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Lego New Maersk Train 10219

Updated on August 31, 2011

Lego Maersk Train #10219

Lego have released the Exclusive Mearsk Train (Lego part No; # 101219) in April 2011.

The set is retailing for around $119.99 in the US and £91.99 in the UK (from, retailing at around £120.00 on Amazon, as of September 2011, may and is available to pre-order on the Lego website. Also pre-order options are already starting to appear on eBay but charging a hefty $189.00 so direct may be your best option at the moment if you wish to secure one at release, as these may become hard to obtain in time (Already Lego are issuing this set in the Exclusive/Hard to Find category) .

The new addition to Lego's Train range looks awesome and would be a fantastic addition to any Lego train setup.

Lego Maersk Train
Lego Maersk Train | Source

The Lego Maersk Train set contains 1237 pieces and consists of the following items;

1x highly detailed 36" (92cm) American style freight Train in Maersk livery corporate colours and branding, opening drivers cab, removable side panel which reveals a detailed 16-cylinder engine*. The train itself is larger and more accurate in detail perhaps than the current Lego City trains.

2x Waggons

3x Containers with opening doors, 1x includes refrigeration details.

1x Shunter Truck and detatchable trailer.

3x Workman in Maersk uniform

Due to the number of pieces, the assembly could take a while (which is a big part of the fun) but should be fairly easy with Lego's usual excellent instruction manuals and as such, the set is recommended for person 14 years and older.

*As a slight downside, but the same as the "Emerald Night", the train does not include the power functions and is therefore not motorised, as in the case of the Lego City Trains, however this can be added with the additional purchase of the following, as recommended by Lego;

Lego Train Motor (88002) - Around $13.99US/£11.99UK (you will probably need two

Lego Power IR Receiver (8884) - Around $14.99US/£11.49UK

Lego are recommending the Lego Rechargeable Battery Box (8878) - Around $49.99US/£42.99UK , Lego NXT DC Rechargeable Battery (9693) Around $54.99/£49.99UK & Lego Power Functions 10VDC Transformer - For recharging battery (8887)- Around $24.99US/£19.74UK. All these options would add a considerable cost to the set but I'm guessing you could also use the much cheaper Lego Power Functions Non Rechargeable AAA Battery Box (88000) at around $12.99US£11.99UK, although the rechargeable option would supply much more power than the standard AAA Battery option, but you get what you pay for!

If you do not already possess the Lego City Cargo or Passenger train sets, you will also need the Lego IR Speed Remote Control (8879) for around $12.99/£10.99UKand as the set does not come with track, this would need to be purchased also, the basic flexible & straight track (7499)comes with 24 pieces for around $19.99US/£15.99UK, although, as with all the above, it may be cheaper to pick up from eBay, although these parts do seem to hold their prices, (in particular track sets!) but it's worth shopping around and googling to see if there are any bargains available (As with the Lego City trains, this should also run on the older 9V track). Unfortunately (and rather bizarrely) Lego have stopped producing the excellent Lego Straight & Curved Track Set (7896)which was at an affordable addition to any set, however set's are still available via eBay and Amazon but appear to have a large markup on the original RRP.

Despite the omission of Power Functions, this is still a fantastic set and would make a worthy addition to any existing Lego Train setup. Happy Hunting!

Lego Developer overviews new Maersk Train

This set would also perfectly compliment another Brilliant Lego Exclusive - the Lego Maersk Container Ship (10155) which usually retails at around $119.99/£102.99UK. The detailed Maersk Container ship set contains 990 pieces and once constructed is about 27" (69cm) long.

Lego Maersk Container Ship (#10155)
Lego Maersk Container Ship (#10155)


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