground, Steel, Water, Grass).



Type: Ice. Shocker.
Pokedex Number: 378
Ability: Clear Body

Legend: Regice's stunningly cold body was supposedly constructed during an ice age long ago. Researchers theorize Regice simply can't be melted, not even by magma.

Strengths: The polar opposite of Regirock, Regiice has good Special Attack and incredible Special Defense.

Weaknesses: Very low Attack and Speed. Also, Ice is one of the worst types to have defensively, as it'll take double damage from four elements and resists only one (itself).



Type: Steel. Surprising, I know.
Pokedex Number: 379
Ability: Clear Body

Legend: Despite having "steel" in its name, Registeel's body is made of a mysterious metal said to be from another world..

Strengths: The most well-balanced of the three, Registeel has good Defense and Special Defense. Its Attack and Special Attack are the same, so you can use either for offense. Plus, Steel is an excellent element to have in terms of defense. It's weak to three types, but resists ten, and is completely immune to one (Poison).

Weaknesses: Being balanced means Registeel doesn't excel in any one area as its counterparts do. Its offensive capabilities are lower than you might expect from a legendary.



Type: Dragon/Psychic
Pokedex Number: 380
Ability: Levitate (Latias is immune to Ground-type attacks).

Legend: A highly intelligent, rarely seen Pokemon. Unlike most legendaries, Latias has a stated gender - they're exclusively female.

Strengths: A very well-rounded legendary. Latias has slightly higher Special Attack than Attack, and better Special Defense compared to Defense.

Weaknesses: Fairly low Attack. But the only real weakness is Latias's typing giving it six elemental vulnerabilities.



Type: Dragon/Psychic
Pokedex Number: 381
Ability: Levitate

Legend: Capable of projecting images, it sees into the minds of others using telepathy. Unlike most legendaries, Latios has a gender - exclusively male.

Strengths: Like Latias, this Pokemon is very balanced. Comparatively, Latios is more offensive and Latias more defensive. Use Latios's high Special Attack to overwhelm foes.

Weaknesses: Somewhat low Defense. Again, the only real weakness is Latias's typing giving it six elemental vulnerabilities.



Type: Water
Pokedex Number: 382
Ability: Drizzle (Summons rain to the battlefield, which will power up Water-type moves).

Legend: Mythology tells that this Pokemon created the seas. Kyogre is destined to battle Groudon, the creator of our continents.

Strengths: High stats everywhere, especially Special Attack and Special Defense. Also, excellent ability that powers up its own Water attacks.

Weaknesses: While Drizzle is normally a great ability, making the weather rain also gurantees that the powerful move "Thunder" will always hit (normally, it has low accuracy). And of course, ensuring that a strong move (which Water types are weak to) will hit can prove deadly for Kyogre. It's worth noting that Kyogre can learn Thunder, so it can make use of this trait as well, lessening the weakness somewhat.



Type: Ground
Pokedex Number: 383
Ability: Drought (Summons intense sunlight to the battlefield, strengthening Fire-type attacks).

Legend: Supposedly expanded the continents during its epic ancient battles with Kyogre.

Strengths: Great stats, especially Attack and Defense. Also, wields a helpful ability that boosts its Fire attacks.

Weaknesses: Intense sunlight also negates the one-turn charging period that the powerful Grass-type move Solar Beam normally requires. Ground-types are weak to Grass, so this can seriously hurt Groudon if facing the wrong opponent. However, Groudon can learn Solar Beam and make use of this as well.



Type: Dragon/Flying
Pokedex Number: 384
Ability: Air Lock (Negate the effects of all weather conditions in the battlefield).

Legend: Can fly forever, without rest, by consuming meteroids for sustenance. Descends from the skies when necessary to stop the titanic clashes between Kyogre and Groudon.

Strengths: High stats, especially Attack and Special Attack. Good typing, being resistant to five elements and immune to one (Ground).

Weaknesses: While its typing offers many resistances, watch out for Ice moves, which are good against both Dragon and Flying types, thus dealing quadruple damage to Rayquaza. Additionally, Rayquaza's moveset that it naturally learns is a bit underwhelming for a legendary.



Type: Steel/Psychic
Pokedex Number: 385
Ability: Serene Grace (Doubles the chance of a move having an additional effect; for example a 10% chance to inflict a Burn condition will become 20%).

Legend: Every thousand years, Jirachi awakens from its slumber to grant a pure-hearted person's wish.

Strengths: All of its stats are exactly the same, offering no glaring weaknesses to exploit. Also, good typing that is resistant to nine elements and immune to Poison.

Weaknesses: Balanced stats mean no one area particularly shines. Also, Jirachi doesn't learn any Steel-type attacks until level 70.

Deoxys's forms: Attack, Normal, Defense, Speed
Deoxys's forms: Attack, Normal, Defense, Speed


Type: Psychic
Pokedex Number: 386
Ability: Pressure (When targeted by a foe's move, one additional PP is deducted upon execution).

Legend: Highly intelligent and dangerous, this Pokemon emerged from a virus originating in space.

Strengths: Capable of adopting different forms that change its battle stats. Its "Attack" form in particular has amazingly high Attack and Special Attack (but stupendously low Defense and Special Defense).

Weaknesses: No matter which form its in, its base stats are a bit lower overall than you may expect. Also, each of Deoxys's modes possesses low HP (Hit Points), so it can get defeated pretty quickly.

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As we can see, Generation 3 certainly added a plethora of new legendaries, far more than the past Pokemon games. Let me know which is your favorite, and I'll see you at the Generation 4 legendary Pokemon review!


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