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Let's Play Banjo Kazooie! V. Bubblegloop Swamp

Updated on April 11, 2014

Clanker still clanking? Give him some love and he'll give a lot back in the form of any Jiggies, notes, or honeycombs you're missing.

This time, we’ll lead Banjo and Kazooie further into the witch’s lair. We’ll encounter moles, crocodiles, crazy shaman, and even a talking book. Let’s get started.

Glub Glub Glub

Now that you’re still ringing water out of your fur, let’s go to another wet world. From the lair entrance, head up to your left and into the room with the Grunty mural on the floor. Climb the mossy ramp and head into the next area. Jump over the water pouring out of the pipes and climb the little hill to see…a Note Door!


Hopefully you’ll have enough to open it and if you’ve collected all 300 from the previous worlds, you’ll totally decimate this door. Feels good, doesn’t it?

The next room has yet another architectural feature starring Grunty—there’s a big statue of her in the middle of the room. Carefully jump to the base of the statue and walk around to the back to find Brentilda. When you’re ready to move on, head for the large mossy hill (left of the room’s entrance) and climb through the large hollow tree.

There are two more hollow trees here—the one on the left has another Brentilda’s gossip corner and the one on the right has some boots you can’t use yet. Across from the entry log is a wooden bridge leading to the world entrance…which is closed. Oops.

Backtrack to the area with the pipes and jump into the top one like you’re going to Clanker’s Cavern (you’re not, I promise). Hop across the pipes in the next room to see a switch just to the right of the Clanker’s Cavern entrance. Nail that bugger, raising a pipe across the room. Hop back across, jump up and whack the eel to your right. Keep following this wall pipe to find yet another Brentilda. Geez, we’re seeing a lot of her today! Keep heading right along the pipe to see another switch. This one opens a gate in this room, below the waterfall. Swim down through the now open tunnel (watch out for the mine!) into a room with a bunch of eggs and—there it is!—the Bubblegloop Swamp puzzle. This is the first puzzle the game actually makes you work a bit to finish: it takes seven Jiggies to complete. Now that the world entrance is open, head back to it and go on in!

Note: Both the area containing Bubblegloop Swamp’s entrance and Bubblegloop Swamp itself have an ankle-biters problem: every time you go in the water, piranhas start chomping on your feet. There’s a couple of solutions to this, but for now try to stay out of the water.

Leg Work

So this world’s move is actually really easy to get. From the world entry/exit pad, spin your camera until you see the little red frog waiting behind you. Head past him and the molehill’s right there.


Whenever you find these boots you can strap ‘em on and use them to run through those awful piranha-infested waters. Fancy music will play while you’re wearing them and you’ll hear a timer as they start to wear off. When the timer dings, the boots are done. I recommend either getting to dry land or finding another pair of boots before the timer runs out—you can slap on a new pair to make the time reset. Also note that you have no way of defending yourself while wearing the boots and if any enemies hit you, they literally knock the boots off you, so watch out.

Run, bird, run!
Run, bird, run!

Once you’ve got the Wading Boots move, I want you to turn around…and exit the world. I know it seems strange, but trust me—this is prep work for something important we’ll do later. Head back across the wooden bridge, taking care to avoid or beak (A+B / A+X) the dragonflies. First, kill the baddie near the logs, then jump into the hollow log on your right, grab the boots, and run as fast as you can; out of the log and across the bog (stick to the wall to save time). You’re looking for the big hollow log behind the Bubblegloop Swamp entrance. On the other side is a puzzle (eight Jiggies if you want to fill it while you’re here) and to your left is a slope leading to another, smaller log that’s blocked by an icy rock. Smash the rock (Z+B / Trigger+X) and you’re good to go! Grab the boots over the large hollow log and head back into Bubblegloop Swamp.

That's one big crocodile.
That's one big crocodile.

To Make an Omelet...

Difficulty: 1/5

Head right from the world entrance and cross the bridge. Jump on the floating log to reach the platform with a Jiggy switch (don’t hit it yet). Head left from this platform, crossing another floating log. Use either the boots in the stump or the circling leaf to cross the swamp water to the island with the giant pink egg. Note that there’s a Mumbo’s token on top of the matchstick in this area. Use the Shock Jump pad behind the egg to jump on top of it.

Extra Life Alert! Before you go all smash happy on the egg, jump on top and hop up for an Extra Life.

A+Z / A+Trigger the blue X on the egg’s top to make a layer of the egg break, causing it to shrink. Keep finding the blue Xs and pecking/whacking/slamming into them to discover the Jiggy. There are five layers total.

Flibbit Flipping

For this Jiggy, head back to the Jigsaw switch, and (ignoring it once again), jump right to the leaf and onto the island with all the stumps. Here you meet the Flibbits; annoying yellow frogs who try to attack you every time you cross their island. You could just avoid them or you could save yourself some grief by getting rid of them. Here’s a few options for how to do so:

Method 1: Stomp, Kick, Bite. Difficulty: 3/5.

Pummel them into submission with whatever basic moves you see fit. They take quite a few hits to go down and they’re super bouncy, so they’re hard to hit properly.

Method 2: Super Star. Difficulty: 2/5. Obviously Invulnerability is a quick and dirty fix. (Z+RightC / Trigger+Right Stick right) With how slippery these guys are, though, you’ll be burning through quite a few feathers.

Method 3: Chomp Chomp. Difficulty: 2/5. My favorite method. Once you find Mumbo, have him transform you into a crocodile and return to the Flibbits’ island. Spam that B/X button—croc attacks do double damage against frogs. Yum yum.

There are six Flibbits total—beat them all for the Jiggy.

Village Demolition: The Jumping Edition

Difficulty: 3/5

I don’t know why everyone insists on building these villages when they know we’re just going to tear them down, but there you are. Head back to the Flibbits’ island; then straight across from the Jiggy switch area, on the other side of the floating log. Use the Shock Jump pad to jump to the first hut directly in front of you. Bust that hut (A+Z / A+Trigger) to reveal another Shock Jump pad. Take this one to the hut on your left, and then break it also. Take this next pad to your right, to the lower of two huts on adjoining pillars. Climb to the higher one, break it, and take the pad to your right. The next hut reveals yet another pad, which you can take to your right if you’d like a Mumbo’s token (which is in a crazily weird place) or left to the final hut. Breaking this last hut reveals the Jiggy. Carefully A+A down from pillar to pillar.

Note: If you fall off any of the pillars, don’t panic. Try to hop up on the little grass skirts surrounding each pillar, and then jump from one to the other to reach safe land. Don’t worry about the stuff underneath the skirts yet—we’ll come back for it later. Also, there’s a pair of boots on top of the furthest back skirt, if getting to those is easier for you.

A Timely Proposition

Difficulty: 3/5

Remember that Jiggy switch I’ve been avoiding? Head to where it is, but don’t whack it yet. First, head up the mossy slope in front of it and investigate the long pathway. You’ll see some caves: one with a Jinjo, one with a honeycomb hut, and one with a Mumbo’s token. The path also has a ton of notes on it and becomes rather spindly before it ends in a round platform directly above the Jiggy switch. Guess what? You’ve just found the spot where the Jiggy appears after you hit the switch. Head back down and A+Z / A+Trigger that brat to reveal a 45 second timer. Use Talon Trot to climb the mossy slope. From this point on you can run as Banjo if you’re more comfortable with his gentler steering—I recommend at least switching to him for the final thin portion of the path. If you fall off, make your way back to the Jigsaw switch, wait for the timer to run out, and start again—it’s much better to start fresh. And don’t worry when the Jiggy explodes after the timer runs out—it’ll put itself back together again when you restart the timer. It’s magic like that.

Buy Some Socks, Dummy

Difficulty: 1/5

From the Flibbits’ island, jump right along the floating log towards the giant turtle. Immediately upon meeting you, he complains about his feet being cold. What, no introductions? I’d also like to point out his feet are flipper-like, which is common in sea turtles. I suppose he felt this world was more suited to him than the one with warm, shark-infested waters. Do the guy a favor and teach him how to tuck his feet in his shell…by inflicting pain. A+Z / A+Trigger all four flippers and he’ll spit out a Jiggy. Why would he eat something like that in the first place? Oh, and now he introduces himself. Weirdo.

Tiptup's Choir

Difficulty: 2/5

Not sure why Banjo Kazooie has a fascination with climbing inside living things, but once you’ve opened the giant turtle’s mouth (see the “Buy Some Socks” Jiggy) you can go inside. If you leave the world or quit the game you’ll have to whack his feet again. Inside you’ll find a bunch of little green turtles with different colored shells and one at the front, behind a podium. Also behind the podium, a Mumbo’s token. Approach the podium and you’ll be introduced to the conductor, Tiptup, who challenges you to a musical game of memory. (The Clefairy game, anyone?) A+Z / A+Trigger the backs of the colored turtles in the same order as what Tiptup shows you in order to move on to the next round. Make a mistake and you’ll lose one health and have to start the sequence over. You can ask Tiptup to repeat the sequence without penalty, so if you’re not sure you’ve got it, don’t be afraid to ask. If you’re good at memory games you can try to remember the sequences as you go—the tricky part is that there are two blues: regular and light. Trying to remember a compound word like “light blue” during a memory game is like pulling teeth, so try to shorten it to something easier to remember like “light” or “LB”—whatever helps. If you’re not good at memory games you could always just…write down the sequences. It feels like cheating, but hey—there are cheats built into this game. I’m sure Tiptup won’t mind. There are three sequences/lessons total, each with an increasing number of colors/turtles to remember: first three, then five, and finally seven. Complete all three lessons for the Jiggy.

They sound a bit tone-deaf to me.
They sound a bit tone-deaf to me.

Empty Honeycomb #1: Inside the giant turtle, jump on Tiptup’s podium and hop up to this one. I recommend waiting until after you get the “Tiptup’s Choir” Jiggy, that way Tiptup doesn’t interrupt you with any lessons.

Feeding Croctus

Difficulty: 3/5

This Jiggy takes a bit of legwork, so get ready. You may have noticed the gold metallic crocodile near the entrance by now—we’re finally going to pay him some attention. He’s a Croctus—one of five, and they all want yummy blue things. Yes, eggs—it’s the Juju totem all over again. Crouching in front of a Croctus, time your shot so the egg goes in its open mouth. Feed it one egg and it’ll disappear, causing another to appear in a different location—and this one will be opening and closing its mouth faster. Where are they all? Here:

1) Croctus one has green eyes and waits directly in front of the world entrance. You can’t miss him.

2) Croctus two with the blue is up on the timed track, in the second cave. (Climb the ramp in front of the Jigsaw switch and walk along the path a little ways—he’s above the Flibbits’ island.)

3) Angry red-eyed Croctus three is up on one of the hut pillars, opposite the one with the Jiggy. Shock Jump spring from pillar to pillar (busting the huts if you’ve never done so or if you’ve left the world/quit the game) and when you get to the one between the Croctus and the Jiggy, stop. You can either: A) Jump to where the Croctus is and shoot eggs from there or B) Shoot them from where you are now. It is easier to aim when you’re closer, but if you’re nervous about that jump, don’t risk it.

4) Croctus four has crystal-like light blue eyes and appears in an odder place than Croctus three. From the Flibbits’ island, head left towards the giant crocodile. Work your way around/behind the crocodile to see the Croctus on a little swampy island. Why would he want to live that close to another croc’s butt?

5) Pinky’s turn—hopefully he’s not sick. This time, head right from the Flibbits’ island, toward the giant turtle. The Croctus is behind him, on the left. This guy has a faster motor-mouth than Kazooie—wait until his mouth is closed to shoot your egg.

Ta-da, Jiggy!

A Timely, More Dangerous Proposition

Difficulty: 4/5

This timed race Jiggy is both a shorter race and in a more precarious place than the first. Even finding it is a bit of a trick, so here we go. From the Flibbits’ island, head left toward the giant crocodile. Climb the ramp on his right-hand side (your left) to see a tall wooden fence. At the gap in the fence is a pair of Wading Boots—strap ‘em on and start running through the fences. It’s sort-of a maze, but there are no dead ends so just hug the corners and keep running. At the small green island, strap on the second pair of boots and keep running. It’s this third landing you want—you’ll see the Jigsaw switch right away. The path to the Jiggy this time is ridiculously short and so is the time—only 10 seconds to cross that narrow circular path. Take your time, use Banjo, and if you fall, don’t panic. A+A over the swamp water towards dry land or one of the giant matchsticks. Remember that you can always start the timer over. If you need to recover some health, there’s a honeycomb hut behind the giant turtle and another honeycomb hut next to the entrance to the fences. Be sure, again, to use Banjo for this race—the path is too thin for Kazooie’s speedy steering to be safe. Slow and steady wins the race.

Some Clean Up

There are a lot of items in the swamp water that I’ve completely neglected mentioning until now, and for good reason: boots just ain’t gonna cut it. They’re timed and it’s annoying to have to keep going back and forth for that one item you missed on the first pass. There’s a simpler way.

Head back to the Jigsaw switch for “A Timely, More Dangerous Proposition”—the one near the fences. Take the last pair of Wading Boots along the section of path to find…Mumbo’s Skull! So that’s where he was hiding. He wants 10 tokens this time—you’ll cream that total if you’ve picked up the 21 I’ve listed thus far. This time Mumbo changes you into…a crocodile! You’re now able to tread those swamp waters with ease, so go crazy collecting all that stuff you missed before. Also, the crocodile can fall from any height without getting hurt. Nice.

FUN FACT: The crocodile is the only transformation in Banjo Kazooie that can attack. Rare liked the idea so much that every transformation in the sequel has an attack, regardless of how weird that attack is.

Note: The crocodile transformation’s bite is also “Super effective” on everything in the swamp, yielding double the honeycombs from everything except the honeycomb huts. Yummy.

When you’re ready to head out you can use the hole in the bottom of the fence near Mumbo’s Skull rather than going through the whole maze again.

Mumbo’s Tokens:

-Behind Mumbo’s Skull.

-Behind Mumbo’s chair, in his Skull.

-Behind the pillar with the yellow Jinjo.

-TWO under a grass skirt surrounding a village hut pillar.

Extra Life Alert! Behind the village hut pillar that had the Croctus.

Empty Honeycomb #2: Inside Mumbo’s Skull, as bird and bear, jump on top of the unlit fire torch/lantern, and then jump to the rafters. The honeycomb floats above, in the middle of the room; A+A to get it. (I recommend doing this from above Mumbo and aiming for the door, that way you don’t land on any torches—fire hurts.)

The Jinjos Five

Difficulty: 2/5

Ordinarily I always list the five Jinjos Jiggy last, but we’re switching it up this time—I’ll explain why in a bit.

BLUE: On top of a matchstick on an island behind the giant crocodile.

GREEN: In a cave along the first timed Jiggy pathway, above the Flibbits’ island.

ORANGE: Behind the giant turtle.

PINK: Under a grass skirt surrounding a village hut pillar.

YELLOW: On a pillar near the world entry/exit pad.

Mr. Vile, the Crocodile


Ah, our first “save for later” Jiggy. You’ll have to enter the giant crocodile if you want all 100 notes and a Mumbo’s token, but I highly recommend not going any further in than the entryway by the giant croc’s nostrils. Inside is a vicious red crocodile named Mr. Vile, who I have come to believe killed the giant crocodile and is living in its carcass. Which is both impressive and terrifying, considering he’s the same size as you. Were you to approach Mr. Vile, he would challenge you to an eating contest which is close to impossible in your current state. You’re welcome to try it now, but why not make your life a little easier and wait until you can totally cream him? It’s more fun that way.

99 Musical Notes on the Wall, 99 Musical Notes...

  • 5 on the bridge between the world entry/exit pad and the next area (Near the yellow Jinjo).
  • 3 on the floating log between the world entry/exit area and the first timed run Jiggy switch.
  • 3 on the floating log between the timed run Jiggy switch and the giant egg area.
  • 3 on the floating log between the Flibbits’ island and the jumping huts.
  • 5 inside the hut with the Witch Switch.
  • 20 along the first timed Jiggy pathway.
  • 3 on the floating log between the Flibbits’ island and the giant turtle.
  • 4 on the giant turtle’s feet.
  • 6 inside the giant turtle.
  • 3 on the floating log between the Flibbits’ island and the giant crocodile.
  • 5 on the giant crocodile’s nose.
  • 3 on the matchstick behind the giant crocodile.
  • 12 between the fences leading to Mumbo’s Skull.
  • 5 behind the big egg.
  • 5 behind the village hut pillar that had the Croctus.
  • 4 under a grass skirt on a village hut pillar.
  • 5 behind the island behind the giant crocodile.
  • 6 in the giant crocodile’s nostrils (requires the crocodile transformation).

Witch Switch Blues

The location for this Witch Switch is easy: it’s inside the lower of the two adjoining village huts. You’ll hit it, then see a very un-helpful cut scene of the hat of the Grunty statue back in the lair breaking apart. We’ve seen no way up there as of yet, but trust me: I know where to go. Exit Bubblegloop Swamp and head to the area with the statue. Cross the room to the platforms and jump to the top. The Note Door at the top will seem like pocket change if you have all 400 notes in the game thus far.


Up the stairs you’ll see a giant urn. The opening in the Grunty statue’s hat is actually directly below the center of this urn, which has a hollow bottom, so we’ll have to jump in. Right now, though, it looks too high, right? Z+B / Trigger+X the brick wall to your left, then hit the green switch at the back of the revealed tunnel/room. This permanently unlocks a Shock Jump pad that circles the urn. Use your best timing to jump on in! You’ll fall down safely on the Jiggy and the bars in front of you will lift, letting you out. Hat’s in the bag.

Leg Work, Part Two

Remember that icy boulder we destroyed earlier on? If not, read the first “Leg Work” section, do that, and then grab your crocodile transformation and exit Bubblegloop Swamp. Head behind the entrance, through the big log, up the icy slope to your left, then into the small log you unblocked (bear and bird were too big to fit). On the other side you’ll meet a floating, talking spell book named Cheato who, true to his name, gives you a cheat. He’ll give you three throughout the game and you want them. Each cheat permanently doubles the maximum number of an item that you can carry. For example, this first cheat doubles your maximum number of eggs (200 is a lot, but use ‘em fast and that’s how they’ll go—fast). Take the code he gives you, “BLUEEGGS” to Treasure Trove Cove. Empty the water surrounding the sandcastle (remember Leaky?), go inside, kill the crab (why is he still here?), then enter the code. This time you can double use any letter. Also, if you mess up, you don’t have to start over—just continue the code from where you left off. Cheato will automatically fill your doubled egg bag once you’re done. Sweet.

Note: There’s no cheating Cheato. You try entering any of his (overly simple) codes into the sandcastle before you find him and they won’t do diddly. Sorry bear—you’ve gotta find the book with the spells first.

Bubblegloop Swamp Checklist

Musical Notes
Empty Honeycombs
Witch Switch
To Make an Omelet...
5-bridge between world entry/exit and Jiggy switch area.
Above Tiptup's podium inside the giant turtle.
Switch: Lower of the two adjoining village huts.
Flibbit Flipping
3-floating log between Jiggy switch area and giant egg area.
Above Mumbo, inside his Skull.
Jiggy: Inside the Grunty statue--jump down through the urn.
Village Demolition: The Jumping Edition
3-floating log between Flibbits' island and jumping huts.
A Timely Proposition
5-inside the hut with the Witch Switch.
Buy Some Socks, Dummy
20-along the first timed jiggy path.
Tiptup's Choir
3-floating log between Flibbits' island and giant turtle.
Feeding Croctus
4-giant turtle's feet.
A Timely, More Dangerous Proposition
6-inside giant turtle.
Mr. Vile, The Crocodile*
3-floating log between Flibbits' island and giant crocodile.
The Jinjos Five
5-giant croc's nose.
3-matchstick behind giant croc.
12-between fences leading to Mumbo's Skull.
5-behind the giant egg.
5-behind the village hut pillar.
4-under a grass skirt surrounding a village hut pillar.
5-behind the giant croc.
6-inside the giant croc.

Next time on Banjo Kazooie: it's dangerous, it's pretty...and this snow will make you think twice about making a snowman with it. It's time for Freezeezy Peak!


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