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Lego Friends

Updated on April 21, 2012

The Buzz around is "Why in the world did Lego make Lego Friends???" I know, I know, Lego Friends isn't what I expected either. I do not like the so called minifigures they have in the sets at all. However, let’s not just disregard them. They do have some awesome and rare items in the sets that are usable for true Lego collectors and Lego stop motion producers.

For instance, Olivia's House set is one that is a great buy. It is one house, containing four rooms. This is the living room, the bathroom, the kitchen and Olivia’s room. You will be able to get cool items like a lawnmower, mailbox, toilet, shower, TV, couches and so much more. This is the higher priced set but with it containing 695 pieces it is an amazing deal. That is less than 15 cents each piece.

The other sets by Lego Friends are just as awesome, too. Like the City Park Café, it features a kitchen area, inside and outside dining, counter and cash register. It also includes money bricks, a frying pan, spatula, 3 muffin tins, a mixer, and so much more. The Lego Friends City Park Cafe’ set contains 222 pieces. So you are getting a really good deal, especially since you are getting some rare items in this one.

Lego Friends also has a set called Olivia’s Tree House. This set is cool just because it is a tree house. Olivia’s Tree House contains 191 pieces and some pretty cool pieces at that. Olivia’s Tree House includes things like ladders, lots of flowers, a bird house and even a telescope.

One of my favorites in the Lego Friends sets is the Butterfly Beauty Shop. This Lego Friends set contains 221 pieces. Some of the accessories are lipsticks, a purse, bows, sunglasses, a hair dryer, a hair brush and a mirror. It also features a fountain, a bench and salon furniture.

If you are an animal lover, check out the Lego Friends Heartlake Vet set. This Lego Vet set contains 343 pieces. The animals this set includes is a horse, a dog and a hedgehog. It also features an aquarium, examination table, mailbox, horse pen, and hedgehog cage. That is not all either. It has some rare pieces like a x-ray, scale, thermometer, clipboard, ice pack, stethoscope, and a syringe.

Extra Bonus

You can take off the minifigure's hair and use it on a real Lego minifigure. So overall I personally think buying Lego Friends is worth it. The prices are pretty good too. Each Lego Friends set includes a lot of items.

So check them out and don't miss out on these GREAT sets!

Don’t let the minifigure fool you. ; )

Don't Be Scared

All you males out there don't be afraid to buy you a box of Lego Friends the pieces they have inside are so worth it. :)


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    • TnTgoodrich profile image

      TnTgoodrich 5 years ago

      Thanks! All my children absolutely love LEGO's. I:) about the butterfly part ... my Mum loves butterflies too.

    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 5 years ago from North Carolina

      Olivia must be a popular name-I see it everywhere, and now in LEGO's. My favorite here is the butterfly one...but, I like most anything associated with butterflies! rated interesting.