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Lego City Cargo Train 7939

Updated on November 20, 2012

Lego Cargo Train image 7939

Lego City Cargo Train 7939

**Availability Update -


The Lego City Cargo Train (7939) is likely to be a popular gift again for Christmas 2012, as I believe it is the best value Lego train set available. Availability from retailers may become limited (although I don't expect it will be as limited as Pre-Christmas 2010/2011) the train and the Lego City Train accessories continue to be priced premium by some major retailers, but there are some bargains to be found, hopefully this will give you a background to the set features and where to locate. - (US/UK) **Update** - Still Retailing at $179.99, and available now for shipping 11/12 (US). Available in UK for immediate shipping at £129.99 with free delivery (as of 21/11/12) - Not Currently in stock (as of 21/11/12) but available through Marketplace from various retailers from £130 upwards

Amazon.Com (US) - In Stock (as of 11/12) - Currently discounted to $159.97 with free delivery, probably one of the better deals around at the moment,(see latest prices at bottom of the page) (US) - $269.00 - in Stock (as of 21/11/12) (US) - In stock and Retailing at $199.99 with free shipping(as of 21/11/12)

Tesco Direct (UK)- **Update** Tesco Direct have in stock today (Via an approved seller as of 21/11/12) £169.99 with free standard next day delivery, (UK)- No longer In stock (as of 21/11/12) (UK)- Currently available (as of 1/11/11), usually retailing at £132.33 with free delivery when in stock. (UK) - No longer stocked - No longer in stock

eBay (UK) - Currently has a number of new Cargo Trains listed, those in auction are typically selling at the moment for around £100.00 - £130.00 including postage, however the "Buy it Now" items are retailing at around £129.00 - £189.00 plus delivery.

Lego City Cargo Train & Accessories (7939)

The Lego City Cargo Train (7939) is proving to be one of Christmas 2011's hottest toys and is in high demand here in the UK and is sure to be high on a number of little (& not so little) Boys' Christmas Wish List.

This fantastic deluxe set consists of 982 pieces and constructs the following;

1x Battery powered Train (with canopies that can be opened at either end to reveal the cabins), 1x Tank Waggon, 1x Flatbed Container and auto carrier with 2 cars. The train measures of 34" (88cm) long

4x minifigures (1x train driver and 3x freight yard workers)

1x Container Truck

1x Overhead Crane with working winch

Lego Power Functions battery box, 4-channel, 7 speed infrared remote control (that can control up to eight different trains at once!) and infrared receiver.

Full set of tracks including 8x straight tracks, 16 curved tracks and 16 flexible tracks that are the same length as the straight (Note: The train is compatible with Lego 9V tracks but the included tracks are not compatible with the older Lego 9V trains)

Lego City Cargo Train 7939 Overview

Lego City 7939 Cargo Train & Accessories
Lego City 7939 Cargo Train & Accessories

Additional Lego City Train Accessories

Additional Lego City Train Accessories

Lego have also produced optional Lego City Train accessories including;

Additional Track - There are three different general track options with the Lego IR trains - Straight, Curved and Flexible. Additional track sets are available including flexible/straight track (16 flexible/8 straight) set (7499) retailing at around £15.99/$19.99 and there is also a flexible track set of 64 flexible tracks (8867) making 85"s of track, retailing at around £24.99/$24.99. There is also a switching track set (7895) consisting of 2x Switching Tracks (1x left & 1x right) and 4x straight tracks, retailing at around £15.99/$15.99. A Set of 8x Straight & 8x Curved track (7896)would be the ideal expansion pack, although bizarrely, appears to have been discontinued by Lego, (it was available until fairly recently in the UK at Argos for an incredible £9.99)it is still available on retailing at $49.99 and in the UK limited availability on eBay at around £35.00 (including postage). All other prices (as of 4/1/11 are based on shop)

Lego City Train Station (7937)-361 pieces includes Train Station - waiting area, ticket machine & kiosk, 4x Minifigures including Train driver, 1x taxi driver and 2x travellers. 1x passenger footbridge & 1x taxi. Typically retails at £34.99/$49.99

Lego Level Crossing (7936) - 142 pieces including level crossing with crossing gates. 4x straight tracks, 1x railroad worker & 1x excavator. Typically retails at around £15.99/$19.99

Lego City 7937 train station
Lego City 7937 train station
Lego City 7936 level crossing
Lego City 7936 level crossing

Additiona Lego City Trains

Additional Trains can be added to your layout and can be controlled at the same time from the same Infra Red Remote Control. The additional compatible Lego City Trains are;

Passenger Train (7938) - This 669 piece set consists of 1x 27" long passenger train with one engine and 2x passenger cars, 3x minifigures (1x driver & 2x passengers), 1x small station/platform, 1x traffic light/signal, 16x curved tracks, 16x flexible tracks and 1x 4 channel infra red receiver & IR Remote Control

The set retails at £102.99/$129.99 on

Lego city 7938 passenger train
Lego city 7938 passenger train

Lego Emerald Night

Lego Creator Emerald Night Train (101904) - Although not part of the Lego City collection, this superb nostalgic lego steam locomotive can be upgraded with the purchase of Lego Power functions to run on an Infra Red setup. The basic train is retailing at around £69.99/$99.99 on

Lego Emerald City (10194)
Lego Emerald City (10194)


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