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Let's Play Banjo Kazooie! II. Mumbo's Mountain

Updated on March 16, 2014

Missing something in Spiral Mountain? Feel free to head back and see if you can't remedy that.

Welcome to the witch’s lair! It’s deceptively large, but we’ll only be dealing with a small portion of it for now, so don’t worry about getting lost just yet.

Jiggy Number One

To your left is a small collection of platforms or rocks with moss on top of them. Hop up to the highest one to find your very first Jigsaw Piece. These pieces or “Jiggies” are essential to opening the various worlds of Banjo Kazooie and eventually defeating Gruntilda, so you’ll want to collect as many as you can.

On the opposite side of the room (to the right of Gruntilda’s picture) is a cave-like opening with eyes and teeth. Head on through to discover…a big rock with a locked door. Believe it or not, that’s the entrance to Mumbo’s Mountain; we just have to open it first. Cross the fence to your right and stand on the Jigsaw-shaped podium. Slap your Jiggy in and you’re ready to go!

The outside of Mumbo's Mountain.  Termite not included.  (At least, not until you've entered the world).
The outside of Mumbo's Mountain. Termite not included. (At least, not until you've entered the world).
A first look at Mumbo's Mountain.  The tallest part is actually not the mountain--it's a termite hill.  Go figure.
A first look at Mumbo's Mountain. The tallest part is actually not the mountain--it's a termite hill. Go figure.

Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Banana?

Difficulty: 2/5

For our first Jiggy, follow the path leading from the world entrance across the bridge. You’ll pick up some notes and notice a blue thing (a Jinjo) yelling “Help!” along the way. I’ll cover that stuff later—for now just cross the bridge. Avoid the bull (he’s both indestructible and grumpy), but make note of the honeycomb hut. Honeycomb huts contain three honeycombs each, making them life savers when you’re low on health. Past this area is a tree with a gorilla on top named Conga, who immediately dubs you a thief and starts throwing oranges at you. How rude! You may have noticed the little platforms or “blocks” at the base of the tree with pictures of oranges on them. (See where I’m going with this?) Stand on one and just as Conga’s throwing an orange, move out of the way so it hits the block. Hit all three for your Jiggy!

ACHIEVEMENT ALERT! On gathering your second Jiggy you’ll receive the “GET JIGGY” achievement. Nice work.

Monkey Business

Difficulty: 1/5

(Still in the Conga’s tree area.) Just past Conga’s tree is a collection of massive tree stumps. On the lowest one sits Chimpy, a chimpanzee who’s hungry for oranges. Now who else do we know who likes oranges? Climb Conga’s tree to pick up the really big orange (because who cares about the little ones, right?) and take it to Chimpy. He thanks you by somehow magically raising the stump he was sitting on and leaving you a Jiggy.

Egg-Citing, No?

Difficulty: 3/5

(Still in the Conga’s Tree area.) Remember that stump Chimpy raised for you? You can use it as a stepping stone to access the curving platform above—the one with all the eggs on it.

MOVE ALERT: ANCIENT WAYS OF THE EGG The molehill on this platform teaches Kazooie to use those freckly blue (possibly robin’s?) eggs as ammo. Z+UpC / Trigger+Y to shoot forward from her mouth and Z+DownC / Trigger+B to shoot them…um…backwards. Believe it or not, you’ll need both methods at various points in the game.

Note: If you’re low on health, Bottles will fill you up after you speak to him.

Once Bottles has taught you the new move and given you some eggs to play with, you’re ready to face Conga. There’s a ledge that leads out towards his tree—stand on it and fire towards the ape. Every time you hit him he’ll toss a few oranges at you again, so back up between egg shots to avoid getting juice all over your fur. Three hits and the gorilla’s down for the count, dropping a Jiggy as your prize for defeating him.

Stonehenge, Anyone?

Difficulty: 1/5

From the entrance or Conga’s tree, head back to where the bull grazes. Nearby, along the path, is a set of steps heading up the mountainside. Follow it, and at the top turn left and climb another small set of steps (just follow the notes!) to see some Stonehenge and a Jiggy sitting in plain view in the middle of them. I promise it’s not a trick—you really can just waltz on over and pick it up. Easy as pie.

MOVE ALERT: TALON TROT The molehill next to the Stonehenge contains my absolute favorite move in the entire game. The Talon Trot is all about speed—trading Banjo’s lumbering pace for Kazooie’s Speed Racer chicken legs. Z+LeftC / Trigger+Trigger and hold Z / one of the Triggers to race all over the place and up and down those steep mountainsides. You cannot progress any further in the witch’s lair without this move, so be sure to pick it up.

Hillside Floater

Difficulty: 1/5

Once you have Talon Trot, you can traverse the sides of the mountain/hill. On the hill between the village huts and the world entry is a series of plateaus jutting out from the dirt. Floating above one of these plateaus near the top is the Jiggy.

Eye of the Shaman

Difficulty: 1/5

At the top of the hill by the world entry (opposite the Stonehenge) is a little village. The large building shaped like a skull is home of the local shaman, Mumbo Jumbo. Hop into the eye of the skull for your prize.

Even Rocks Get Hungry Sometime

Difficulty: 2/5

In the center of the village with Mumbo’s Skull is a spinning Juju totem, which is (somehow) hungry. For eggs, of all things. Using the forward shooting method, lob eggs into the statues’ mouths as they turn. There are four total and each spins faster than the one before it. When you feed them all, you get the Jiggy.

Empty Honeycomb #1: Before you feed the final Juju, hop on his head and jump for this sticky treat. If you accidently fed him already, you can always leave the world and come back to reset the totem.

Village Demolition

Difficulty: 1/5

At the top of the hill near the world entry and next to Mumbo’s Skull is a set of 6 huts. We’re sorry to whoever lives in them, but they’ve got to go—they’re an eyesore.

MOVE ALERT: BEAK BUSTER Along the wall of the village, close to Mumbo’s Skull, is this molehill. A+Z / A+Trigger will cause you to slam down, pushing the most stubborn of switches in with Kazooie’s beak. This move is required to hit Witch Switches, which I’ll cover later.

With Beak Buster in hand, bust the huts. The last one you break yields the Jiggy.

Note: You can enter and exit the world as many times as you want to break these huts—and one of them yields an extra life. This extra life farming is a great trick to use before going anywhere extra dangerous. You can hold a maximum of 9 extra lives, which returns to the standard 3 whenever you quit the game.

Top of Ticker's Tower

Difficulty: 3/5

It’s finally time to meet the shaman this mountain was named after. Head into the village skull to learn not only is Mumbo peeved at Grunty, he’s willing to help you—for some Mumbo tokens, of course. Each transformation requires a different amount; this time the price is 5, all of which can be found in this world. Their locations are:

1) Behind the plateau by the world entrance, with the pink Jinjo on top.

2) Under the stairs leading to Mumbo’s skull.

3) Behind the Stonehenge.

4) On one of the stumps near Conga.

5) Inside the termite hill between the village and the Stonehenge. The platform it’s on is slippery, so you’ll need Talon Trot to get it.

Once you have all 5 tokens, Mumbo will change you into a termite, complete with yellow shorts and backpack. This little spindly-legged thing can climb slopes that are practically sideways, giving you access to a few different things you couldn’t reach before.

ACHIEVEMENT ALERT: For being transformed by Mumbo for the first time, you’ll receive the MUMBO JUMBO achievement.

FUN FACT: Sometimes when you’re being transformed, Mumbo may just goof and turn you into a washing machine. This returns as an actual transformation in the sequel.

Extra Honeycomb #2: The grey faced part of the mountain above the lake has a small cave in its face, reachable only by termite. Inside the cave is the honeycomb.

Armed with super climbing powers, head to the termite hill, or “Ticker’s Tower.” The termites are jealous of your clothes, but leave you alone for the most part. Using your best plat-forming skills, climb the spiraling steps to the top. There are two landings where you can catch your breath and which prevent you from falling all the way to the bottom should you miss a jump. Just above the second landing is a door. Head on out and climb the spiraling path to your right; the Jiggy’s on top. Feel free to jump straight off when you’re done—the termite can fall ridiculous distances without getting hurt.

The Jinjos Five

Difficulty: 2/5

Each world has five little bird creatures called Jinjos who need to be rescued. Just like all other collectibles, Jinjos need to be touched to be picked up. Note that in the N64 version you need to pick up all 5 Jinjos in one trip to a world to get credit for saving them. The XBOX version saves your Jinjo progress whenever you nab one so you can go in and out of the world as you please. Here’s Mumbo’s Mountain’s Jinjos:

Blue: on the platform on the lake.

Green: inside the fourth village hut you break.

Orange: on top of the Stonehenge.

Pink: on a plateau to the right of the entrance.

Yellow: on the hill between Conga’s tree and the Stonehenge.

Once you have all five, the fifth drops the Jiggy.

100 Musical Notes

Musical notes are another key collectible in Banjo Kazooie. Each world has 100 of them—collecting all 100 not only nets you an extra life and bragging rights, it also helps you progress through the witch’s lair. Occasionally in the lair you’ll encounter Note Doors which can only be opened once you’ve collected at least the number of notes shown on the door. Rule of thumb: pick them all up, you’re going to need them. A warning to N64 players: you have to get them all in one visit to the world for it to count. Again, the XBOX version saves after you pick them up, so you can go in and out as many times as you please. If you’re playing the N64 version it’s best to dedicate a run through the world specifically to note collecting, ignoring everything else. You’ll live longer that way. Here’s the Mumbo’s Mountain notes’ locations:

  • 7 on the bridge between the entrance and the bull’s grazing circle.
  • 6 underwater in the lake.
  • 9 on the stairs between the bull’s grazing circle and the termite hill.
  • 4 on the stairs between the termite hill and the Stonehenge.
  • 6 on the village huts.
  • 14 on top of the Stonehenge.
  • 21 on the hill between Conga’s tree and the Stonehenge.
  • 18 on the hill between the village and the world entry.
  • 5 inside the first village hut you break.
  • 4 inside Mumbo’s Skull, on the floor.
  • 6 on the first landing of Ticker’s Tower (the termite hill).

Witch Switch

Last, but not least, this fancy little switch with Gruntilda’s face on it unlocks a Jiggy back in her lair once pressed. Armed with Beak Buster, head to the stumps near Conga’s tree. Just past the one with the Mumbo token is the one with the switch. Once you’ve hit it, transform into the termite and leave the world via the entry/exit pad. Jump (because just walking won’t cut it) up the side of the rock face of the world’s entry in Grunty’s lair. The Jiggy’s on top.

Note: If you don’t feel like going back to Mumbo’s Skull to change back, don’t worry, you don’t have to. Simply walk away from the world and the magic will “wear off,” turning you back into bear and bird.

Mumbo's Mountain Checklist

Music Notes
Empty Honeycombs
Witch Switch
Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Banana?
7 on bridge between the entrance and the bull's grazing circle
On top of the Totem
On the stump near Conga's Tree
Monkey Business
6 underwater in the lake
Mountainside Cave
Egg-Citing, No?
9 on the stairs between the bull's grazing circle and the termite hill
Stonehenge, Anyone?
4 on the stairs between the termite hill and the Stonehenge
Hillside Floater
6 on the village huts
Eye of the Shaman
14 on top of the Stonehenge
Even Rocks Get Hungry Sometimes
21 on the hill between Conga's tree and the Stonehenge
Village Demolition
18 on the hill between the village and the world entry
Top of Ticker's Tower
5 inside the first village hut you break
The Jinjos Five
4 inside Mumbo's Skull, on the floor
6 on the first landing of Ticker's Tower (the termite hill)

Next time on Banjo Kazooie: a grumpy hermit crab, a blubbering ship captain, and treasure hunting in the sand and surf at Treasure Trove Cove!


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