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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 102: Negotiations, Blue Canister Challenge Level

Updated on April 15, 2011

In the first meeting room, the First Blue Canister is located in the left hand corner. Go and get it.

Use the force on the door to leave, take out the bad guys quickly, and then turn right. Go ahead and fix the machine with the gears on the left, and then jump up there. You will have the Second Blue Canister when it rises to the top. Forget about the engine or the other gears on the right side.

As you keep going, there are several doors that require certain types of droids to enter them. Keep going to the second door that requires a protocol droid to enter on the left. There is a canister behind the blue energy thing in the left corner. Go behind it and get the Third Blue Canister.

As you keep going, there is an Artoo door. Go into this room, and there will be the Fourth Blue Canister underneath one of the “showers”.

In this room, you will need to go ahead and use the force on the vent to get to the one area. Become a high jumper and jump up into the vent. On this other side, you should become a hovering character and hover over to the other side to get the Fifth Blue Canister.

The next one is located after you leave the main hall and go through the door. There is a vent that can be moved with the Force, and it will make a small stage. Become a high jumper character that you can use to leap up and get the Sixth Blue Canister.

When you enter into the large hangar, you should be able to turn into an Artoo character and hover over to the left until you reach the Artoo door. This is where you found the Power Brick in Free Play mode on this level. Go ahead and push a button, and have a high jumper jump into the right tank to get the Seventh Blue Canister.

Okay, as you leave this area and go back to the hangar. There is a place by the shield on the left side of this room that you can jump to and get the Eighth Blue Canister.

Go all the way to the right, and you will see a corner. Jump up high, and you will get the Ninth Blue Canister.

The last canister is located right behind the tank. Just go behind it, and claim the Tenth Blue Canister hiding in the corner.


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    • profile image

      Levi 5 years ago

      THX i got stuck when you needed to go through the vent!!

    • profile image

      Levi 5 years ago

      THX i got stuck when you needed to go through the vent!!

    • profile image

      Stephan 7 years ago

      Thanks a lot!!I had such a hard time with the challenge.. I could only find 9 canisters and was at a loss, lol.