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What to do on your free time

Updated on March 9, 2012

What a day when you don't have to work and you have a day all to yourself. We all can find things to do on our spare time especially something that we like to do. I know that I like just chill at my place and watch a movie or two. Sometimes I enjoy shopping an seeing what the store may have on sale or even on clearance.

To be able to enjoy a day all to ourselves is something that we are all probably really happy to have. I know that I enjoy having a day off because I am able to just rest and even sleep late. One of the things that I enjoy doing, or maybe you may enjoy doing is read. Who doesn't like to read? Reading is good even if it is on a kindle or a nook. I always prefer to read the physical book. Another thing that one can really enjoy doing just cooking and baking. On my days off I really enjoy cooking for myself and baking for myself. Those times I am sure everyone can be creative on what to make and just experiment on the different ways to really flavor their food.

Who doesn't like it to be nice and quiet to where you don't have to worry so much about the noise that you may or may not have to deal with daily. One thing I am sure is that most people like to do is get online and just be able to chat or even check their email. Some would even say that they really enjoy writing blogs on their day off because that is one time that they may be able to think and express themselves, like the many other days that they do.

Most of the time just spending time with family is a good way to spend their day off. I like to spend time with my family but sometimes one has to just have a day to themselves where they can just relax. Having a day off from work is wonderful, gives your body rest and to many people helps the forget the problems they may have at work for a day. I hope that anyone who has a day off can really enjoy it.


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