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Legendary Titans : Facts and Guide

Updated on February 28, 2015

Legendary Titans is a role playing game where you send your character into arena, duel, cave, campaign, clan wars and tournaments to increase his/her stats, get rewards and have the privilege to brag your mighty strength. You will be facing legendary monsters from dragons, giant serpents, werewolf, higher wolf and a lot more.. Equipped with strong (and cool looking) equipments, you will embark into a journey where only the strong and mighty will prevail and be called a LEGENDARY TITAN.

Main Screen
Main Screen

This is the main screen of Legendary Titans. You will see a lot of options from mines (cave), meadows (campaign), arena, equipment shop, valley of the immortals, battles, get gold, sage's hut, coliseum, blacksmith (new), laboratory (new), clans (new), and hall of fame (new). If you enter one of this, another set of options will be available, so let's start the journey and discuss each option one by one.

Image Of Arena
Image Of Arena


This is where you test the strength of your character against bots (a computer program or robot with a very specific function) or other players. Each victory will raise your rank and will give you silver, experience, items(sometimes) and ancient relics (sometimes). Arena is divided into 2 parts:


The enemies here are mainly bots. This is where you get equipments and ancient relics as a reward for every enemy you defeat. The stronger the enemy is the greater the reward you will get from your victory.


This is where you will be facing other players' characters and each time you defeat a players character you will take his/her place in the league. The higher your place is, the bigger the bonus reward you will get.


As the name implies, this is where you duel with other players for silver, experience, ratings and resources (after 5 victories). You have 10 duels and 1 duel restores every 2 hours and reward for 5 fights is only given once a day.


A place where you could get resources that are used for equipment sharpening, making elixirs, making tinctures, making stones and herbs. Sometimes, when you enter the mine (cave) there will be a chance that you will encounter a monster like cave nightmare, werewolf and higher wolf, and when slain will give you bonus experience, silver and resources. Here is the list of resources that you may find in the mine:

#1. Onyx - Used for sharpening your equipments

#2. Diamond - Used for sharpening your equipments

#3. Grapghite - Used for sharpening your equipments

#4. Calamus - Used for making elixirs

#5. Rowan - Used for making elixirs

#6. Mint - Used for making elixirs

#7. Ambrosia - Used for making elixirs

#8. Obsidian - Used for sharpening your equipments

#9. Corundum - Used for sharpening your equipments


This is new to Legendary titans, it is a place where you and members of your clan(a maximum of 10 players) group together to fight monsters. Here are the details of clan lands:

  • Monsters are 25% weaker on easy level but reward is also 2 times less then on hard level
  • One of the players gets a super trophy for the victory! Player is determined randomly. If there are 4 or less players, no one will get the trophy
  • You can fight with monsters on Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday.
  • Battles take place from 5:00 to 24:00 (UK time)

Here are the list of monsters and their stats:

• Fiery dog
Damage: 51-72 Crit. chance: 5% Health: 3750 Death

• Knight
Damage: 63-90 Crit. chance: 5% Health: 7500

• Executioner
Damage: 76-108 Crit. chance: 5% Health: 11250

• Gargoyle
Damage: 126-180 Crit. chance: 10% Health: 15000

• Serpent
Damage: 177-252 Crit. chance: 10% Health: 22500

• Minotaur
Damage: 227-324 Crit. chance: 15% Health: 30000

• Firelord
Damage: 303-432 Crit. chance: 20% Health: 56250

• Gollum Will be available on 36 level of the clan
Damage: 504-719 Crit. chance: 25% Health: 93750


It is where you collect the rewards for doing quests, information on medals, and the collection of ancient relics. Entering Sage's hut will give you the option to choose from the following:


There are 12 Quests available right now at Legendary titans and here they are:

#1. Search for resources - Perform 2 searches of resources in the cave.

#2. Sage's task - Complete 10 quests.

#3. I need more gold! - Buy 100 gold and get additional 100 gold for free.

#4. Gold secret - Buy 250 gold and get 200 gold for free.

#5. Thirst for blood! - Kill 5 enemies in the valley of immortals.

#6. Ancient altars - Take part in the battle for the ancient altar.

#7. Gladiator - Take part in 3 coliseum battle.

#8. Help your clan - purchase 500 gold.

#9. Warrior - Take part in 10 fights in the league.

#10. Legendary Warrior - Win 5 times in the league.

#11. Campaign - Go camping for 5 hours.

#12. Victories only! - Win succesively 10 times on the arena.


Right now there are 9 medals that you could obtain on Legendary Titans. Each medal will give you 5% for every experience you gain and +10 to your stats ( a total of 45% experience and +90 to stats if you have all the medals). Below are the list of medals and how to obtain them.

#1. Warrior's medal

-----Fight 10 times in the arena

-----Save the game

-----Go inside the cave

#2. Fighter's medal

-----Fight 25 times in the arena

-----Complete 10 quests

-----Search for resources 3 times

-----Take part in Valley of immortals

-----Improve your skills to 10

#3. The chosen's medal

-----Improve 5 of your abilities to ordinary quality (green icon)

-----Take 50th place or higher on The league (arena)

-----Win in Valley of immortals 4 times

-----Take part in the league of newbies duel

-----Improve your skills to 24

-----Join a clan

-----Increase sharpening of your equipment by 1 point

#4. Medal of glory

-----Get 25 resources in the Mine

-----Take part in the King of immortals

-----Fight 200 times in the arena

-----Get 50,000 silvers in the Valley of immortals

-----Complete 30 Quests

-----Take all 3 effects at the same time at the shop

-----Take part in the duel tournaments of candidates

#5. The invincible medal

-----Donate 5,000 silvers to your clan treasury

-----Fight 15 monsters in the cave

-----Make 5 elixirs

-----Win 20 times in the coliseum

-----Improve your skills to 48

-----Improve 5 of your abilities to rare quality

-----Install 2 runes of ordinary quality to any of your equipments

-----Get 25th Position in The league (arena)

#6. Force medal

-----Win 300 times in the arena

-----Get 20,000 experience in the valley of immortals

-----Get a bleaaing for 25 days

-----Raise yoir duel rating above 3,000

-----Improve 2 of your abilities to epic quality

-----Sharpen 3 of your equipments to +5

-----Purchase 10 stones from the shopkeeper

-----Purchase 10 herbs from the shopkeeper

-----Raise your coliseum rating to 700

#7. The Might medal

-----Complete 100 quests

-----Get at the top 3 of duel tournament of candidates

-----Make 40 elixirs

-----Obtain 150 resources in the cave

-----Improve your skills to 150

-----install your equipments with 5 runes of rare quality

-----Place 25th at the League of masters

-----Improve 5 of your abilities to epic quality

-----Raise the bonuses of your equipment to 120

#8. Titanium medal

-----Raise your coliseum rating to 1100

-----Fund your clan with 500 gold

-----Hit the 3 survivors of the battle with the King of the immortals

-----Be 1 of the 5 best players in the weekly collecting crystals

-----Kill 200 titans in the King of immortals

-----Obtain 300 resources in the cave

-----Improve your skills to 200

-----Get 8 runes of rare quality

-----Get the bonuses of your equipments to 200

#9. Demigod medal

-----Raise your coliseum rating to 1500 or more

-----Take 1st place in the league of titans

-----All equipments should be divine quality

-----Kill the king in King of immortals

-----Complete 500 quests

-----Win 5,000 times in the arena

-----Get to the top 3 of duel of masters tournament

-----Sharpen all equipments to +10

-----All runes should be epic quality

-----Improve all your abilities to legendary quality

-----Improve your skills to 250


You can find here the relics that you got from the arena. There are 10 sets of relics for you to collect, and each set of relics can be exchange for gold. This are the relic sets and their corresponding gold reward:

set #1: 2 gold

set #2: 5 gold

set #3: 5 gold

set #4: 3 gold

set #5: 10 gold

set #6: 10 gold

set #7: 5 gold

set #8: 15 gold

set #9: 20 gold

set #10: 25 gold


Another new place to test your characters strength and your clans teamwork. This is the place where your cland and other clans battle with each other in order to conquer a certain territory or altars that when conquered will increase the stats of the clan (all members). There are 4 different altars to choose from and here they are including the rewards and their benefits:

#1. Altar of Strength

#2. Altar of Health

#3. Altar of Agility

#4. Altar of Protection

  • Reward for clans: Altar invader - 75% discount for altar bonus 1st place - 50% discount for altar bonus 2nd place - 25% discount for altar bonus 3rd place - 15% discount for altar bonus
  • Every participant receives experience and silver.


This is where you can see the list of battles that you or your clan could participate for silver, experience, gold, items ang glory. Here are the list of battles that can be found here:

#1. Ancient altars (see above)

#2. Valley of immortals

in the valley of immortals, you and other players will go to battle against hordes of immortals and at the end of the battle, top players who killed more monsters will have a bonus reward (another thing, each monster you kill is equal to 1 gold so defeat more monster as much you can).

#3. King of immortals

This is a royal rumble! All participants fight against each other, fights with monsters and the Boss or The King. Here are the rewards for this kind of battle:

  • Player who kill the King of Immortals gets Divine item!
  • Last three survived get 1000 gold coins each

#4. Clan tournament

A battle that only the clan leader could apply and it is up to you to join or not. This tournament is divided into 3 division and i will show you the list, their rewards and the price your clan should pay to be able to participate.


Participants: 125
Main reward:
1'650 gold and 3M experience


Participants: 191
Main reward:
1'000 gold and 1.5M experience


Participants: 30
Main reward:
600 gold and 500K experience

#5. Duel tournament

This a place where you duel against other players for a certain period of time. For every battle that you win, you will be rewarded with ratings and for every defeat, your rating will be halved. Duel tournament is also divided into 3 division which are the Titan, master and candidates division. Here are the rules of this battle:

  • You cannot change the tournament till it ends if you have already select one
  • 10 free opponent changes are given for a tournament

#6. League of masters (See ARENA)


Every time you fight here will increase your coliseum ranking, thus, increasing the rewards for higher rank you reach. For every win, you will be awarded with stars, which is needed for you to advance in the next rank.


In this part of the game you can buy gold or exchange your silver to gold and gold to silver. Here are the list of ways on how to purchase gold:

• Visa / Mastercard

• Paypal

• American express

• Mobile payment

• Onebip SMS: Mobile payment

• Other payment methods


-----UNION Bank

-----BPI Mobile

-----Cebuana Lhuiller


-----BPI Bills


A place to buy your toon's equipments. There are 5 different types of equipments in the game and i will show you all types and the different sets.

---Ordinary Items (needs 1 skill)

•Warrior's Set

•Millitiaman's Set

•Hunter's Set

•Robber's Set

---Rare Items ( needs 6 skills)

•Assasin's Set

•Finder's Set

•Knight's Set

•Defender's Set

---Epic Items (needs 24 skills)

•Veteran's Set

•Retribution Set

•Beastkiller's Set

•Paladin's Set

•Vulture's Set

•Resistance Set

•Sniper's Set

---Legendary Items (needs 48 skills)

•Ghost's Set

•Rock Set

•Fear Set

•Attacker's Set

•Gladiator's Set

•Elite Set

•Hammer Set

•Shadow Set

•Guard's Set

•Faseless Set

•Chastener's Set

---Divine Items ( needs 200 skills)

•The chosen's Set

•Inquisitor's Set

•Keeper's Set

•Revenger's Set

•Executioner's Set

•Olympic Set

•Moon Set

•Phoenix's Set

•Minotaur's Set

•Armadillo's Set


This is where you can improve your equipments.

---Rune's merchant

you can improve your equipments here using runes. there are 5 qualities of runes and they are:

• Normal quality - +75 to strength

• Rare quality - +150 to strength

• Epic quality - +250 to strength

• Legendary quality - +600 to strength

• Divine quality - +1000 to strength

--- Sharpening

By sharpening your equipments, their stats will increase and thus making you stronger. Sharpening equipments needs a lot of resources, so hit the cave as much as you can.

--- Improve equipment quality

increasing the equipments quality wilk increase it's stats, 5% for every quality point.


here you can find the treasures of the titans. You nerd a key to open this chests and i will show you where to find them.


You can find here items that will enhance your character's strength.

--- Player enhancement

Enhancements that will increase your stats, XP and rewards.

• Blessing

- +200 to all stats

- +25% to XP

- 3 days duration

-buy for 100 gold

• Main effect

- +25% to XP

- if you are defeated you will still get 75% of XP and silver.

- buy for 25 gold

- 1 day duration

• Fighting effect

- +100 to all stats

- +25% to XP

- 1 day duration

- buy for 25 gold

• Mining effect

- +25% to XP

- -25% to the time of search and mining in the cave

- 1 day duration

- buy for 25 gold

Quick note:

  • All effects are valid for 24 hours
  • If you buy an effect twice, the duration will be prolonged.

--- Alchemy

A place to make your elixirs, which increase your charactet's stats.

• Strength elixir

- +100 to strength stats

• Health elixir

- +100 to health stats

• Agility elixir

- +100 to agility stats

• Protection elixir

- +100 to protection stats

Quick note:

  • Elixirs give enhancements to your hero!
  • Be careful! Chance to produce the elixir – 80%
  • Resources for alchemy can be found in the cave

--- Wizard

You can buy tincture of courage here.

• Tincture of courage

- +100% health and mana

- buy for 15 gold

Quick note:

  • Tincture sold by the wizard activates immediately and restores the power of your hero
  • There is no way to restore mana and health more than to the maximum

--- Fighting improvements

• Stone

-increase damage by 35%

- lasts for 1 minute

• Herb

- absorbs 35% damage

- lasts for 1 minute


You can go camping in order to earn silver. The longer your campaign is, the higher the silver you receive at the end.


Here you can find all the clans in Legendary titans, their members and the clans rank. You can also create your own clan here or join a clan.


You can find here the all the Titans there is. You can also all their character's info here.


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      Alex Dolendo 

      2 years ago from Cabuyao, Laguna

      Yes.. I already stopped playing this game a long time ago..

    • Alex Dolendo profile imageAUTHOR

      Alex Dolendo 

      2 years ago from Cabuyao, Laguna

      Thank you very much for stoping by.. unfortunately i already stopped playing this game a long time ago..

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      2 years ago

      hey. what about the Rest for 100 gold. what is it. what does it do..

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      3 years ago

      Thanks its good for me i save this to bookmark

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      4 years ago

      This is outdated

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      4 years ago

      Very useful info, especially for beginners like me. Thank you very much :)


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