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Lego Indiana Jones 2 Walkthrough 12: The Last Crusade, The Treasure Chest Levels

Updated on February 27, 2010

Welcome to the Walkthrough for Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues.

This guide is in thirteen posts, with two posts for the six parts of the game, and then one more post for the Bonus Levels. If you need to jump to another post sometime, you can do so here.

For each level, I will first discuss the first five levels of the hub, and then discuss the Treasure Chest Levels of that Hub.

It is in the Treasure Chest level where you can learn the location of the Red Bricks, Blue Bricks, Green Bricks, plus all the Characters and Vehicles. 

1)  Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Part 1, The First Five Levels

2)  Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Part 1, The Treasure Chest Levels

3)  Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Part 2, The First Five Levels

4)  Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Part 2, The Treasure Chest Levels

5)  Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Part 3, The First Five Levels

6)  Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Part 3, The Treasure Chest Levels

7)  Raiders of the Lost Ark, The First Five Levels

8)  Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Treasure Chest Levels

9)  Temple of Doom, The First Five Levels

10)  Temple of Doom, The Treasure Chest Levels

11)  The Last Crusade, The First Five Levels

12)  The Last Crusade, The Treasure Chest Levels

13)  The Super Bonus Levels

Creator Level not covered (yet!)

You will begin at the staging level. You can swim over to the deserted island near the boat and get the Coronado Sailor for 25,000 studs. As for the Panama Hat Man, you will need to knock him down, which you can’t do just yet. Save that for later.

In the meantime, destroy the seat here, as it is worth the First Blue Brick.

Go ahead and swim to the mainland. You should be able to destroy two chairs to get the Second Blue Brick and the Third Blue Brick.

You will notice a lever there that can be built up. Go ahead and build it, and then pull it. You will fall down to the level called Beach Pit.

Beach Pit

This level will default you to Indy and Elsa. Go ahead and have Elsa jump up to the higher area on the left, and then have her take out the guy there. She will then need to turn a crank, which will cause a bridge to rise.

Indy can cross the bridge, and take out a few guys there. He will then need to use his whip on a hook, which will open a gate.

From here, after taking out some guards, Elsa can jump up and pull a lever. There will be an elevated platform that will rise up and down, and she can use it to get a sword. She can then go back past the gate to a room, and cut a weight with this sword.

This will cause some steps to come down, and Elsa can jump up them to an area where she can grab a spear. She can then jump down to the left, and use the spear on a spear-target.

Indy can jump up there and grab onto the spear itself, then jump to a higher level. He can then use the whip-hook to cause a step to drop, which will be helpful later. Elsa can then go across the steps to get to the Treasure Chest, and end the level.

Back to the Hub

You should probably take the time to explore a nearby patch of land. This will have two posts on it, and you should hit them to get the First Green Brick and Second Green Brick. The Venice Speedboat is also for sale here for 25,000 studs.

Continue along the way, until you cross a bridge. Here, you can go to the beach and destroy some lawnchairs for the Fourth Blue Brick and the Fifth Blue Brick.

Go all the way to the right on some patch of land that has some runes by the door. First, knock down all the posts, that way you can get the Third Green Brick, the Fourth Green Brick, and the Fifth Green Brick.

You should become Henry Jones and use your book to open the door to the next level, known as Venice Library.

Venice Library

You will default to Indy and Brody here. Go ahead and smash stuff, then have Brody go upstairs and use his book to open a special door. This will cause a gate to open.

This is just one of the gates that has to open. Go all the way to the right, and fix some tile that needs to be fixed. Push a box to an area and make certain Indy jumps up to get there. Indy then needs to use that box to jump to that area, and then go to the left to jump to a rope. He then needs to go to a whip-hook, and he will open another gate.

From here, the characters need to hit simultaneous switches to cause the Treasure Chest to appear. You may notice that an elevated platform starts to go up and down, and that is a good thing. With the right jump, you can get yourself a purple stud. Get the Treasure Chest and go, though.

Back to the Hub

You will note that you can buy the Green Speedboat for 25,000 studs. Might as well. Don’t take it through the race just yet.

Leave this area on the bridge to the left, go down a little and up some stairs until you come to another bridge. You can then go down some stairs and destroy some more poles for the Sixth Green Brick, the Seventh Green Brick, and the Eighth Green Brick.

You can then go back up these stairs and head to the next area. You will find that you can buy Brody for 25,000 studs.

Now, you should be able to smash to poles for the Ninth Green Brick and Tenth Green Brick. This will cause the Parcel to be parachuted in, and you can get Beep Beep for 25,000, if you want it.

You also might want to buy the Gondola for 10,000.

Go ahead and cross the river to get to the other side. Explore the yard in front of the castle gate, and you will step on seedlings that will bud into flowers, some into red bricks. You will find the First Red Brick, the Second Red Brick, and Third Red Brick here.

Go inside the castle wall. You will eventually find the Enemy Soldier (Desert) and you can buy him for 15,000 studs. You can also explore the seeds and find the Fourth Red Brick, the Fifth Red Brick, and the Sixth Red Brick.

Go ahead and go into the Castle. You won’t be able to play the level just yet, but you can find a key. Take the key and walk to the beach, where you can open some canal gates. You should then search the beach to the right until you find the Seventh Red Brick and the Eighth Red Brick.

You can also destroy a lawn chair for the Sixth Blue Brick.

You should then go back to the Venice area and take the Green Speedboat out for a race. When you complete it, you will be able to buy the Librarian character for 20,000 studs.

Go ahead and go back to the castle. This would probably be a good time to take on the Enemy Soldier the desert and ride the bike (proper name) through the racecourse. When you win, you will be able to get a vehicle. You should travel up the grassy area to get to the vehicle, as one of the seeds will bud to the Ninth Red Brick. Speaking of vehicles, you can go to a garage where the Soldier or some other man of authority can get past the front. A garage will be raised, and you can get a Staff Car for 40,000 studs. The Army Jeep is also available to the left for 30,000 studs. Keep going to the left, and you will come to the beach, where is found two lawnchairs for the Seventh Blue Brick and Eighth Blue Brick.

You might as well swim out and get the Coronado Sailor guy. While you are at it, you can blow up the silver tree and get the Panama Hat Man for 50,000.

Search that area by where the Treasure Chests are and you will eventually find the Tenth Red Brick, which will parachute in the parcel for Score x 8 for 6,000,000 million studs.

Why not head on up to the Fortress up there and buy the Bazooka Trooper (Crusade) for 30,000 studs. Make certain that you are the Coronado Sailor and Sallah before entering the Perilous Parking Level.

Perilous Parking

This level is about getting certain vehicles onto certain pads orange pressure pads. There are a few things that have to be done first. If you smash much of the stuff in the area, you will find a rocket launcher that can be used to blow the giant silver statues off. This will clear the way. The wrench guy needs to use his skills to fix a six wheeled truck. A jeep needs to be dug out of the wreckage.

From there, it is difficult. A bike must go up two ramps and then be parked at the top of an orange pressure pad. This is difficult, as the bike has the tendency to roll back. Jump off before it goes back too far. Remember, if the pad isn’t green, it doesn’t count.

You will have to get a horse and make it jump from one pillar to the next until it gets to the orange pad there.

There is a jump here that I found it easy to make with the six-wheeled thing. I found it that the jump had to be lined up perfectly and the speed just right to get it to land precisely on the orange pad without slipping.

From there, it is easy to get the other vehicle and park it on the pressure pad in the middle.

The Treasure Chest will appear, and you can just run and get it.

Back to the Hub

Go ahead and become Henry Jones and use the book on the runes. You can then go and buy the Zeppelin for 100,000 studs. Indy can use his whip hooks in the back to get nothing. You should become the Bazooka Trooper to blow up some metal boxes and build a jet plane thing, but this doesn’t really do much, honestly.

You can use the Bazooka Trooper on the guard door and enter into the Berlin Airport Level.

Berlin Airport

You will default to Indy and Sallah here. Have Indy use the whip-hook to raise up a ramp so you can go to higher ground, and then have Sallah dig at a certain spot here. Then push the box so it frees the laser to hit its intended target.

This will raise up some elevated platforms, and you should follow them until you get to the other side. Take out the soldiers here, but there will be one that you can’t really get to. Fortunately, Sallah can dig up a ladder to get to him. While you are up there, you will notice a spear. There are some spear targets on the opposite wall to the right. So put one there.

The bad guy that you took out should leave a sword behind, so you should grab that and make you way to the closed gate. Use the sword on the rope that is a weight is hanging off of. The gates will open, and you can take out the bad guys. You will notice the whip hooks on the wall, The first one you can reach will lower a step, and you will need to jump on this platform step to get to the other whip hook. That platform will lower, and you can jump to pull a lever.

This lever will operate a laser, one of three that have to be done in this area. You will need to grab the spear inside the gated area, and use it on the spear-target on the wall to the right. Use the spears to get to the top, and pull the lever. This will start the second laser.

The third lever is located on the ground (mention earlier). Pull that lever, and that will be the third laser. Now, you will need to take the fan up to the crank, and then turn it.

This will cause some platforms to elevate on the lava. You will have to follow the platforms to pull another lever. This will cause some platforms to move directly above it all.

In all honesty, the only moving platform you care about is to the left, as it has the Treasure Chest. Go on and go back to where you first started, and push the box back to almost where you found it. Line it up with the moving platform, and stand on it to jump to it. Get the Treasure Chest and go.

Back to the Hub

You will then need the Bazooka guy to go to Venice, and to the part of town with the fountain. He can then blast something that will allow him passage to the desert area.

You can then buy the Enemy Soldier (Machine Gun) here for 20,000. It is crazy how much stuff can be blown up from there. For example, there is this one steel pillar thing that, when blown, will start a timed trial. You will need to go to the left to blow up two more statues, then enter into the tank area to blow up another. You can also go right out from the tank area to blow up the last one. This will open up the Colonel Vogel character, which you can buy for 50,000 studs.

Go ahead and go to the one area where you faced Level 4. This will be where you face Level 4, and where you will face the Canyon Quest level.

Canyon Quest

This is another one of those levels where you are getting balloons.

The First Balloon is located right off the end of a rock that forms a makeshift jump. It is quite easy to take your jeep right off the end of it.

You will note that you will come out of an area to a wider area, the Second Balloon is located immediately to the left, and is easily obtained by going off a rock jump.

Oddly enough, there are no balloons to the right of that wide area, go down and take a wooden ramp to get the Third Balloon.

Keep going to the right, and go off of a rock-jump to get the Fourth Balloon.

Continue going right, and you will find the Fifth Balloon atop a large rock. I found that it was easy just to get out of the jeep and get it. You could try to get it from down below, but it is easier to do it this way.

Make you way around in that big area and go left, and you will see the Sixth Balloon at the end of a ramp up on high.

Keep going to the left until you get to the Seventh Balloon.

Go all around and then down into another area. To the left there will be the Eighth Balloon on a rock ramp. Don’t take this rock ramp too fast, or you will fly off of a cliff.

The Ninth Balloon is at the end of a rock ramp, right to the right of the eighth balloon.

As for the Tenth Balloon, keep going to the right and you will see it near a campfire.

After all ten balloons are acquired, the Treasure Chest will appear. Get it, and the level will end.

Back to the Hub

You should go to the plane area now take care of the last two lawnchairs and get the Ninth Blue Brick and the Tenth Blue Brick. A Parcel will drop, and this 1,000,000 stud box is Invincibility.

Next to the plane are some silver weights, so you should have the Bazooka trooper blow them up. Keep turning a crank until plane rises. You can buy the Biplane for 100,000. You might as well take it up for a race. This will cause the Enemy Pilot to appear, which you can buy for 20,000 studs.

Head to the area with the Tank, and you can buy it for 50,000 studs. You will also notice the Grail Knight, that you can buy for 45,000 studs. You can also put together the body of Donavon body for 500,000.

When you guy the Grail Knight, go ahead and have him take his sword and toss it up to the weight. This will open up the door to the camels. You can then take the camel and take it through a race. You will then be able to buy the Hatay King for 25,000 studs.

You should then go into the entrance for the Chalice Challenge level.

Chalice Challenge

You will have to be Indy and a sword character (Hatay King or Grail Knight) for this area. In this area, there are ten pads for ten cups.

There is a whip-hook in the left side, and Indy can get the first cup there. He can beat up a tree on the left side of the table and find a second cup.

Here there is a shovel. One of the characters can take it, and there are three areas that have to be dug up in order to fill three more spots.

Indy can then wreck the tree on the right of the table for the sixth cup, and use the whip hook on the left for the seventh cup.

On the side of this area are two weights hanging by ropes. Use the swordsman to cut these down, and a cage will be lifted up. There are the eighth and ninth cups there. Indy can then use his whip on the whip-hook located in the middle of this table, and the tenth cup will be revealed.

The Treasure Chest will appear, and you can end this level.

Back to the Hub

As the Bazooka Trooper, you will want to head to the Biplane or the Blimp. You should parachute off when on the roof of the castle. You will need to find a machine that looks like one giant horn. There are two wing-shaped things there, and you need to push them together until a red light glows on top. Step on the red circle, and the horn will blow, causing an avalanche and the entrance to the next level.

By the way, you should take the time to load up the steel balls in the red cannons here and blow them up. Go ahead and enter the new cave that you just made for the CastleCave.

Castle Cave

You will default to Indy and Henry Jones here. Use Henry to open the door where the runes are.

You will have to defeat a bad guy here, and use the gun he leaves behind. Shoot the targets that the elevated platforms are in front of, and this will cause some platforms to move. You can then use them to jump to a box full of swords. Use the sword on a rope-weight to open the gate to another area.

Go ahead and take out a bad guy and get his gun. There are three targets that have to be shot out here. Two are being blocked by buzzsaws, and the other by an elevated platform. When all three are out, you can jump across an elevated platform to grab a key. Bring the key to the gate and use it to unlock and open it.

In the next area, there will be bad guys shooting at you. Take them out, and then take out the two targets. These have to be hit at certain angles to get them to work. When the targets are taken out, water will flood then area, and Indy can use the whip-hook.

The gate will open, and then Indy will have to make his way up some stairs. The rest of this level is about using the horses to jump to the left. Yeah, they are some hard jumps.

Eventually, you will get to where you need to go: the Treasure Chest. Grab it and go.

Back to the Hub

Take the Bazooka Soldier and Elsa and head up to the main CastleCave entrance. Only a female character and explosives character can do this Castle Quench Level.

Castle Quench

You will have to be a female character and explosives character to do this next part.

Start by blowing up the thing in front of you. In this room, there are about ten fires that have to be extinguished. As you might have guessed, you need water. Go to the right side of the room to build up some books. This will help you get to the top where you can grab a toolbox. You should be able to grab the toolbox from there, and take it to the left side of the room. You will have to blow up a silver statue to free up a green pad for it, though. Build up a device, and then Elsa will need to grab on to a bar there. This will cause a closet to fall open, and it is full of waterbottles.

From here, it is about just throwing the waterbottles on the fires. The First Fires is located right near you, and the Second fire in the corner. You will have to clear away some stuff to get to it.

There is one fire with a silver cage around it, and that just blows up.

The only fire that is tricky to get to is this one area where you have to smash some machinery, and then rebuild it into a crank. This will reveal a fire.

Back to the Hub

Get a shooter character and go where you found the Staff Jeep. There are three targets here, and you can shoot them out one by one until a door to the next level will open, called Venice Tunnel.

Venice Tunnel

You will default to Indy and Sallah here. Start by having Sallah dig up some tiles here, and then push a box from one side of the smooth area to the other. You will also need to have Indy go over to the other side of this room, where there is a spear. Get the spear, and then jump on the box to hit the spear target. Jump from the top of the box to the spear target, and to the higher ground.

Turn the crank there, and this will cause some platforms to move. Jump from one to the other until you are at an area with a lever and a box of guns. Pull the lever, and an elevated platform will rise and fall.

You will notice several bad guys here, but they can be taken out with the gun. You should probably have one along. Use the elevating platform to get to the top of some high area, and then jump to a moving platform below, one that you haven’t been on before. It’s a little bit difficult jump, but you can do it again if you miss.

From there, it is very easy to get to the other ground, use the moving platforms, and get the Treasure Chest.

Back to the Hub

After defeating that level, go ahead and get a sword character and a shooter character and go to the boat, where level one was faced. It is called Crab Cake Confusion.

Crab Cake Confusion

You will want to be a shooter character and sword character here. Start by having your shooter character jump to the first box in front of you, and shoot out the target.

This will cause some boxes to come up, and the sword character should jump until he reaches the area with the big robot crab. The sword guy needs to hurl his sword to cut the balloon, and the crab will take whatever he wants and leave.

After some jumping on more boxes, it will be the shooter’s turn to hit a target. This will cause some boxes to come up again.

Don’t forget the purple studs if you want to get True Adventurer.

The sword guy then needs to jump across until he gets to the place with the giant red tentacle or tail. He will then need to cut some rope high above him, and a box will fall, scaring him away.

The only thing left to do is go across a precarious white pole to get the Treasure Chest.

Back to the Hub

You had better swim back to get to the Super Bonus Level.

If you would like to know how to do the Super Bonus Levels, click here

Don’t forget, to get a 100% percent complete, you will have to have all Red Bricks, Blue Bricks, Characters, Vechicles, and beat the Super Bonus Level. 

Here is the box that will parachute in after collecting all Red Bricks:  Score x8 which can be purchased for 6,000,000 studs. 

Here is the box that will parachute in after collecting all Blue Bricks:  Invincibility which can be purchased for 1,000,000 studs. 

Here is the box that will parachute in after collecting all Green Bricks:  Beep Beep which can be purchased for 25,000 studs. 


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