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Let's Play Banjo Kazooie! IV. Clanker's Cavern

Updated on March 16, 2014

Your treasure chest not quite full? Feel free to go back and add to it until you've collected every last doubloon.

Remember that puzzle I said to ignore last time? Well, now we’re going to use it. From the entrance to Grunty’s Lair, head left up the ramp and back into the room with the mural of Grunty on the floor. To your left, opposite the Treasure Trove Cove puzzle is a Shock Jump pad giving you access to the puzzle. Five pieces opens Clanker’s Cavern! Erm, where was that again? Head up the mossy ramp and into the next room. Directly in front of you is a large pipe. Hop on top of it, then go through the entryway with the glowing red eyes over the door. (Noticing a theme here?)

You emerge in a drippy room with the Clanker’s Cavern entrance directly across from you and no apparent way to reach it. To your left (Banjo’s right) is a blue switch with a picture of a pipe on it. You know what to do with switches by now—whack that thing! It raises some lovely pipes between you and the other side. Jump on over and head in. If you fall, there’s a lower ledge opposite the entry—where you hit the switch—that you can jump back up on. Oh, and don’t forget the Mumbo’s token above the door.

Pipes Galore

Firstly, the world entry/exit pad is in a really weird place this time: inside a pipe sticking out of the wall. Once you jump down (carefully—use your A+A jump and hold that second A, or aim for the water) you have to climb a ladder and jump from pipe to pipe to get back out; so be ready when you jump. There are some notes and a Jinjo in here, so feel free to explore, but the bulk of the world is through the underwater tunnel on the other side of the room. Oh, and there’s a Mumbo token on top of the world entry/exit pipe if you’re interested.

Note: We meet a new enemy in Clanker’s Cavern: the eel. These buggers hide in the walls until you get close, and then pop out to bite you. You’ll know one’s close when you see the grate on the wall and hear that telltale growl. My advice? Wait for the growl, then jump forward toward the grate and peck away! (A+B / A+X) That’ll teach him.

Clink, Clunk, Clanker

Difficulty: 5/5

Our first really challenging Jiggy, but it’s essential. Without doing this, you only have access to a grand total of two Jigsaw pieces within Clanker’s Cavern. It sort of figures that the world’s titular character gives you access to the rest of them.

As you swim through the underwater tunnel, you’ll hear (and see) a giant whale thing asking for your help. His name is Clanker, and all he wants is some fresh air.

He's also weirdly cute.
He's also weirdly cute.

Swim out of the tunnel and up to the surface. If your swimming skills are rusty, feel free to use this room for practice, but don’t go too deep. As a rule of thumb, start swimming up when your air hits two, not one. If you only have one air honeycomb left, you might not make it to the surface.

When you’re confident enough that you can swim decently, head to the surface and doggy paddle toward Clanker’s tail. There’s a dark band of metal near the end of it and just below it is a massive chain leading down, down, down into a deep well. Your mission is going to be to swim down into this well and find a giant key sticking out of a block that’s holding the bottom of the chain. We then have to swim through this key three times, raising Clanker to the surface. There’s two methods for doing this and they’re both hard, so use whichever works best for you.

Method One: Up and Down and Up and Down Again. This method is the one I’ve been using for years and the one I recommend for bad to average swimmers. Swim down, following the chain to the bottom of the well. Try to find the key and swim through it once, then immediately point your nose to the surface and swim like your life depends on it. Start swimming up when you have three or four air honeycombs left or you will not make it. Do this regardless of whether you’ve swum through the key this round. Also, on the way up, watch out for both the chain and Clanker—angle away from them a bit if you’re too close, that way you don’t get caught on something and drown. Keep swimming down, through the key, and up again until Clanker’s raised. Use this same method when grabbing anything else out of the well.

Method Two: A Fish Named Gloop. I’ve only been brave enough to try this method recently, but it can be really effective if you do it right. Swim down into the well as before, but this time when you get lower on air, instead of swimming up and out, look for the fish. His name is Gloop and he spits out bubbles of air which, when you swim into them, refill two honeycombs of air. Using this method you can pick up whatever you want and turn the key without ever having to leave the well. I recommend sticking close to Gloop’s mouth to grab the bubbles—it’s far easier to get them when you’re practically on top of him than when they’re floating up and away.

Whichever method you choose, a success means raising Clanker. Once Clanker is raised, he stays that way permanently, even if you leave the world or quit the game. Thank God for that.

ACHIEVEMENT ALERT: If you’re playing this on the XBOX, all of that work raising Clanker also gets you the FREE CLANKER achievement. Woo boy.

Dental Work

Difficulty: 1/5

Immediately after collecting the Jiggy for raising Clanker out of the filth, Clanker will complain about his teeth hurting. Swim around in front of him and stand on one of the two floating platforms and you’ll be able to see his shiny gold teeth. Apparently, while fashionable, they’ve done nothing good for his metal gums. Timing your shots so his teeth are above the water, pop some eggs into those shiny buggers. (Z+UpC / Trigger+X) Your aim doesn’t have to be exact for it to count, and each tooth (one on each side) only takes three hits to go down. Once happy, Clanker announces he’s swallowed your prize. Swim into the opening where the tooth was to get inside—be careful not to fall off your shiny platform once inside. One side has the Jiggy (Clanker’s right), and the other has a Mumbo’s token (Clanker’s left).

If you fall, you can get out by swimming through the tunnel (avoiding the tentacles), then finding the left tunnel in the large area with the hoops.

Belly Hoops Hop

Difficulty: 3/5

Next we’re going to enter Clanker’s stomach (don’t worry, he won’t digest you). There’s two ways to do this: through his gills and through his mouth. The mouth, as well as the left gill, are one-way-in streets. The right gill goes both ways. Once you’ve made your way through a tunnel from your entrance into the stomach, you’ll see a lot of strange hoops. Most of them are blue, but there’s that odd green one…

You know where this is going. Jump through the green hoop using the crate as leverage and it disappears, starting a 48 second timer and turning a different hoop green. Swim/jump through green hoop to green hoop within the time limit. Use Z+A / Trigger+A from the crate for the one that’s high up and A+A from the crate for the two in the air together. If you mess up or run out of time, don’t panic. The hoops merely reset. They also always turn green in the same order, so once you learn the pattern of which hoop is next, this gets much easier. When finished, the water raises and the Jiggy appears. Now you can enter and exit Clanker through either gill.

Some Exploring

Outside of Clanker, if you’d like to do some exploring, there’s a lot of stuff to be found. Off his right side is a platform with a honeycomb hut and a pipe. Climb the pipe and use the Shock Jump pad to get to the nooks in the wall—A+A from one to the next.

Extra Life Alert! In the final nook (there are eight total) an extra life awaits.

On Clanker’s left side, you can use his fin as a stepping stone to the platform with the eel and the Shock Jump pad. Oh, and Extra Life Alert!—there’s one on top of the Shock Jump pad. Kill the eel so you can use the pad freely, then Shock Jump Spring to the large pipe on the right. A+A from there to another pipe; this one’s hanging from the wall. Jump right into the nook, then A+A into the next nook for a Mumbo’s token.

Head back to the Shock Jump pad. This time use it to jump left onto the wall-hanging pipe. Climb it, and then jump to the larger pipe. A+Z / A+Trigger the pipe and fall down it for a Jinjo and an Extra Life Alert!

Empty Honeycomb #1: On Clanker’s left side, use the Shock Jump pad, jump left, climb the drain pipe, and jump onto the large pipe (the one with the Jinjo inside). Carefully walk down it using Talon Trot (Z+LeftC / Trigger+Trigger), then jump to the next pipe. A+Z / A+Trigger the top to fall down and grab the Honeycomb.

Empty Honeycomb #2: On Clanker’s left side, just to the right of the Shock Jump pad is a large pipe we jumped on to reach some notes and a Mumbo’s token. This time, swim under and up into the pipe. It’s in there, I promise—kick around a bit if you’re having trouble finding it (sometimes the camera takes a while to adjust). With this one, you should get a health upgrade. Yay, honey!

Whale of a Tail

Difficulty: 1/5

Did you know you can climb Clanker’s tail? Carefully walk up it as it swishes and jump from the end to the platform with all the red feathers on it. Walk across the pipe and A+B / A+X the grate to open it. Ta-da, Jiggy! There’s a Mumbo’s token and a bunch of notes on the pipe below this—use your A+A jump wisely and watch out for the eel.


Difficulty: 1/5

Go back up on Clanker’s back and run up between his big, sappy eyeballs. You’ll hear a clanking noise (his namesake, perhaps?) as a giant screw shoots up into the air, then crashes down into his blowhole. Hop up onto the screw while it’s down and let it lift you up to the platform above. (Whee!) Follow the twisty pipe and hop up to the Jiggy.

Spin, My Pretties, Spin!

Method One, Difficulty: 2/5

Back to the blowhole again. This time, wait until the screw is up in the air and hop down the hole. In front of you are a bunch of spinning blades and beyond them, the Jiggy. Use your best timing and run on through.


Method Two, Difficulty: 1/5

Come back with Invulnerability and just use that and run through without worries. Uses gold feathers, though.

Spin, My Pretties, Spin Faster!

Difficulty: 1/5

Assuming you’ve gotten the Hoop Hop Jiggy and raised the water level, head to Clanker’s stomach and swim over to the flight pad (it’s on a platform on the same wall as the tunnel leading to the mouth). If you haven’t raised the water level you’ll have to jump down Clanker’s blowhole, cross a room full of spinning blades, and exit on the other side to land on the flight pad. Fly to the opposite side of the room (watch out for the tentacle!) and go through the opening.

MOVE ALERT: INVULNERABILITY Here Bottles teaches you the most powerful move in the game: to take no damage and kill practically every monster in one hit. The catch? It costs gold feathers, and with only 10 max for now, they’re too precious to waste. Z+RightC triggers this move for N64 users. Dear XBOX users, I am sorry. I have no idea whose dumb idea it was to do your button set-up this way: to activate Invulnerability, you must first press and hold one of the Triggers and then move the Right Analog stick to the right. I know it’s crazy, but them’s the breaks. For both versions Z / Trigger must stay held for the move to continue working, just like with Talon Trot.

Using your new move and the feathers that came with it, cross the room to the Jiggy. Take that, blades.

The Twisty Turny Tunnel

Difficulty: 4/5

By now you’ve no doubt noticed the numerous underwater passages surrounding Clanker’s person (er, whale). They’re also practically impossible to tell apart, except for the green one behind his tail. Ignore that one for now, as well as the one in front of Clanker’s nose—that’s the one that leads to the world entry/exit. Off Clanker’s left side are two tunnels: one is grated and you can see the Jiggy on the other side, though you can’t reach it. The other tunnel (the one that’s actually open) is the twisty turny tunnel. Getting to the Jiggy isn’t the hard part—it’s getting out that’s difficult. Right and left still turn Banjo right and left, except now you’re looking at his nose instead of his furry butt, so the controls are essentially reversed. Because swimming wasn’t hard enough, right? Take your time and only turn slightly as you go—small adjustments are easier to correct than large ones.

As for the other tunnels…the orange-ish one on Clanker’s right, closest to the entrance tunnel is a dead end with a Mumbo’s token. The other two tunnels on the right are connected and lead to a Jinjo.

Snipping Snippets

Method One, Difficulty: 3/5

I usually do this Jiggy first when I come to Clanker’s Cavern because it’s one of the two you can reach without raising Clanker. Remember the green tunnel I told you to ignore, the one behind Clanker’s tail? Swim through. A bunch of mutant crabs will challenge you to battle. Beat all four of them with whatever basic moves you please.


Method Two, Difficulty: 1/5

Just use your invulnerability feathers. Why not?

The Jinjos Five

Difficulty: 3/5

BLUE: Inside the connected tunnels on Clanker’s right.

GREEN: At the bottom of the well, against the block holding the chain and opposite the key. I recommend not saving this one for last.

ORANGE: Inside the large pipe on Clanker’s left. Use the Shock Jump pad to reach it.

PINK: At the bottom of the left gill tunnel.

YELLOW: Behind the honeycomb hut on the pillar in the middle of the water in the entry/exit pipe-filled cavern.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6...100!

  • 4 on the left side eel pipe, near the world entry/exit.
  • 4 on the right side eel pipe, near the world entry/exit.
  • 6 in the underwater tunnel between the world entry/exit cavern and Clanker’s Cavern proper.
  • 7 in the pipe underwater on the cavern floor on Clanker’s left side.
  • 8 down in the well.
  • 10 on Clanker’s back.
  • 8 in Clanker’s mouth (use Talon Trot).
  • 3 in the left gill tunnel.
  • 5 in the right gill tunnel.
  • 2 in the nooks along the wall, on the right side of Clanker and up the pipe near the honeycomb hut.
  • 4 on the wall-hanging pipe on Clanker’s left.
  • 5 on top of the pipe with the orange Jinjo inside (use Talon Trot).
  • 10 on the pipe behind Clanker, off his tail.
  • 4 on the pipe above the blowhole.
  • 6 under the spinning blades, inside the blowhole.
  • 6 under the spinning blades where the Invulnerability molehill is.
  • 8 in the Snippet’s lair.

Witch Switch is Which?

To find it, drop down Clanker’s blowhole. It’s directly behind you. After you hit it you’ll see a cut scene of that Gruntilda mural I’m so fond of talking about; and its eyes will bulge out. Go A+Z / A+Trigger them back into place for your Jiggy, saving décor everywhere.

Music Notes
Empty Honeycombs
Witch Switch
Clink, Clunk, Clanker
4 on the left side eel pipe, near the world entry/exit.
Down the pipe near the Jinjo.
Location: Under Clanker's blowhole.
Dental Work
4 on the right side eel pipe, near the world entry/exit.
Up the pipe near the Shock Jump pad.
Jiggy: Beak Buster the witch mural's eyes.
Belly Hoops Hop
6 in the underwater tunnel between the world entry/exit cavern and Clanker’s Cavern proper.
Whale of a Tail
7 in the pipe underwater on the cavern floor on Clanker’s left side.
8 down in the well.
Spin, My Pretties, Spin!
10 on Clanker’s back.
Spin, My Pretties, Spin Faster!
8 in Clanker’s mouth (use Talon Trot).
The Twisty Turny Tunnel
3 in the left gill tunnel.
Snipping Snippets
5 in the right gill tunnel.
The Jinjos Five
2 in the nooks along the wall, on the right side of Clanker and up the pipe near the honeycomb hut.
4 on the wall-hanging pipe on Clanker’s left.
5 on top of the pipe with the orange Jinjo inside (use Talon Trot).
10 on the pipe behind Clanker, off his tail.
4 on the pipe above the blowhole.
6 under the spinning blades, inside the blowhole.
6 under the spinning blades where the Invulnerability molehill is.

Next time on Banjo Kazooie: a couple of singing turtles, a couple of boxing frogs, and a crocodile with a nasty bite. Bubblegloop Swamp awaits!


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