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Lego City Red Cargo Train Special Edition 3677

Updated on October 31, 2011
Lego City Red Cargo Train 3677
Lego City Red Cargo Train 3677

Lego City Special Edition Red Cargo Train - 3677

Lego have recently added a new train to it's growing Lego City Train range in the form of the Lego City Red Cargo Train (3677). Similar to the 7939 Lego City Cargo Train (and unlike the recent Maersk Cargo train) it ships with the full Power Functions Remote control system and is fully compatible with existing sets.

The 3677 is more in the American Style as opposed to the previous yellow 7939 set and includes the track and remote control to get you started straight away, rather than an add-on to existing sets.

Unusually, whilst the set is readily available to US retailers, at around $159.99, in the UK as of November 2011, it only appears to be available on the Website at the current retail price of £132.99. There are little current opportunities therefore for a discount, a few UK based retailers are offering them on eBay but with a £40-£50 markup, so direct from Lego is probably your best option. Lego are marketing the set on their website as "Hard to Find" so the volume of release for this set may be lower than a lot of sets.

Lego City Red Cargo Train 3677
Lego City Red Cargo Train 3677

The Lego Red Cargo Train (3677) consists of 831 pieces and is targeted at the 6-12 age group, the contents are as follows;

1x Battery powered Red Cargo Train 1x Flatbed Utility Freight Car, 1x Hazardous Waste Car and 1x Tipping Freight (for rocks).

4x Railroad Worker Figures (with various tools - brooms, jackhammer, shovel

1x Railroad Repair Truck (which can be loaded onto the flatbed freight car)

1x Conveyor Belt Freight Loading/Coal Hopper with plastic coal

Similar to set 7939 Lego Power Functions battery box, 4-channel, 7 speed infrared remote control (that can control up to eight different trains at once!) and infrared receiver.

Full set of tracks including 8x straight tracks, 16 curved tracks and 16 flexible tracks that are the same length as the straight (Note: The train is compatible with Lego 9V tracks but the included tracks are not compatible with the older Lego 9V trains)

This is another excellent addition to the Lego City Train range and a worthy addition to any collectors existing Lego train layout, with all the usual fine attention to detail. However, If it is your first Lego Train purchase, you might want to consider the Lego City Cargo Train (7939) which is now starting to come down from it's original issue price from 2010 (As ov November 2011 - £103 UK and $168 US, comes with more pieces (982) and most likely, cheaper than this set, would offer, in my opinion slightly better value for money, or alternatively, the Lego City Passenger Train (7938). For more details on the Yellow Lego City Cargo Train, please see;


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