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Lego Hero Factory

Updated on November 4, 2010
Lego Hero Factory
Lego Hero Factory

Lego Hero Factory is the latest range of action figure building kits from Lego and is set to be hot, hot, hot this Christmas. They have taken over from Bionicles so if your children are into this, then the new Hero Factory is likely to be a well received surprise gift.

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The idea behind the Lego Hero Factory is that people in distress around the universe call the Hero Factory call center to ask for help. The factory then designs and builds a special robot hero and sends them out to fight the baddies.

So send your kids off into this make believe world of creating heroes and they will have an exciting time building and then playing with the heroes and villains in this range. There are 15 sets to buy which cover a wide range of ages and therefore abilities. The sets for younger children (aged 6 and above) have less pieces and are typically smaller when built. But there are also larger sets for master builders who can tackle the 390 piece Drop Ship set.

Small 17 Piece Hero Sets

The smallest set of the Lego Hero Factory range are the Alpha Team Heroes, named Jimi, Dunkan and Preston who is their leader. These all have only 17 pieces in each kit and stand 15cm tall once built. They all come with a communications headset and some form of weapon such as a blaster or ice saw.

Small 19 Piece Hero Sets

With an extra two pieces, you get the 19 piece sets of the hero trainees, known as the Rookies. These are Natalie, Mark and their leader William. They again are 15cm tall and have a helmet, other armor and a weapon.

Medium Sized Baddie Sets

You can then find six baddies to balance out the playtime to ensure good can fight against evil. Four of these baddie sets are medium sized having between 40 and 50 pieces.  They are all alien looking and have two weapons. There are then two big baddie sets having closer to 150 pieces being Rotor who has a helicopter jet pack and Von Nebula who is the leader of the villains. These are well worth a look for more experienced Lego builders.

Large Vehicle Sets

Lastly the two largest sets are vehicles - one being the 390 piece Drop Ship star cruiser set and the other being a more modest 165 piece William Furno and his motorbike set.


All sets are receiving rave reviews although you are well advised to buy a set to match your child's age and ability as you don't want them to build the set too easily but nor do you want them to struggle and get frustrated. 

These Lego sets are durable and fun as you would expect. The colors are bright and the resulting characters and storyline offer hours of imaginative play for your children. The figures stand up well and can be posed in many different stances.  The weapons are chunky and some even have projectile launchers.  They may look similar to Bionicles but the story is easier to understand for us parents, so you may be able to join in the fun playing with these great Lego toys.


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      Mark Jenner 7 years ago

      Thanks for another great hub - I get some great ideas for presents!