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Let's Play Banjo Kazooie! VII. Gobi's Valley

Updated on October 10, 2014

Still feel like running around in the snow and admiring the Christmas lights and getting pelted by snowballs? No worries, Freezeezy Peak isn't going anywhere. It can be Christmas all the time! (Though personally, I think I could live without the evil snowmen.)

Remember that world I told you I went crazy looking for the puzzle to because I thought it was next? Well, now it really is.

Shortcuts Make Life Easier

If you haven’t unlocked your first cauldron shortcut yet, I really recommend you do so—otherwise you’ll have to get back to the room with the Grunty Big Head the long way. Those with the shortcut, head left from the lair entrance, up the ramp, and into the room with the Grunty mural. Head left down the stairs and jump in the cauldron. Pop! out on the other side and head to the Grunty Big Head. There’s a Note Door in her mouth, and it’s time to break it down!


Head through and be careful—this area has a fiery pit of lava below it that spells an instant end for bird and bear. Stick close to the wall and head right until you see the Jigsaw podium. Nine Jiggies and we’re in! Head back along the wall and exit the Big Head. Directly across from the mouth is a door in the wall—go through there to find yourself in the room with the giant urn. To its left is a large set of stairs going up—those lead to Gobi’s Valley, but there’s some dangerously hot sand in the way.

Note: Yes, just like Freezeezy Peak and Bubblegloop Swamp, Gobi’s Valley has dangerous “waters.” Only this time, there’s no Mumbo to help you, so when you see the hot, rippling sand, bring your boots or steer clear.

Break down the brick wall to the right of the stairs to Gobi’s Valley (Z+B / Trigger+X) and grab the Wading Boots inside—they’ll get you across the sand safely. Note that you’ll literally have to jump up the stairwell—those steps are massive! Before you head in, walk around the platform to find Brentilda. Why does she always hide in such weird places?

The Great Jinxy

Difficulty: 3/5

For our first Gobi’s Valley Jiggy we won’t have to look very far: just at the top of that hill across from where you enter is a large sphinx with a dog-like face. Hop onto either of his big front paws, then A+A to his back ones and jump up the ledges onto his back. The sphinx named Jinxy is a source of very helpful things: not only is there a flight pad on his back, there’s also a pair of Wading Boots on his tail! (Which you can use to grab that Mumbo’s token in the corner, off to his right. There’s an Extra Life Alert! in the corner directly behind his tail, as well.) Since he’s being so helpful to us, it’s only fair we do something in return, right? Climb the stairs at the back of Jinxy’s head, Z+A / Trigger+A over the plume of his turban and walk down onto his nose. Grab the Mumbo’s token above, then A+A to one of the two large cactus platforms in front of his nose. He’ll tell you he’s having a little sinus trouble—shoot an egg into each nostril to clear that problem right up. Carefully get down and go inside the door that opened in Jinxy’s chest.

Banjo and Kazooie:  clearing sinus problems everywhere.
Banjo and Kazooie: clearing sinus problems everywhere.

Inside and directly across the hall is another Mumbo’s token, but be careful when you go for it—there’s a mummy hand in the way. Either run around him with Kazooie’s speed or wait until he’s about to attack, jump out of the way, and then A+Z / A+Trigger his hand where it slaps the ground.

For the Jiggy we’ll be doing some carpet flying. Each carpet is raised by shooting eggs into the mouths of the mini Jinxys along the wall. The carpet stays raised for a few seconds, then lowers back down to its original height. A+A from carpet to carpet to reach the Jiggy, but be careful—it’s a long way down. Use your A+A jump to work your way back down also.

Water Works

Difficulty: 2/5

This Jiggy actually has two functions: the Jiggy itself and making the world a bit safer. First, though, we’ll need those infamous Running Shoes everyone’s been talking about. Climb the hill on Jinxy’s left, near the gold statue, then climb the hill by the pyramid with Kazooie’s image on top. Just behind this pyramid is a ledge with a tree—the molehill is behind the tree, close to the wall.

MOVE ALERT, RUNNING SHOES: Simple as pie, this. Find the white sneakers, strap ‘em on, and watch Kazooie go! Not available in retail stores, also comes in a set of four for crocodile feet. Just like the Wading Boots, these shoes pop right off if a monster hits you while you’re wearing them. They also come off if you jump into dangerous terrain, like the hot sands—they’re not insulated like the boots. Be careful.

ACHIEVEMENT ALERT: Been following along? Then this should be the last move you ever learn. Congrats, bear, you’re a MOVE MASTER.

With your newfound powers of speed, follow the ledge to the square-ish pyramid in-between the two normal-shaped ones. Grab the Mumbo’s token in the door in front. At the bottom of a ramp leading up and around the pyramid is a switch that, when stepped on, opens the door on top of the pyramid. Don’t step on it just yet—head up the ramp and around, scoping out your route. You’ll see an Extra Life Alert! at the top.

Behind the pyramid, on its right, is a hill with the Running Shoes on top. You know what to do: grab the shoes, step on the switch, and beat-foot it to the top of the pyramid before the 20 second timer runs out. (It’s not really 25 seconds if they waste 5 showing the door opening.) Jump near the tops of the ramp-like portions to make it.

Once through, you’ll land in some water—swim down to your Jiggy. This empties the water onto the hot sand surrounding the central platform, making things much safer. Oh, and there’s a Mumbo’s token underwater down there. Just saying.

Raising Sandybutt's Tomb

Difficulty: 3/5

For our next trick, we’re going to make a pyramid appear out of thin air! Head to the central platform you just surrounded with water. On the right hand side is a platform in the water with a miniature Jinxy in front of it. Hop on the platform and the mini Jinxy will open his mouth and start sliding from side-to-side. Guess what time it is, Banjo fans? That’s right: Egg time! Three satisfies the Jixy, raising part of a pyramid in the central platform above, and revealing a second mini Jinxy behind the central platform. Feed him to get the third to appear—the third moves a tiny bit faster and has a smaller platform, but you’re close enough to him that it doesn’t matter. Once he’s fed, the pyramid is open for business—grab the Mumbo’s token on top, then head on in. Inside, an ominous voice warns you to leave, but it’s really hard to take him seriously since the place is called “King Sandybutt’s Tomb.” A few steps in, however, you learn this place is no joke—the guy locks you in and gives you 59 seconds to find the exit at the other side of a maze. Fail, and you die. Yikes. The camera also likes to play havoc with your sense of direction, turning as you run the maze. There are two different paths from entry to exit, which are impossible to describe thanks to the shifty camera, so I drew you a map:

Please pardon my crooked lines.
Please pardon my crooked lines.
Here's one route through the maze...
Here's one route through the maze...
...And here's another route.  Take whichever tickles your fancy.
...And here's another route. Take whichever tickles your fancy.

Once you get to the other side of the maze, you’ll find a back room with some pots and a Sarcophagus. Grab the Jinjo and a Mumbo’s token out of the pots, then approach the Sarcophagus to open it and claim your prize. Exit the door at the back when you’re done(**Get the Witch Switch First!!)—it’ll close behind you.

Tick Tock Witch Watch

DON’T try to exit the maze and hit this all in the same run. Get to the other side, make the timer go away, then go back in (the timer resets) and head straight for the switch, and back out again. Yeesh. The Jiggy appears in the Sarcophagus back near the urn in Grunty's Lair—use the circling Shock Jump pad to get it.

And here's the route for that too.
And here's the route for that too.

Snake Charming

Difficulty: 2/5

The hardest part of this Jiggy is getting inside the pyramid. It’s the one to the left of the center platform—the one with an image of Kazooie on top. Notice the lovely target in that Kazooie’s center? Yep, we have to Beak Bomb it. Climb up on Jinxy’s back, use the Flight pad, then head over and B/X that target. Aim for the pole beneath to latch onto it, then climb down and slide/run down the front of the pyramid and in the door before the 17 second timer runs out (again, it’s not really 21 seconds if you take 4 every time to show me the animation of the door opening). Inside, a snake charmer awaits, as does a Mumbo’s token. Instead of being helpful, the snake charmer just tells you, “The Jiggy’s up there, go get it.” How, you ask? By charming a snake. For once, the offering of eggs actually makes sense—bounce a few into the bowl circling the snake’s basket with Z+DownC / Trigger+B (Be sure to face away from the bowl to line this up properly). Shooting forward just doesn’t work. Given six eggs, the snake will rise and you’ll have a limited time to climb to your prize. If you miss it, don’t worry—just feed the snake again. Oh, and the bowl circles faster with each egg you shoot. Joy.

FUN FACT: The snake charmer’s pink pet makes a reappearance as the squeaky friend of one King Jingaling in Banjo Tooie. His “cool pet thing.”

Mix and Match 'em

Difficulty: 1/5

This next Jiggy is in the only pyramid we haven’t explored yet—the one on the right of the central platform. Climb to its top, A+Z / A+Trigger the switch, then rush down into the door before time runs out. (Approximately 10 seconds—2 or 3 of which are eaten up by the door opening animation. Really, Rare?) Once inside, grab the Mumbo’s token and kill the mummy with your Invulnerability (Z+RightC / Trigger+Right stick right)—he’ll get in the way if you don’t. See the 4 x 4 tiles on the floor? Under each is a picture—A+Z / A+Trigger to flip it over and see. Match each picture to the same image before the 100 second timer runs out to get your Jiggy. The pictures are: Banjo, Kazooie, Mumbo, the yellow Jinjo, a Blue Egg, a Red Feather, a Musical Note, and a Honeycomb piece. There’s no penalty for an incorrect match besides lost time so relax and do your best. You can always pause the game (and the timer) to draw out where each thing is if you’re having trouble remembering.

Grab a Grabba

Difficulty: 2/5

In the far left corner of the desert, behind the snake charming pyramid, is a small island surrounded by burning sand. Jump to it to see a hand come up out of the sand, holding a Jiggy above himself. He taunts you with it, knowing you’ll never run up to grab it fast enough…or so he thinks. Head back toward the square pyramid and kill the slapping mummy hand between the pyramid and the cactus. Climb the little slope behind the square pyramid and strap on your Running Shoes. Run around the front of the square pyramid, then down the slope toward Grabba’s island. Jump over the burning sand, then run up and jump into his palm to steal his Jiggy. Grabba’s NOT got a Jiggy. Ner-ner-ner-ner-ner.

This guy is going to need some serious therapy by the time we're done with him.
This guy is going to need some serious therapy by the time we're done with him.

Free at Last! ...Or is He?

Difficulty 1/5

It’s finally time to meet this world’s titular character. In the right corner of the desert, behind the matching puzzle pyramid, is another island in the hot sand, with a camel on it that’s tethered to a rock. That’s Gobi. Wait for the magic carpet to float your way, then hop on. Get off as soon as you get to the island or it disappears and drops you into the sand (Aladdin’s friendly life-saving Carpet, this is not). You can also use the Wading Boots behind the square pyramid—they’re far less distrustful. Break the block and set him free! (A+Z /A+Trigger) …So that we can torture him. Poor Gobi.

Trunker, A Study in Irony

Difficulty: 1/5

“Will eggs and feathers help?” Banjo asks the pitiful looking tree at the world entrance.

“No, I need water!” says Trunker the tree.

He’s sitting on an island. Surrounded by water.

Oh, Trunker.

So when you’ve freed Gobi, visit Trunker again to find the camel laying under his shade, arguing that he needs all his water for himself. When he, who has legs, could easily get more from the pond one foot away from where he’s laying. Lazy jerk. Teach him how to share—A+Z / A+Trigger Gobi’s back to help Trunker grow. Gobi (understandably) runs home. Climb one of the other trees in the area and A+A to Trunker’s top for your Jiggy.

Empty Honeycomb #1: We’re not quite done with Gobi yet. Follow him to his house in the mountainside (between Jinxy and the snake charming pyramid) by flying or taking advantage of the local flying carpet. Whack his back again (A+Z / A+Trigger) to make him spit out the Honeycomb. He’ll once again run off into the distance. Don’t worry—we’ll be seeing him again.

Ancient Trickery

Difficulty: 2/5

Between Jinxy and the snake charming pyramid waits a gold statue, silently keeping vigil while wearing a suspicious-looking ring atop his head. Should you fly through this ring (the Flight pad’s on Jinxy’s back), he’ll tell you to summon all the “ancients” to “beat the witch.” Skeptically fly through the others’ rings: one behind Jinxy, one to the right of the central platform, on in front of Jinxy between the giant cacti pillars, and one to Jinxy’s right. They admit they can only give you a Jiggy, and drop it on Jinxy’s back.

Empty Honeycomb #2: This one’s a little tricky. Go behind the matching puzzle pyramid and hit the switch with the honeycomb on it. Head to the Flight pad on Jinxy’s back and fly over to the cactus between the matching puzzle pyramid and the square pyramid. Carefully fly through the cactus ring—it’s prickly. Assuming you’ve gotten all the empty honeycombs thus far, this one will get you a health upgrade! Yeah, bear!

The Jinjos Five

Difficulty: 4/5

BLUE: Underwater/on the hot sand surrounding the central platform.

GREEN: Inside the back of the matching puzzle pyramid.

ORANGE: On a carpet inside Jinxy, above the entrance.

PINK: In a pot at the end of the maze in King Sandybutt’s tomb.

YELLOW: On a rock behind the world entry/exit pad.

1 vs. 100

  • 5 on the hill between Jinxy and the world entry/exit.
  • 6 on Jinxy’s paws.
  • 8 in the sand behind Jinxy.
  • 4 inside Jinxy, on the floor (one in each corner).
  • 3 on the carpets inside Jinxy.
  • 4 on the square water-filled pyramid.
  • 2 by the Running Shoes behind the square pyramid.
  • 4 inside the square water-filled pyramid.
  • 9 around the water/hole around the central platform.
  • 6 around the central platform, down underwater/on the hot sand.
  • 4 on the stair rails leading to the central platform.
  • 4 on the stair rails leading to the matching puzzle pyramid.
  • 4 on top of the matching puzzle pyramid.
  • 2 next to the matching puzzle pyramid.
  • 11 in the sand near Grabba’s island.
  • 7 inside Sandybutt’s tomb.
  • 8 inside the snake charmer’s pyramid.
  • 4 inside the matching puzzle pyramid.
  • 5 near Gobi’s home.

The Marathon

Remember all those things I told you to forego because you didn’t have the Running Shoes? Well, now you do. First up let’s head to the Freezeezy Peak entrance to get that Witch Switch Jiggy.

Witchy Switching

Near the Grunty Big Head, kill the blue baddies and egg the cobweb covering the small ditch---this is prep work for what we’re about to do. Over by the Freezeezy Peak entrance, hop up on the ledge with the Shock Jump pad and jump up. (Yes, there’s a snowman in here now, I’m sorry.) Walk left through the wall until you see the Flight pad switch. It’ll show up in that ditch that had the cobweb over it—A+Z / A+Trigger the switch, grab the Running Shoes, and go! Jump as the shoes are running out to land on the switch and fly. Boost yourself up until you’re flying through the tunnel above your normal entrance to the Freezeezy Peak room. Keep yourself as close to the ceiling of the tunnel as you can so you don’t accidentally land in it. On the other side, flap up to the Jiggy. Phew.

Mr. Vile, the Crocodile

Difficulty: 4/5

Back to Bubblegloop Swamp with you! Have Mumbo transform you into a crocodile, then climb into the giant croc through its nostrils. Hug the wall inside and make your way to the back of the room where the Running Shoes await you. Strap ‘em on before you talk to Mr. Vile—you’re gonna need them. Whenever they run out, just hop back to where they respawn for a new pair.

Mr. Vile challenges you to three separate eating contests, all performed by running around the screen pressing B or X to eat the little critters (yumblies) that pop out of the holes in the ground. The first round is straightforward: eat as many as you can. The second round throws a curveball: eat the reds, avoid the yellows. The final round throws another curveball: eat whatever’s shown at the top of the screen: red or yellow. You have to beat all three rounds in a row to win the Jiggy, and if you fail at any point, Mr. Vile chomps you for three health. Ouch!

ACHIEVEMENT ALERT! To be a CHOMP CHOMP champion, eat 30 of the little yumblies in one round. Go crocodile, go! Also, it doesn’t matter whether you beat Mr. Vile that round or not. (Though you probably will—the most I’ve seen him eat is 28.) Also note that this is easiest in the first round.

There are two basic strategies for winning here: either stay ahead of Mr. Vile and try to eat the yumblies he’s going for before he gets to them or just avoid Mr. Vile completely. And always, always, renew your shoes as soon as you can—he’ll smoke you without them. He’s a fast bugger. Also, in the second and third rounds, if you eat the incorrect color you’ll be stunned for a moment, so watch that screen in the 3rd round really carefully and avoid those yellows in the 2nd.

Extra Life Alert! After collecting the Jiggy, Mr. Vile has a new challenge for you: beat all three rounds again for THREE extra lives…or lose one life each time you fail. You’re dang right Greeny is scurrying away! I’ve never thought this deal was worth it. Just go to Mumbo’s Mountain if you need to farm extra lives. Seriously.

Polar Racing 2: Boggy vs. Kazooie

Difficulty: 3/5

To Freezeezy Peak! This race starts in the same spot as the one when you were a walrus: up the little slope near the world entry/exit slope. It’s basically the same race too—same gates, same course, same finish line…only now you have to steer a skinnier bird and bear through the gates and it’s harder to block Boggy from sneaking up behind you. Boggy cheats at the starting line by putting your shoes a few paces from you, making you awkwardly flail towards them to put them on. Also, don’t fall in the water or you’ll lose your shoes and the race. Once you’ve won, Boggy hands you a second “medal”…and finally remembers he has children to take care of. Priorities, Boggy!

Gobi's Valley Checklist

Musical Notes
Empty Honeycombs
Witch Switch
The Great Jinxy
5 on the hill between Jinxy and the world entry/exit.
Smack Gobi
Location: Inside Sandybutt Tomb's Maze
Water Works
6 on Jinxy’s paws.
Through the Cactus
Jiggy: Inside the Sarcophagus by the urn near the Gobi's Valley Entrance
Raising Sandybutt's Tomb
8 in the sand behind Jinxy.
Snake Charming
4 inside Jinxy, on the floor (one in each corner).
Mix and Match 'em
3 on the carpets inside Jinxy.
Grab a Grabba
4 on the square water-filled pyramid.
Free at Last! ...Or is He?
2 by the Running Shoes behind the square pyramid.
Trunker: A Study in Irony
4 inside the square water-filled pyramid.
Ancient Trickery
9 around the water/hole around the central platform.
The Jinjos Five
6 around the central platform, down underwater/on the hot sand.
**Mr. Vile The Crocodile
4 on the stair rails leading to the central platform.
**Polar Racing 2: Boggy vs. Kazooie
4 on the stair rails leading to the matching puzzle pyramid.
4 on top of the matching puzzle pyramid.
2 next to the matching puzzle pyramid.
11 in the sand near Grabba’s island.
7 inside Sandybutt’s tomb.
8 inside the snake charmer’s pyramid.
4 inside the matching puzzle pyramid.
5 near Gobi’s home.

Next on Banjo Kazooie, a world that'd make even Grunty feel at home without images of herself plastered everywhere. It's that world of ghosts and ghouls: Mad Monster Mansion!


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