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Lego Elrond Minifigure Special Edition - Where To Get Him From

Updated on September 26, 2012

If you are wondering where you can pick up this new Lego Elrond minifigure then wonder no more. We are going to take a look at the new Lord Of The Rings Elrond minifigure and tell you how you can get your hands on it. Plus we will bring you all the latest Lego news when it comes to all things LOTR and Hobbit.

The Lego Lord Of The Rings theme was finally released in June of 2012. Fans had been waiting a decade for the people at Lego to turn their favourite Tolkien characters into brick format. Well now they have finally got what they wanted and Lego are keen to bring out as many new releases from this new theme as possible. One big release is going to be the Lord Of The Rings video game which hits shops in October. The latest news is that you can pick up an exclusive special edition minifigure with this game.

Elrond Minifigure

The New Elrond Minifigure From Lego

So as you can see from the picture the new minifigure release is going to be Elrond. The word is that you can get this in a special edition version of the LOTR Lego video game. It will be interesting to see just how many people take this option when the game is released. As you can see from the minifigure it does look rather impressive. Fans of the theme will be hoping to get this one simply due to the fact that we do not see this figure in any of the already released Lego sets. There is of course a possibility that Elrond may be included in future LOTR sets or possibly even in a Hobbit set in the future.

Lego have of course released special edition exclusives before. They tend to go down very well with serious collectors and so that is undoubtedly the market that the company are once again aiming for here. Elrond though is a major character in the LOTR storyline so it could be that people who have been buying the sets may want to get their hands on this one. The standard version of the game seems to be retailing at around $60 so it will be interesting to see how much the special edition version sells for.

As well as all the hype surrounding the video game that is coming out Lego have been busy working on lots of other Tolkien toys. So let’s give you an idea of what else we are going to be seeing in the future.

An Unexpected Gathering

More LOTR & Hobbit Lego Coming Soon

So back in June 2012 the first wave of Lord Of The Rings Lego was released. We were given seven fantastic sets to introduce us to this new theme and they have been very well received. The general consensus seems to be it’s the minifigures that have gone down the best, we have seen some truly wonderful little creations. But what can we expect looking ahead?

At the end of the year the first Hobbit movie hits the big screen. To coincide with this new release Lego are bringing out six sets based on the story. These will be one set based on Bag End, this will be called ‘An Unexpected Gathering’ and feature Bilbo, Gandalf and four Dwarves. There will be a set based on Gollum’s Cave called ‘The Mystery of the Ring’ and this will have Bilbo and Gollum as minifigures. One set called ’Fleeing The Mirkwood Spiders’ will be coming out. ’Attack of the Wargs’ will feature a scene where Bilbo and the Dwarves are running from the goblins under the mountain. ’The Orc King’ is expected to be one of the larger sets. Then finally ’Escape In The Barrels’ which will be a set featuring Bilbo. These are all expected to be released sometime in December just in time for the release of the film.

Looking ahead to 2013 we should be seeing more Lego sets based on the LOTR. No official word on what these will be yet but there are so many different possibilities and we could really see some nice new builds coming out.

Another rumour that seems to be gathering momentum is that we will see a Lego Hobbit video game. This would come as no great surprise as it would be the perfect follow up to the game coming out in October. Lego have not confirmed this fact yet but it would surely make sense for them to bring a video game out based on the Hobbit storyline.

As you can see the future looks very bright for Lego fans. The new release of the Elrond minifigure will just heighten people’s anticipation for the new video game and fans will be eager to get their hands on this special edition release. The people at Lego have worked really hard to ensure some quality toys come out and fans of the Lord Of The Rings have not been disappointed. There really is going to be so much to look forward to over the next few years.


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