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Let's Play Banjo Kazooie! VI. Freezeezy Peak

Updated on October 9, 2014

Still feeling the gloop? All but one Jiggy awaits in the Swamp section of the walkthrough:

Let There Be Snow!

First, if you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to fill in the puzzle. From the entrance to Gruntilda’s Lair, that’s: Up the ramp on the left and through the door, up the mossy ramp by the Grunty mural, across the water coming out of the pipe and up the mossy hill through another door, then left of the Grunty statue, up a hill, and through the hollow log. Phew! Next, grab the Wading Boots out of the log on your right and run out and along the wall to your right again, aiming for the giant hollow log behind the Bubblegloop Swamp entrance. The Freezeezy Peak puzzle is inside and it takes eight Jiggies to fill.

Now we have to find the world entrance we just opened. Head back to the room with the Grunty statue. Across from the Bubblegloop Swamp area is a series of platforms (the Grunty statue is pointing at them with her left hand). Climb up and, if it isn’t gone already, break down the Note Door.


Up some stairs on the other side is a room with a giant urn in the middle. This room is obnoxiously confusing because every wall and step is this sandy color with highlights of green (forgotten whose lair this is? Nope, it’s impossible). To make matters worse, there’s a world entrance in here, but not the one we want. I remember playing this the first time and searching endlessly for the puzzle to this world because I was convinced it was next, only to find out it wasn’t. Sigh. Head left of the urn and up the small set of stairs, through the doorway. We’re in another large room, this time with a giant Grunty head in it with glass eyes and a hat the size of Wisconsin. Okay, lady, we get it—it’s your lair. You’ll also notice a Note Door in the mouth of this Big Head Grunty—ignore it. We have more important fish to fry. Head left along the wall until you find an opening covered in spider webs with a cauldron sleeping inside. Pop some eggs into the spider web to make it disintegrate, then wake up the cauldron and do a happy dance because you never have to walk all that crap again. Now whenever you want to come here, you head left at the Grunty mural, down some stairs, and jump in the cauldron. Poof, you’re there. Now that’s a short cut.

I love this guy.
I love this guy.

Directly across the room from the cauldron is a doorway with glowing red eyes over it, and you know what that means! Head through to find a giant mural of Banjo and Kazooie (for once it’s not an image of Grunty!) with holes popped out—like a pop-up book. Up on the highest one is a Mumbo’s token; use the Shock Jump pads to reach it. When you’re ready, head on into Freezeezy Peak.

Bear's a No Go

Freezeezy Peak is the first world I consider to be truly difficult, and a lot of that has to do with the snow. When running around as Banjo you’ll slip and slide and it’s impossible to stop on a dime. Forget changing direction quickly. I thought bears were supposed to be made for harsh climates like this? Flying in the face of logic, Kazooie’s feet are much more adept at facing the snowy terrain, so Talon Trot, Talon Trot, Talon Trot (Z+LeftC / Trigger+Trigger). It’s either have a sore finger from holding Z/Trigger all the time or slip-slide into dangerous situations that get you killed.

Evil Water Again!?

Oh, yes, again. Hope you got used to avoiding piranha-infested waters in Bubblegloop Swamp, because the icy waters of Freezeezy Peak are just as bad. Mumbo and the Wading Boots still have you covered, but the Wading Boots are few and far between this time so bee careful (sorry).

One-Sided Snowball Fight

My last note before we start Freezeezy Peak proper is the snowmen. You’ll notice them pretty fast: they’re the ones wearing the top hat and the evil grin. As soon as they spot you they’ll “Hurr-hurr-hurr” laugh and toss snowballs at you. The only way to kill them is both tricky and dangerous, which makes their snow throwing habits even more annoying. There’s two ways to deal with these guys: 1) Give ‘em a wide berth and run like hell when you hear them laughing OR 2) Kill ‘em all, then pray you don’t die/quit/leave the world—if you do they’ll re-spawn. Dang.

No Man Like a Snowman

Difficulty: 5/5

As the most difficult Freezeezy Peak Jiggy, I feel it’s best I introduce this first. It involves those pesky snowmen I’ve told you about—the ones with the evil grins and the top hats. Head down the slopes near the world entry/exit pad. At the bottom, swing left past the track leading to the giant Christmas tree and towards the big stack of presents. Look behind the one with the honeycomb hut on top to see…

MOVE ALERT, BEAK BOMB: My least favorite move in the game. It’s obnoxiously tricky to pull off, so of course the game expects you to use it in the final battle. But I digress. While flying, press B/X and Kazooie will pull back, then rocket forward from whatever angle you’re at. DO NOT AIM DOWN. You will plummet into the ground, and it will hurt. I recommend trying to get a level angle with whatever your target is and making sure there’s empty air behind said target so you don’t hit a wall or something. Each time you use this move it costs a Red Feather so between positioning yourself and actually firing, you’ll burn through feathers really fast.

Now that you’re armed and dangerous (in more ways than one), jump on top of the pile of presents to find the Flight pad. Take to the air and it’s time to fry some snowmen. Their weak spot is pretty obvious—anyone with a giant red X on their top hat clearly doesn’t know how to hide these things. Carefully line up each shot, kill each snowman, and you’ll be good to go (almost). There’s five total: Two by the pile of presents, one close to the world entry/exit slope, one near the little village, and one on a platform over-looking the slopes near Mumbo’s Skull.

Empty Honeycomb #1: Underneath the snowman by the village. Kill him to reach it.

There’s a Mumbo’s token under the one near the world entry/exit slopes and under the one on top of a present box.

So you’ve killed all the snowmen and seen the Jiggy appear, but where is it? See the giant, benign snowman in the middle of the world?

This one.
This one.

All the way up, in the middle of the top of his top hat…is the Jiggy. Oh, and there’s an ice cube enemy up there that’ll try to slap you to death when you go to get it; as if this Jiggy wasn’t hard enough!

There’s two ways to get to the top hat’s top, but it’s easier and less dangerous to fly up (otherwise you have to walk all the way up his scarf, climb up his mouth and nose…it’s a mess). Carefully land on the hat, egg or Invulnerability the ice cube into submission, then claim your prize.

Note: Now your only problem is getting down safely. Work your way around the hat until you can see the brim below—carefully A+A to it. Circle the brim until you see a hole—carefully drop down onto the nose. A+A down to his wood stick grin and down again onto his scarf. Walk down his scarf (or ride the sled down to get the “This is Why Eating Metal is Bad” Jiggy) OR use the flight pad on the tip of the snowman’s nose. Up to you.

No Smoking Zone

Difficulty: 3/5

The giant snowman has a pipe sticking out from his wood-laden grin. To reach it, either fly up there from one of the two flight pads (on top of the presents or on top of a village house’s chimney—that 2nd one nets you a Mumbo’s token) or climb up. The scarf starts on the slope between Wozza’s (the walrus') cave and Mumbo’s Skull—head right along the islands from the world entrance, past Mumbo’s Skull and up the hill to the scarf’s base. Climb the scarf to the snowman’s neck, walk around it to the Shock Jump pad and hop up to his mouth. Carefully walk along the pipe and drop in the end for the Jiggy.

This is Why Eating Metal is Bad, Kids

Difficulty: 2/5

Upon first sliding down the slopes near the entry/exit pad, you’ll meet a polar bear named Boggy. He complains of a tummy-ache and no amount of eggs, Beak Busters, or jumping on him seems to help. We need something with a bit more…oomph. Make your way up to the part of the scarf that circles the snowman’s neck, find the little sled and jump on. With a whoosh and a bang, Boggy’s tummy-ache is gone and he spits up the Jiggy. Really, why does everyone in the game keep eating these things when it’s clearly a bad idea?

Oh, and Mumbo’s token. Just saying.

Button Busting

Difficulty: 2/5

Another day with Beak Bomb. Find a Flight pad, get airborne, and circle the giant snowman until you see three large buttons on his chest. Beak Bomb them (B/X in the air) to cause a Jiggy to appear between the snowman’s feet. At least he doesn’t try to throw snowballs at you.

There’s a Mumbo’s token by each foot also. Two-fer.

Presents for Polar Bears

Difficulty: 3/5

Near the world entry/exit is an igloo. Go inside to learn Boggy is the most neglectful polar bear parent ever. Not only has he left his kids home alone while he’s off eating strange objects and hosting races, he’s left them with no presents! Santa Banjo, to the rescue! There’s three presents total:

1) The green one’s the easiest to find; sitting in plain sight on a little island near the giant snowman’s feet.

2) The red one’s inside the Christmas tree. Climb the ramp, jump into the pot, grab the Mumbo’s token, then climb up into the tree. The present’s on the first level, near the termites.

3) The blue one’s the hardest—all the way up on the giant snowman’s nose, between his eyeballs.

When you’ve got all three, the last present will say so. Head back to the igloo (Did I mention there’s a Mumbo’s token behind the table?) and approach each kid to hand out the presents. The atmosphere will instantly brighten and the kids will give you a Jiggy. They know better than to eat it.

FUN FACT: Mrs. Boggy’s parenting isn’t much better. In Banjo Tooie she takes the kids to an amusement park. When they get lost, rather than look for them herself, she gets you to do it. Oh, and one of the kids has magically morphed into a girl. Either that or started cross-dressing. Who knows?

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

Difficulty: 4/5

For this Jiggy, head to the giant Christmas tree with the track ending in a present that’s obviously moving. (Is it a puppy!? Nope, sorry.) A+Z / A+Trigger the box to open it and reveal…Twinklies! Little Christmas lights that talk and are scared of Twinkly Munchers—strange green creatures who eat Twinklies. Bet you never knew the ecosystem of the Christmas tree was so complicated. In a version of whack-a-mole, Twinkly Munchers will pop out of the holes in the track leading to the tree and you’ll smack them back down by A+Z /A+Triggering their noses. You’ll have 80 seconds to get 10 Twinklies to the tree, and if you fail you have to start over. Try to kill the Munchers in a line after they’ve all popped up, from closer to the box of Twinklies to further away—sometimes you can get two Twinklies through on one try like that.

But of course once you succeed, you still have to turn the tree on. Doh. Run around behind the tree, kill the ice cube, then hit the ON switch with a few eggs, which starts…another timer. Sigh. At least if you fail here you only have to start from hitting the ON switch, rather than doing the whole tree decorating all over again. You’ll have (I think) 90 seconds—race to the flight pad on top of the box of presents, then fly up and through the star on top of the tree three times to break the crystal surrounding the Jiggy. Hop from the Twinkly track into the pot and climb the tree trunk to go inside the tree—the Jiggy’s at the top. Once you’ve done this, the tree stays lit permanently. Pretty!

This is what the Twinklies meant when they said "Be a star."
This is what the Twinklies meant when they said "Be a star."

Wassailing With Wozza

Difficulty: 1/5

Perhaps you’ve noticed a Walrus near the snowman’s scarf, with a Jiggy in his hand? A walrus who’s petrified of bears? What if you weren’t a bear anymore? That’s where your local shaman comes in! Head on down to Mumbo Jumbo’s for the transformation of the season! His Skull is behind the giant snowman and personally, I like flying there and landing on top of it as there’s an Extra Life Alert! on top. (The Wading Boots to get there are non-existent anyway—the game only supplies boots for the return trip.) This time Mumbo’s asking 15 tokens to change bear and bird and once again you can smoke his asking price with your 26 collected thus far.

It’s walrus time! Because who better to make friends with a walrus than a fellow walrus? Wozza will be so delighted to see you, he’ll promptly throw the Jiggy at you, warn you about a bear and bird in the area, and run inside his cave. Poor guy—let’s not tell him.

Empty Honeycomb #2: Enter Wozza’s cave as the walrus and look for the pool of water. Swim down and through the tunnel. The honeycomb is on the other side, atop a small platform.

Extra Life Alert! In the cave with the second empty honeycomb. Watch out for the ice cube.

Splooshing Around

Now that you have thick blubber to protect you from the icy waters, feel free to explore them to your heart’s content.

Mumbo’s Tokens: -Under the water under the base of the scarf.

-Behind the stack of presents (I missed it earlier, somehow).

Also be sure to take advantage of the Walrus’ ungodly invulnerability to injury by falling to collect any notes you’re missing on the snowman’s scarf.

Polar Racing One: Boggy vs. Walrus

Difficulty: 3/5

While walrus-ified, head toward the world entry/exit slope. There’s a shorter slope just next to it where Boggy waits under a start banner with an extra sled (assuming you’ve knocked the Jiggy from his belly). He challenges walrus you to a race—apparently now he thinks it was way too dangerous for a bear to ride a sled that small. (Has he looked at the one he’s on? It’s not much better.) Hop on the sled to start, then maneuver through the slalom gates/flags as they turn red (green means you’ve passed through it, blue means it’s not active yet). Be ahead of Boggy at the finish line to win a Jiggy. Note that the race isn’t timed in the usual sense, but if you fall too far behind Boggy will stop the race and you’ll have to start over. Jump to get over the houses and tilt the analog stick forward to get an extra edge (even if it’s only in your head). The track runs all over Freezeezy Peak’s base, ending by Wozza’s cave after 38 slalom gates. Your “medal” will appear on top of the winner’s platform at the race’s end. (At least he’s not eating them anymore?)

Extra Life Alert! Behind a crystal behind the winner’s platform. Now I really feel like a winner!

The Jinjos Five

Difficulty: 4/5

The difficulty spike is because of the one on the snowman’s broom. No wonder he’s blue.

BLUE: On top of the giant snowman’s broom. Fly to this one—it’s safer. Be super careful when you A+A to the snowman’s scarf to get down.

GREEN: Behind the village house with the Flight pad on the chimney.

ORANGE: Inside Wozza’s cave. Need to be bird and bear to reach.

PINK: On top of the stack of presents with the flight pad.

YELLOW: In the rafters of Mumbo’s Skull.

Polar Racing Part Two: Boggy vs. Kazooie


Unlike Mr. Nile, it’s not optional to wait on this one. Boggy won’t let you race until you put on your Running Shoes. Guess what you can’t do yet? Yep.

Music Note Major

  • 9 along the slope leading down from the world entry/exit pad.
  • 5 behind the giant Christmas tree.
  • 4 on top of the stack of presents.
  • 4 around the present with the snowman enemy on top.
  • 8 on top of the giant snowman’s hat.
  • 10 around the giant snowman’s feet.
  • 12 inside the Christmas tree.
  • 6 in the rafters in Mumbo’s Skull.
  • 4 outside Wozza’s cave.
  • 6 on top of the village houses.
  • 9 underwater in the village, near the snowman enemy.
  • 19 on the scarf of the giant snowman.
  • 4 behind the race’s start point, up the slope near the world entry/exit slope.

Where's That Witch Switch?

The where: under one of the evil snowmen (sorry)—the one closest to the Christmas tree.

The Jiggy: above the Freezeezy Peak entrance. To get it there’s some switch-hitting, running, and flying involved. I hate to do this to you, but…!SAVE FOR LATER! You need the Running Shoes. Again. Just wait ‘till the next world, bear. Then, we shall run a marathon.

Freezeezy Peak Checklist

Musical Notes
Empty Honeycombs
Witch Switch
No Man Like a Snowman
9 on slopes near entry/exit pad.
Under the snowman enemy near the village.
Location: Under the snowman enemy next to the Christmas tree.
No Smoking Zone
5 behind the Christmas tree.
In Wozza's Cave
Jiggy: !SAVE FOR LATER! Above the Freezeezy Peak entrance, inside a cut out in the wall.
This is Why Eating Metal is Bad, Kids
4 on top of the stack of presents.
Button Busting
4 around the present with the snowman enemy on top.
Presents for Polar Bears
8 on top of the giant snowman's top hat.
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
10 around the giant snowman's feet.
Wassailing With Wozza
12 inside the Christmas tree.
Polar Racing One: Boggy vs. Walrus
6 in the rafters in Mumbo's hut.
Polar Racing Two: Boggy vs. Kazooie !SAVE FOR LATER!
9 underwater in the village.
The Jinjos Five
19 on the giant snowman's scarf.
4 behind the race's start point.

Next on Banjo Kazooie: Sand, Sand, more Sand, and a grumpy camel. It's Gobi's Desert--er, Valley!

p.s. Sorry that I originally told you Mad Monster Mansion was next. I lied.


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