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Lego Duplo 10507 Train Starter Set Toy Review

Updated on December 8, 2014

The Lego Duplo 10507 is a train toy set that is aimed at young kids just starting to explore the world of trains. This train themed building set will get the creative juices flowing in your child as it has enough material for them to experiment with different configurations.

I remain a Lego fan ever since my childhood which was filled with colourful plastic block that were piled high at every corner. My daughter has reached Lego age and she was given a set of the Lego Duplo 10507 for her second birthday.

Features of the Lego Duplo 10507 Train Set

Each Lego Duplo 10507 is delivered in a stable cardboard box. Inside the box are different parts which are securely packed in a foil. The train consists of several major parts which can be quickly assembled. For the locomotive to work, you will of course need some batteries which are unfortunately not included with the delivery. Each set also comes with 12 curved tracks which may look to be too few but are sufficient for beginners.

The train set is a little cheaper than other Duplo trains as it has fewer bricks and only one car, but this makes it affordable to a large number of people. For even more enjoyment of the product, you will have to use extension rails which will also allow you to make circuits with switches. One cool feature that you child will enjoy is the sound effects especially the sound of water filing when you plug the hose into the tank hole of the locomotive.

You kid will not want to stop playing with this toy and you will see them express their creativity in ways that you never thought possible. This is because there are many ways of building the set which includes simple bridges and railway stations.

In addition to the train there is a trailer which provides space for a further two people. The lights, fuel nozzle, two figurines, one case, one station clock and a flower complete the picture. Of course, you cannot leave out the animals and there is a brown goat for added effect.

The switch comes with a large child-friendly button. If you press the button, the train moves and makes the extremely familiar “Shh” sound that will excite the kids all the time. When you press the button again, the locomotive brakes are engaged and it comes to a stop.

Lego Duplo 10507 Train Starter Set
Lego Duplo 10507 Train Starter Set | Source

What really surprised me is the strong performance of this train set. The locomotive not only pulls the two wagons behind it, but can be expanded to include other items from the Duplo set. The train set is powerful enough to pull extra wagons and also move any items that may be obstructing it on the rail.

The Lego Duplo 10507 train set is safe for children to use. In addition to that, the train can still run without rails and can even move on the carpet – until resistance gets the better of it. This means that the kids are not restricted to just one form of play and they can come up with many game ideas.

For example, you can sit on one end of the room and you child on the other end. You then send the train back and forth between each other. You can also use the locomotive toy to push other items such as the Duplo packet that it comes in.

Let’s talk about another big highlight of the Lego Duplo 10507 train set – the refuelling station! It is just great. There is a hole in the engine tank that when you put the fuel nozzle in, the locomotive makes a gurgling sound. This goes down incredibly well with the children and makes them extremely happy! The "glugg" sound that the engine makes will always be a hit with the kids.

You can expand the Lego Duplo train game by building a large tunnel across the tracks and letting the train chug through. Or you can even construct a stone structure under the rails so that the train travels a few inches above ground.

There are many possible things your kid can do with the Duplo 10507. Kids can experiment on different configurations which stimulates their imagination tremendously.

I must praise the quality of the Lego Duplo – in all my years using the train sets, nothing has ever broken. This is amazing given the fact that the toys are targeted at very young children who will destroy anything they can lay their hands on.

The Duplo locomotive can survive falls and tantrums of toddlers and is one of the most rugged and durable toys that I know. Another thing that you will notice is that the train consumes very little power which means the batteries will last longer than usual. At least you will not have to unscrew the locomotive every now and then change the batteries.

Cons of the Lego Duplo 10507

There are a few negatives that I found with the train set that I would like to share with you. Though they are not strong reasons not to buy the set, it is only fair that I give you a heads up before you make your purchasing decision.

  • Depending on the noise sensitivity of the child, the train set may appear to be a little for some people. But this is just a matter of preference because to realistically portray train noises, the set has to be a little loud.
  • Although the track are certainly meant for children’s hands and can be laid easily, some kind of clicking mechanism would have prevented some frustration when assembling. The hooks of the rails do not lock into place but go like a puzzle and then just pass each other. Thus, the rails can only be joined when they lie flat on the floor.
  • The automatic stop does not appear to work well – the feature on the previous model was a little better I must admit.


There is no toy in our home that is as up-to-date as the Lego Duplo 10507 Train Starter Set. It is the preferred toy to play with despite the fact that we have many Duplo products in the house. Though this small train set is not as extensive as the larger set, we liked it better in terms of presentation, colours and accessories. I definitely recommend this train set as a Christmas present this year – you kids will really thank you for it. There are also some useful accessories such as the rail extension Lego Duplo 10506 Railway Accessories Set. For a more extensive set, you might want to consider the Lego Duplo 10508 Train Set.


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